Top 10 Christmas Treats of All Time (in my opinion…)

I usually save my advent calendar chocolate for a little treat after dinner. Last night my little chocolate was just not cutting it for dessert and all it did was make me want MORE CHOCOLATE. All the chocolate. Right now. And I couldn’t help but fantasize about all the Christmas treats that will be coming my way over the next few weeks.

Here is a list of my top 10. They may be different than your top 10. Maybe you are a fruit cake and egg nog kind of person (gross). I am obviously a chocolate and cookies type of person, and my list definitely reflects this.

10.  Quality Street



Sure, you can get Quality Street year round, but I think most people only get them at Christmas so I consider them a Christmas treat. The only thing I am not the biggest fan of when it comes to Quality Street is the orange crunch candies, because that orange flavour is just so intense that I find the essence of orange sometimes seeps into the other delicious chocolates, and makes everything taste orange-y. This is especially annoying when I just want plain chocolate fudge. I love oranges, and I love chocolate, but not orange-flavoured chocolate (I don’t love Terry’s Chocolate Orange, don’t hate me!). Anyway, this is why Quality Street sits at #10 and not, say, #7.

9. Rum balls


I love a good rum ball. I wouldn’t say they are my favourite but they obviously need to make the list. Plus when you ate them when you were a kid you thought you were all badass ’cause technically you were eating booze. Right? Don’t pretend you didn’t. There were 150 proof rum balls at my work Christmas party last year and I’m pretty sure I was drunk off of one.

8. Candy canes


Not really a big explanation for these, I just like them a lot and I look forward to them every year. I also like them to adorn my tree.

7. Moritz Icy Squares


Are these a Canada-only thing? I’m not sure, but they should be everywhere because they’re delicious. So smooth and creamy and chocolatey. Just melt-in-your-mouth goodness right there.

6. Gingerbread cookies


If a gingerbread cookie is done right, all soft and molasses-y, just sprinkled lightly with sugar, it is absolute perfection. I will not be able to stop eating them. Unfortunately sometimes you come across those crunchy ginger cookies and they throw a wrench into that smooth gingerbread taste. And I still like them…but I like soft best.

5. Foil wrapped chocolate balls



Call me crazy, but I love cheap chocolate. I really just like plain milk chocolate with no nuts or orange or anything else in it messing up the flavour/texture, so bring on the foil balls. I was at a blogger dinner thing a while ago and we were talking about entertaining, and chocolate, and our favourite kinds of chocolate for entertaining. The table started listing all these crazy expensive chocolates…and I said “But I also really like those little chocolate balls wrapped in the foil,” and everyone was silent for a moment, and then a girl started laughing so hard I thought she was going to have a heart attack and when she was finally able to talk/breathe again, she said “But you don’t SERVE those to people?!” No no, of course not…

Yeah I do.

4. Foil wrapped chocolate Santas


Same deal as the foil balls. These are maaaaybe just a step ahead. Only because they’re bigger.

3. Hershey Kisses


Same as the foil balls and the chocolate Santas, but slightly higher quality so they are higher on my list. I like them quite a lot.

2. Royal Dansk, Danish butter cookies


Love love LOVE love love. Oh God, love. I can’t even describe how much I enjoy these cookies. I like pretty much any cookie, true, but these are just on a different level. I felt like these ones were very elusive when I was a kid and they would only come out at Christmastime, and my reaction every year was to basically scream when I saw them. I can’t wait to be eating these. I might buy some today.

1. Nana’s shortbread Christmas cookies


Of course these are number one! Shortbread is the BEST and these taste like childhood Christmas. They melt in your mouth and are the perfect combination of sweet and just a liiiiiittle bit salty. I made them for Evan for Valentine’s Day this year and he said they were honestly, genuinely the best cookies he ever had in his entire life. It is amazing how good the combination of butter and sugar can be.

And so, what is your favourite Christmas treat? You’re probably going to list some awesome thing that as soon as I hear I’m going to be all “YES!!!! I FORGOT ABOUT THOSE!!!” So tell me!


20 responses to “Top 10 Christmas Treats of All Time (in my opinion…)

  1. You had me right up until hershy kisses. Nasty nasty nasty. Replace those with marshmallow Santas. And I’ve never had the Danish cookies, so replace those with Walkers shortbread

    I love those seashell chocolates. And you forgot the best of all, Cadbury Milk tray. Yummyyyyyy!

    Homemade, its mum’s shortbread cookies, both rolled and patted, and magic squares (graham crust, topped with any mixture of raisins, candied fruit, chocolate, chips, nuts etc, and marshmallows, then a can of eagle brand poured over). I do love certain fruit cakes…the boozer the better.

    • I don’t know where you are located, but your Christmas treats sound magical. Marshmallow Santas? CADBURY MILK TRAYS?! I have never even heard of this, but I want it. I want it right now.

      You can keep your fruit cakes though. Unless they are saturated with booze and then I might be in…

      • Marshmallow Santas are at Laura Secord. And Cadbury milk tray, walmart or shoppers.

        But if you can find an English store, you can get real Cadbury!!! Yummy!

  2. Every year for Christmas I get one of those giant ass toblerones! sooo good

  3. Those Royal Dansk Cookies! OMG! I haven’t seen those since my (Danish) Nana passed away in 1993! Except hers were always stale. lol. Might have to try them fresh, given your praise!

  4. YES to foil wrapped chocolate! Same goes at Easter, only in egg form. I love cheap milk choclate. My boyfriend, who has a much more refined taste in chocolate then I do, brought home this pricey super dark chocolate bar the other day and gave me a square to try. I put the whole thing in my mouth at once which is apparently the wrong way to enjoy dark chocolate. I thought it was meh. And I always buy Quality Street, which he also says is gross. So, I guess in addition to your list I would add pretty much all holiday cookies (like when someone brings out one of those platters with random baked squares and cookies and there’s stuff with layers, or frosting or marshmallows on them), pot of gold, or Christmas themed anything (m&ms, skittles, whatever). Oh, and ferrero rocher!

    • YES to foil Easter eggs. Yes yes yes, and yes. Those are also my favourite. The worst is when you THINK it’s a delicious milk chocolate Easter egg wrapped in foil, and then SURPRISE, it’s a friggin’ Whopper. Extremely disappointing.

      Tell your boyfriend to keep his fancy dark chocolate. Cheap chocolate for the win.

      And omg the random baked squares. I could eat those all day long. I love the holidays!!!

  5. I used to steal all the strawberry cream and green triangles from the Quality street tin as a kid 🙂 Love icy squares too, and we always get fererro rocher at Christmas. Nanaimo bars scream Christmas to me too even though they can be made all year round 🙂

  6. red and green m&ms! hands down my favorite, next to homemade cookies. and homemade fudge and caramels.

    any time m&ms are festive colors, i need them in my mouth.

  7. Our office always gets a basket of homemade chocolates/chocolate bark. I’m waiting anxiously for that beast to arrive. I might tackle the delivery man when he comes in the office….

  8. I really like Mince Tarts with a cup of tea. White Christmas can be fun too. My favourite are Rum Balls though. I made my own last year and i used heaaaps of rum. Very good. Are you going to do a desserts post? That’s my favourite! Trifle, pavlova, apple pie, Christmas pudding (has to taste more like brandy than anything else), brandy cream, brandy custard, normal cream, normal custard! Yum.

  9. I read this post yesterday and had to take the evening to think about what would make my top Christmas treats of all time list. I am a chocolate LOVER! In fact, I cannot have chocolate around unless it is in small quantities because I am haunted by it. I agree wholeheartedly with you about Heshey kisses (I also love that you can get them in candy cane, cookies and creme and with almond). My list would also include Lindor Lindt chocolate, Cadbury chocolate anything, mint smoothies, Toblerone, and almost any homemade square with chocolate in it (nanaimo bars, anyone?). Hopefully I can make it through this holiday season without my pants becoming too tight! Enjoy your Christmas treats 🙂

  10. First of all I am so upset that we do not have Quality Street or Icy Squares here in Texas! I will have to look into buying some of those online!

    My favorite Christmas treat is the beef jerky my MIL and FIL make every year. If we are not all together at Christmas they will mail us some and it is our all time favorite! After the jerky is all the sweet stuff. (at least the salty jerky offsets the sweet so you can eat even more sweet) The kids, hubby and I always make sugar cookies (similar to your Nana’s shortbread cookies) and decorate them. The kids love that and make a huge mess! My favorite candies to indulge in during the holidays are Reese’s PB cups and I use these for one of my favorite cookie recipes.

    I hope you get all the sweets and treats you can handle and have a wonderful Christmas!

  11. Milk Chocolate Letter, Homemade fudge, Date Squares( my sister makes them ever year), haystacks…..I love Christmas treats!! shortbreads are right up there!!! Yours look Mmmm Mmmmm Good!

  12. Cadbury mini eggs, traditionally Easter but do make them in christmas colours now. And are available year round in Canada anyway! Umm, other christmas treats I like. Hot chocolate with marshmallows, Lindor truffles, they have chocolate ornaments filled with smarties(like m&m’s).

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