10 Thing Thursday

1. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start doing 12 thing Thursday, or 10 thing Thursday, every Thursday. Or maybe I am. I don’t know. To be honest lately I haven’t been in the biggest of writing moods. Or sometimes I’ll be in a big writing mood but it will strike me at an inopportune time, like when I’m driving or something (I almost wrote when I’m drinking, but that is actually the ideal time for writing. I did most of the Captain Hook story after way, way too much wine). Blog writing time is typically 9pm-ish, and by that time doing anything that requires thinking feels like a bit of a chore. So, often I will begin to write a post and then reading in bed will start calling my name and I’ll be all “Well I’ll just finish this puppy up tomorrow morning before work!” But then of course my alarm goes off and I would rather lollygag around in bed with Evan/Winnie than get up and finish writing. You see what is happening here.


Sleep > Blogging

Anyway, what I am getting at here is that Cely was really onto something with the whole WTF Wednesday and 15 Thing Friday thing because it is very helpful to organize your thoughts in list form and not write an entire post on just one topic. That requires too much thinking sometimes. Lists are just a good way to tie random thoughts together. So here are 10 things. Or, let’s make this number 1, so 9 more things.

2. I recently discovered Candy Crush, and this may be another reason why my blogging is slightly slacking lately… Evan’s good friend Ian was originally playing it, and I was all “Laaaaaame, that game seems super lame,” and he was all “You’d be surprised at how addictive it is,” and I was all scoffy scoffy, sure it is. And then I downloaded it onto my phone, because I did used to like Bejeweled a lot and it seemed similar. And holy sweet swaddled baby Jesus, it is ADDICTIVE.


It is also evil and I am pretty sure I’m going to have to delete it from my phone altogether. For a free app I sure have spent a lot of money on it. Close to $4! I really dislike that you have to pay 99 cents to move onto the next level area OR you have to spam your Facebook friends. I would rather pay 99 cents than harass my Facebook friends with game requests (or let everyone know that I’m addicted to Candy Crush), so I pony up. Everything in the game is clearly geared for you to spend money. Don’t play it. Don’t ever play it. If you haven’t played it you are lucky. I wish I never downloaded it. I’m going back to Wordlands.

3. What is this?


I LOVE The Decadent. I think they are the best store bought chocolate chip cookie of all time (except maybe those delicious soft chocolate chip cookies from Costco), but chocolate flavoured SODA? I am equal parts disgusted and intrigued. Also, no I haven’t updated my iOS on my phone yet. I have an iPhone 4 and it works just fine now so I’m worried if I update it’ll get all laggy. I’m getting a new phone in the new year, so I’m holdin’ out!

4. I, like everyone else on the internet, read the article about the girl who drank 3 litres of water every day for four weeks and looked 10 years younger. A bunch of other good things happened too, she lost weight, inches, got rid of her headaches, etc. At first I read it and was kind of “good for her” didn’t think much of it. And then I started thinking about it all the time. I have been REALLY bad with the water drinking, which is just bad news. Some days I go an entire day without drinking anything but coffee. It cannot be good. I’m sure I’m often dehydrated, and it is extremely dry right now (just ask Winnie, she is a ball of static electricity, no one can pet her without getting shocked), so that can’t be good either.

And so I decided to challenge myself. I am going to drink 3 litres of water a day every day for four weeks. I started on Sunday, so today would be my fifth day. So far I haven’t noticed much of a difference except I have to pee ALL THE TIME. All the time. I have never had to pee so much. It’s ridiculous. And I also feel kind of…I hate this word, but it starts with a b and it rhymes with “goated”. I think that might subside once my body gets used to it though, hopefully. We shall see.

5. On Tuesday night I went out for dinner with my favourite ladies from OFSAA (my old job, I worked there for nearly five years and I love love LOVED it there). I miss my coworkers an insane amount. The ladies and I try to get together once every few months to catch up, but it’s not the same.

We always go to Memories of Japan, and we always get the Teppenyaki cook table and it is eating and talking for at least three hours and it is always a good time.


Me, Lexy, Susan, Beth

That photo is from two years ago, but it’s always the same ladies, always the same restaurant, and always the same cook table. So Tuesday looked exactly like that except we were in sweaters as it is freezing outside.

Seeing them always makes me feel a little nostalgic. I saw these girls every day for nearly five years. Lexy was (and will always be!) my office Bestie and Beth was my office mom (Susan did not actually work directly with us, long story, but I love her too). If I ever had any sort of problem, I could just skip over to either of their offices and vent my little heart out. It is so weird to go from seeing someone every day, to not at all. They were in my life by force, I was forced to see them every day, but I loved it so much. They grew to feel like family. There are so many people from my past that I wish I could stay in better contact with, but time is not a’plenty. Sometimes I wish I could hand pick all my favourite people and make them live on a colony with me so they are always readily available. Like Friends, but on a larger scale. Would that be a cult? I don’t know, but it would be fun.

6. Evan and I made these delicious rice paper wraps again on Saturday (follow that link to the recipe)…



Ohh they are so good. We choose to go to an Asian grocery store/market to get the ingredients for these, as they have the best thin beef and pork there. This is always an adventure, as they have some interesting food items… buckets of cows feet, buckets of pigs’ SNOUTS, a bucket of live eels…and this:


I am just…very intrigued. I don’t know what you would make with that. Is salted jellyfish good? I will probably never know.

7. Winnie is wearing her festive collar for the holidays.


And she likes it. Honestly. Don’t believe her grumpy face, because she doesn’t even try to get it off.

8. Today is my mom’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! She sent me a Christmas package in the mail with tons of goodies.


Including stockings (!!), homemade banana bread, and CHEESE!!!!


She knows my deep love for cheese. The cheese and the banana bread could maybe have been considered sketchy, as they had both been in the mail for a week so not exactly refrigerated…but I’ve been eating it and I feel alright. Just very thankful. Any cheese is good cheese in my opinion.

9. To the hundreds of people who have been landing on my blog every day lately after googling “christmas door decorating contest,” or something along those lines, and landing on this post with this door:


Please know that door got us second place. It wasn’t even first. So I don’t know if you want to use it as an example. But we did win cookies, so, maybe you do.

10. My Dad is having hip replacement surgery today, so let’s all say a little prayer for Bobby the Raver.


May his fanny pack rest comfortably on his new hip. He needs to be in tip-top shape to play his keyboards! I know that all will go well and he will be good as new. I am really excited for his new mobility.


20 responses to “10 Thing Thursday

  1. I know you know Winnie’s faces best, but I feel as though she is looking more coy then grumpy, kind of a “Ya, that’s right, come check out me in my Christmas collar.”

    I love the door… What could have possibly beat it???

    Many thoughts to your dad! He’ll be back in fine form soon I’m sure!

    • Haha, that’s totally her face. She is quite coy.
      Some lame letters to Santa door beat ours. I’m still a little bitter.

      Amy, I was thinking of you when I was planning my colony! You are welcome to come and live on it! It won’t even be cult-like, I promise.

      • It would be an honour to be a part of your colony! And I’m not a big fan of kool-aid anyway, so regardless of colony or cult, I’d be fine. 😉

  2. Would you be the leader of the cult or would it be more like a “lost” sort of deal?
    Also am I invited because if it’s in one of those Canadian wilderness retreats that might not be so bad.

    • Well it would definitely be like LOST, minus all the scary things, because that would be a fun time. But Jack was clearly the leader. So yeah, I’d be Jack. I’d rather be Kate, but I’m not quite that badass.

      You can be invited, and we can make it into one of those Canadian wilderness retreats. Actually, let’s make it into a zombie retreat! Like the Walking Dead but not with real zombies. That would be interesting.

  3. i’m with you on the water thing – i feel like i look about 90, not in my 20s, because of dehydrated skin.

  4. Sending good wishes and healing vibes for your Dad! Hope his recovery is speedy!

    I actually tried the chocolate soda last week because I thought it would be really good with coconut liqueur, yeah no, it was just plain GROSS. PC is usually really good but this was one of their rare fails.

  5. I love/hate Candy Crush . . . if I play it with Caitlyn she tells me “Momma, you didn’t make the girl happy . . .you have to make her happy” lol I’m certain the Candy Crush girl is eeeevil :0)

  6. I once had cookie flavoured beer. it was terrible

  7. Candy Crush!! I actually found a way to “cheat” so I don’t have to harass my FB friends or pay to get more lives. Just uninstall the app, reinstall it, and connect to your FB account again when it asks you after you open it (this is the key…the first few times I did it, I thought I lost all my progress, but it will take you back to the level you left off after you sign in. And sometimes it takes a minute or so)!!!! 🙂

  8. Not sure if I would try that soda… I had chocolate wine a couple of times. It’s better after a few drinks of something else.

  9. Hey Lindsey! I’m embarrassed I know this but you can play 3 challenge games to get you to the next level of Candy Crush so you don’t have to pay or post to FB. Just click on the icon for the next level and it gives you an option to play mini quests. I’m sorry that I’m feeding your addiction ha ha! I’m up to level 86 (again, embarrassed) and have never posted to FB or paid anything!

  10. In July Kel and i went on a holiday with my family for two weeks and my Mum had just started playing Candy Crush. I was all, that’s lame, i don’t let myself stoop to playing those games. I GOT SO ADDICTED. It was ridiculous. I’m no longer addicted as the past month or so i have just been so busy i haven’t even had time to read my emails regularly let alone play Candy Crush. It was good though because i didn’t spend any money because i would just ask my Mum, brother and Kel for tickets to move up levels!

    Hope your Dad’s surgery went well!

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