12 Thing Thursday

1. This sucker is decorated!


We did the tree trimming things while we listened to Evan’s Nana’s original Elvis Christmas record. It was very nice. I’d show you a picture of our tree in the daylight, but I haven’t even seen it in the daylight yet. Oh winter, you are fun.

2. The best store bought cookies I have ever tried (besides The Decadent, but those are on another level altogether)


They’re like little cakes!

3. Chris Hadfield (the first Canadian to walk in space!) did a Reddit Ask Me Anything (-click there to read it). He answers a lot of the questions you would actually have (What happens when you sneeze in your helmet?) and it was really cool to read. And he seems overwhelmingly nice!

4. This is how Winnie greets Evan every single day. She is very excited to see him. Her meow means PET ME PET ME, and then when it gets all guttural she is saying WET FOOD WET FOOD.

Notice how Winnie is leading Evan to the ottoman. The petting must ALWAYS take place on the ottoman. Always.

5. Speaking of Winnie, she has just been doing fabulously lately and I seem to have figured out a good wet to dry food ratio to counteract her digestive issues. Of course, her diligent yoga practice also helps.


6. I saw this in TV Showcase and I’m pretty sure it would be Winnie’s dream.


She is a stylin’ kitty and she loooves to be brushed. Maybe if she is a good cat this year Santa will bring it for Christmas.

Those litter liners next to this though, no. Cat claws just tear right through those and then you are worse off than when you started, litter everywhere.

7. Evan bought me a new camera a few weeks ago because one of mine was having some lens issues after Jamaica (I bought it FOR Jamaica) and my waterproof camera doesn’t take great photos. He got me this Samsung camera with the screen on the front so I can take selfies if I want (so thoughtful).


I loved it! I was so excited. I brought it to its very first outing, a dinner, which I normally wouldn’t even bring a camera to but I was excited…and I accidentally dropped it. It fell off a high table onto a tile floor. I broke it the very first time I used it. Well, it still works, but the screen on the front doesn’t work, which is the whole point of that camera in the first place. This is the only picture that front screen ever took:


SUPER flattering. I feel like it is automatically photoshopping our faces. So this is very disappointing and I felt really bad about it. (We can’t exchange it because it is the last camera left with the front screen, they are no longer making them. And also it’s obvious the camera was dropped as there is a chunk out of the plastic in the corner…)

And this is why I can’t have nice things.

8. We be runnin’!


We’re on Couch to 5k Week 2 Day 2 (I got that app when it was free, by the way, it’s $2.99 now but I think there are other free ones). So far so good. No one is ever in this cardio room, so Evan and I have the room to ourselves and always go for the side by side treadmills so we can do silly things for each other while running (or walking, I like to march). It’s actually a fun time.

9. Last night I tried running in a sports bra from Target. It was a high impact one, like the highest impact one you can get from Target, and nope. Not a good scene. My nungas wanted outta there. They were off the hook trying to escape. I have talked about this before. Moving Comfort, it would appear, is still the only sports bra I can wear for running. Lesson learned.

10. Remember my good pal Gillian? My favourite personal trainer who made it difficult for me to walk for an entire week? She is opening a new studio on Monday in the Yonge and Lawrence area, and they’re offering FREE FITNESS CLASSES to celebrate until the end of December. Go hit them up. InspiraAthletica.com.


11. Evan’s lentils and rice. So, so good.


And spicy pickle on the side.


Really amazing combo. Evan’s cooking really tickles my tastebuds.



For Icy Squares! I originally picked these up for Evan’s stocking but…I just couldn’t wait. I cannot get enough.

That’s it, hope your week is fabulous!


13 responses to “12 Thing Thursday

  1. Lentils and rice with pickle! Delicious!

  2. haha petting shall only take place on the ottoman! funny!
    and i love that you guys are doing C25k together!
    ugh moving comfort are the only sports bras that work. I have a Champion brand one I like also but i havent been able to find that exact one again to buy more dangit!

  3. I want that kitty groomer!! I just checked Petco’s website and Amazon, with no luck. Boo. 😦 Is it one of those “as seen on TV” things? I’m in the States, so maybe it’s a product that’s not available here… Shame, cause I think my kitties would LOVE it!
    On another note – I wish a gym in my area would have some free classes/personal training sessions. I really want to start with a personal trainer, but I just don’t quite know what to expect or how to begin the process. I suppose a phone call would be a good first step, huh… 😉

    • Hey – I found it! Little bit different product, and by a different maker, but still basically the same kitty scratcher/groomer. 🙂

      • So glad you found it! I wonder if it was cheaper – this one was $20, which honestly isn’t so bad…
        I had no idea what to expect either and I have always been a bit afraid because I thought a personal trainer would judge my fitness levels. Not the case at all! I say call. And if they’re a good trainer they’ll probably do a free trial run, or at least consultation.

  4. OMG CAKE COOKIES!!! My roommate and I used to gorge on those! I cannot buy them. CANNOT. or i will eat them all. I have an amazing sports bra from La Senza. It is like 7 years old and amaaaazing. they dont make them any more which is terrible. I will need to look at this Moving Comfort line!

    • I cannot ever buy them again, or I will be 800 million pounds. One cookie = 180 calories. It’s worth it, but definitely excessive…
      Moving Comfort is the BEST. I feel like I’m wearing a bullet proof vest when I’m wearing it. The girls do not move at all, which is very, very rare.

  5. yup–i can also only wear moving comfort bras for running. i made the mistake of using a lululemon top with the built in bra last week (because I was too lazy to put on a sports bra that early in the AM and for once I just wanted to look cute and flat chested!) and nope–BIG mistake. learned my lesson. moving comfort and gaia bras it is…

  6. I’m with you on the bras. Have to have the super arsenal stuff!
    I’ve never heard of the Mixed Pickle. Not sure how I feel about it… I’ve also never heard of the Icy Squares, but I can say wholeheartedly, YES!

  7. I was so sad to hear about your camera! I am so clutzy and drop mine on a regular basis, but I’ve been lucky (so Far) and haven’t broken/smashed any lenses or screens. The store may no longer carry it, but I have found a place that does if you so desire to have the front screen again! (Apparently there is only one left in stock, though, so maybe it won’t be there by the time you see this)


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