The Christmas Tree Adventure

Hello and HAPPY DECEMBER! Ahh, the most wonderful time of the year.

I am feeling a little extra cheery this year. I’m not sure what’s come over me, because last year I felt a little extra humbug, but I am just having a big love burst for all things Christmas related right now. I want to embrace it all.


Especially the advent calendars

I spent most of Saturday Christmas shopping, so nothing too exciting to report on there. Yesterday Evan and I had a triple date with my friends Dawn and Lisa and their lovers to see Catching Fire. And I LOVED it. Normally when I am watching movies after I’ve read the book I am all “But that’s not how it happened in the book,” and just disappointed in general. Movies are just never as good as the book (except, and I always use this as an example, The Notebook). But with Catching Fire I don’t know, I thought it was so well done. I don’t remember being disappointed at any point, and I never wanted it to end. Now I can’t wait for the third one, and TEAM PEETA!!! Go see it!

That being said, going to the movies these days is just nuts and I have no idea why anyone goes. Way, way too many people and way, way too much money.

After the big movie date, Evan and I went on a Christmas adventure. To find our Christmas tree!


I haven’t had a real Christmas tree in years, but growing up my parents always did. I didn’t have a fake tree until I was in my 20s and I don’t think there is anything quite like a real tree one. I can’t get enough of how they smell. They smell like my childhood Christmases.

We went to Prestonvale Tree Farm in Courtice, which was absolutely huge and very well organized.


There were so many beautiful trees.


I knew our tree was out there waiting for us.

And it wasn’t even BYO-Saw. Saws were provided.

Not a state-of-the-art saw or anything, but it worked. We did not get the tree that Evan is posing with above. Too skinny. I prefer my trees to be fat.


I love a good fat tree. We found the winner and got to work chopping that bad boy down. Well I just took pictures. Evan did the chopping.


Which did not go as smoothly as we anticipated and kind of took a long time. But Evan is Mr. Patient and eventually took that tree down. It was a very proud moment for him.

This is what success looks like.

I was very helpful and took lots of pictures of Evan carrying the tree back to the truck all by himself. Just kidding, I helped carry that sucker and I have the cuts on my hand to prove it.

This tree farm also shakes your tree for you (so you don’t bring your tree home with a family of evil squirrels living in it, or worse, spiders) and then bales it so it is all nicely bound and easy to carry.


And it only took us about an hour to get it up after it toppled over TWICE and got needles all over the place. Luckily Evan loves vacuuming!

But what a beaut.


We’re not done decorating it yet. We need more lights before we go any further, so well be finishing that off this evening. But I love that little tree. Even though it was a bit more of a hassle than a fake tree, it was a lot of fun and definitely an experience. Just a tip for you. If you’re getting a real tree, don’t cheap out on tree stands. Pay more for a good one that will actually hold your tree up.

And then we ate chicken tortilla soup that had been cooking in the crockpot all day.


Pretty perfect day. Hope you had a great weekend!

Is your Christmas tree up yet?
I think this is the earliest I have ever had mine up. I feel like everyone was early this year! Well, according to Facebook everyone was early.


16 responses to “The Christmas Tree Adventure

  1. I never seem to be able to wait until Dec to put up my tree! But then again, I have a fake tree and real trees have to be taken care of and you want them to look fresh on Dec 25th, so cutting one down mid-Nov is probably a bad idea.

    If Evan likes vacuuming, tell him to come on over to my place!

  2. So shaking the tree will get spiders out? Cuz those suckers hold on pretty tight. I wouldn’t mind taking a squirrel home because I love them. I would also like a duck.
    Soooo agree on Catching Fire!!

  3. I definitely usually prefer the book over the movie, but you are so right about The Notebook… Another movie I found to be better than the novella was Shawshank Redemption!

  4. Glad you and Evan are getting that Magical Christmas Spirit….welcome to my world and enjoy yourselves! Ho Ho Ho….

  5. It looks lovely!

    We always put our tree up Thanksgiving weekend (Friday-Sunday). This year we did it on Friday.

  6. Catching Fire was soooo good! It actually lived up to the book which was surprising! When I got home I started book 3 again, CANNOT WAIT for the 3rd movie now!

    Your tree is gorgeous.. we always get a real one too.. nothing like the smell! So glad to hear your Christmas is off to a happy (and early) start! We put up our tree yesterday so it feels official now. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

    Oh, your Tortilla soup looks sooo good, do you have the recipe?

  7. I put mine up two days ago. It’s fake because my cat is dumb and won’t quit eating real trees.

    As a note funny at all story — My dog pooped under the tree the first day it was up. Apparently my fake tree is super realistic.

  8. TEAM PEETA!!! We just watched it last week. I can’t believe they are splitting the last movie into two parts!
    Sounds like a pretty perfect day 🙂

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