I’m a gif! In a…deodorant ad?

Yesterday I was alerted to this:


On BuzzFeed, in an article called “13 People With So Much Confidence It Hurts.” A few people emailed me and asked if I had a twin appearing in this article, piggybacking that man. I just assumed everyone knew about this (because I’ve written about this quite a lot, probably enough to be annoying), but I guess I should clear this up. No twin, that is me.

In July 2012 I thought it would be funny to piggyback my groomsman into a wedding to spice up our entrance. I wrote a blog about the story and drew pictures to go with it (<- this link will take to you the story).


Shortly after, the video appeared on YouTube (didn’t catch the hilarious bouquet part though, sadly).

Along with a bunch of inappropriate comments about my body (DON’T READ THEM, parents especially, don’t, I am warning you). Because the type of people who comment on YouTube tend to rely on body snarking for a cheap laugh, rather than writing an actual funny comment.

The first time someone wrote something along the lines of “Ummm maybe they should have practiced first LOL so dumb,” I went in there and attempted to defend myself. Because WE DID PRACTICE. Practicing was not the problem. It was a combination of many things, but practice was not one of them. But that was the only comment I wrote, because I quickly learned that you will never win a battle with a YouTube commentor.


Anyway, after that happened the video went sliiiiiightly viral (not full-out viral, just a little viral), and I achieved a very small level of internet fame. The clip was also shown on several TV shows, most notably Ellen (I’m the first clip in the video below!).

I can’t even tell you how much this made my life! I only wish that I could have been on Ellen in person! Oh I would have died. I would have piggybacked Ellen right onto her set.

Anyway, I thought the attention had mostly died down now… but it would appear that I am still getting some mileage out of this video, and this video might actually be the serial killer in the movies that never dies. I don’t know if it will ever go away. So a year and a half later, here we are.


I don’t think the scar that covers my entire right knee will ever go away either. Oh well, I guess worth it.

At first I was very excited about being on BuzzFeed, because I love that website and I would say I probably visit it daily. But then I looked closer at the article and noticed something interesting…


It’s not really BuzzFeed, it’s BuzzFeed Partner, meaning it’s an ad. An ad for deodorant. The entire article is one big deodorant ad. My piggyback mishap is now being used to sell deodorant to suckers like you (and me!).

Anyway, no biggie. I just wanted to point this out. But Secret, since you did not ask my (or I am assuming the videographer’s) permission to use myself and our footage in your sneaky ad, I will tell you this for free. I was using (and regularly use) Dove deodorant. I just like it better. And it was the least of my concern that day. Maybe it was even the Dove deodorant that gave me confidence to do the piggyback in the first place. Who knows what came over me?

Ohh the internet. It is an interesting place.


Well, cats and people falling.


3 responses to “I’m a gif! In a…deodorant ad?

  1. If this were me, I would have just laid on the floor crying while I moan “LOOK AWAY! LOOK AWaY!” to passers by. lol But you handled it so gracefully. Additionally, I love the “Greetings from the Internet!” image lol *stolen*

  2. I love your blog, it’s always so positive and makes me laugh.

  3. So funny that your video keeps popping up! This will definitely be a story to tell your grandkids someday (and having the vid is all the better!) I bet they will get the biggest kick out of it, totally worth the scar. 🙂

    Still, that’s crappy that Secret can use that without your permission, you deserve to get some $$$ for that! I use Dove too for the record! Boooooo Secret!

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