Weekend Eating and Friend Stuff

It was a pretty good weekend over here. Friday after work Evan and I were both feeling a little lazy and not really like cooking anything, so, all-you-can-eat sushi it was.


Hi friends, it’s been way too long.

We ordered quite a lot more than that, but it never comes out to your table all at once. Our 24 rolls (no exaggeration) hadn’t even been delivered yet.

We went to 168 Sushi in Vaughan, which has the fancy iPad ordering system!


I have only used the iPad to order once before when we had a big girls’ sushi dinner date, but I like it. It is so much more exciting than ordering on paper. I have to say that this was the fastest AYCE sushi place I’ve ever been to. As soon as we sent our order electronically, items were arriving at our table. I was absolutely starving so this was alllllllright with me. And the second we were finished with any plate it was cleared away immediately. I was really impressed with the service.


I could eat salmon sashimi all day long. And in the above picture that is spicy salmon on a CHIP. I am not sure where this idea of combining sushi and Pringles came from, but I can get down with that. It was delicious.

It was a good sushi (and wine) time.


And my hot date for the evening:


There happened to be a Value Village in the plaza behind the sushi place (second hand store if anyone is not in the know), so we thought we’d attempt to walk off the sushi by doing a bit of browsing. I was on the hunt for a good ugly sweater in case the opportunity arises to wear one this holiday season. I love a good ugly sweater party.

I did not find one, but we did find some gems in the electronics section, like this fancy at-home ultrasound machine.


We were going to buy it for Dawn so she could listen to her baby’s heartbeat at her leisure, but the foamy things on the headphones were all disintegrating in the box… And honestly, who knows where that thing has been.

And we also found a Talkboy!


Howdy-do. This is Peter McCallister, the father. I’d like a hotel room, please, with an extra large bed, a TV, and one of those little refrigerators you have to open with a key. Credit card? You got it!

From Home Alone 2! This of course prompted me to start quoting the movie for the rest of the evening.

I know you are probably wondering if we bought that, and the answer is no. But before you get all up in arms about this, hear me out. It takes a blank cassette tape, first of all. I don’t even know where to find those anymore. And second, I know someone who used to have one and it did NOT work like it did in the movie. We would never use it. It will just sit on a shelf and collect dust. Or put in the storage closet with all the rest of the awesome but impractical things that don’t get to stay in the condo (the Star Wars figurines).

On Saturday I braved the snow (SNOW!!!!) and drove to Oshawa (aka The Shwiggity) to visit with my Journalism school pals Lisa and Fran.


Fran (front and centre) was very excited to have us over. I haven’t seen her since her cottage girls’ night in June.

We basically spent the entire evening eating.


So many types of cheese, so little time. The three of us got caught up over all the food and played Cards Against Humanity (it was both of their first time playing) for about five hours.

The reason for the get together was a little celebration for Lisa, another friend of mine who will soon be popping out a baby!


She is due just after my friend Dawn. Lots of babies happening over here. The times, they are a’changin’.

Speaking of Dawn, on Sunday she hosted a Lia Sophia jewellery party with all the ladies.


There was jewellery everywhere. Even Chester was all decked out.


He was looking beautiful.

As much as I like jewellery, I think this is the spread that is to be admired:


I spent most of my time in the kitchen eating. I seriously stood around the island eating for an hour. No exaggeration. The girls were all surrounding the table eating along with me, so it’s not like I was eating alone while everyone else was socializing. I’m not sure the number of cookies I had, but it was definitely more than four. I can’t remember the last time I was so full (oh wait, Friday, and also Saturday…)

My favourite was when we were playing a game for jewellery prizes and the host was calling out random letters and the first person to pull something out of their purse that started with that letter got points towards a prize. For example, L! And Dawn’s mom Brennie pulled out her lipstick and yelled LIP STICK!

Well Sherrie had been borrowing my coconut bra after her Hawaiian party a couple weeks ago, and she returned it at the party so it happened to be in my purse. When the host yelled C, my immediate reaction was to reach into my purse, grab my coconuts, throw them into the air and yell “COCONUT BRA!!!!!”

It was quite a surprise. I do not think anyone saw that coming. So I won that round. The coconut bra wins every round.

Also in attendance was Uncle Leon’s (Leanne) beautiful baby Colton.


It was my first time meeting him in person. He is a beaut.

And then I came home and Evan and I browsed the StartledCats Reddit for an hour or so. A few good ones:




I love cats. And weekends. Hope you guys had a good one!


4 responses to “Weekend Eating and Friend Stuff

  1. Were those 24 rolls just for the two of you? I mean, they had to be smaller since it was AYCE right? Cuz 3 regular rolls and I’m done for the day. You can just roll me onto a bed and I’ll be there hibernating for 3 hours. So I guess that’s sleeping and not really hibernating. Don’t you judge me!

    Also, I would love for a kitty to attack my shoe with its fierce little paws.

    • I lied. I said no exaggerating and I exaggerated. I think there were only 18 rolls, but they were regular sized! I was expecting smaller ones too, but nope. Tricked. It was just for the two of us, so I don’t know how we ate it all. But we managed.

      And me too, me too.

  2. Cats are the best. Never a dull moment with a cat or two around! I love salmon sushi…might just have to try that place in Vaughan out sometime. Sushi rocks, Yo!

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