The Weekend of Girl Time (+ Joel time)

Ho hey! I am trying to take full advantage of the Christmas vacation, so Evan and I jetted off to sunny (not actually) Niagara Falls for a teensy anniversary trip yesterday morning. We’re back later today so nothing too crazy. Though I do plan to teach him how to ice skate, so you never know. Updates to come on that.

And the rest of the weekend was just grand. The weekend winter dreams are made of. Two of my bestest friends Lisa and Crystal are visiting from Calgary for the holidays (I suggest clicking over to this post for some light reading if you want to catch up on those two), so on Friday night we all got together for an impromptu Christmas dinner at our favourite pregnant pal Dawn’s.


Crystal (far right end) looks beauty with her new rouge locks. She has been my longtime fellow blonde bombshell but recently decided to switch it up. Her bravery inspires me. I think it looks fabbity-fab and I told her she has mermaid hair. And actually, speaking of mermaids, in Grade 3 Crystal and I both were in our elementary school’s production of The Little Mermaid. Crystal played Ariel, and originally there was both a land and a sea Ariel, but the land Ariel didn’t want to hold hands with the prince so Crystal ended up playing both. And guess what character I played? Scully! The seagull.


Pretty big part and I took my role very seriously. At least I wasn’t evil Ursula.

We were missing a few from our group of gals, and I am sad they missed out on this night, but it was really good to see all the ladies, and especially Lisa and Crystal, as I haven’t seen those minxy minxes in quite a while. The last time we were all together like this was Big Chief Island in the summer, so way too long! We sat down to a gourmet dinner of pizza and bagged Caesar salad.


It was so much fun to hang out and talk with them. We always reminisce about old times and laugh our faces off. We had a lot of catching up to do.


My beautiful bestie!

We drank some wine and beer…


Bolt had too much…

We read feminist stories to each other…


Bolt likes.

And we took family photos by the Christmas tree.


I love Dawnald’s baby bump so much.

Sometimes you just need a little friend time, you know? Hanging with the girls left me feeling recharged and refreshed.

Friday was also our good friend Joel’s birthday, so we eventually headed over to his place for a good old fashioned house party. We were originally going to go around 9, but then we got to chatting, etc. and we didn’t actually make it there until about 11. His house was absolutely rammed with people so I think he was occupied.

We picked our big guy up in celebration of his dirty thirty.

It wouldn’t be the first time.


We like to pick him up.

The girls had a sleepover at Dawn’s after the party, and in the morning we all headed out for a trashy breakfast. If you are looking for a good breakfast spot in Oshawa, look no further than Wally’s World. It is the very best!


My western omelette was amazing.

Afterwards, Lisa and I decided to have a best friend day like old times, so we left from there and drove up north to her parents lake house.


Bit of a different view this time around…


It was a perfect day of outdoor hot tubbing (soo nice with the lake view and the snow), turkey soup eating…


Wine drinking, dog tummy rubbing…


And general best friending around. It felt just like the winters of old times. I loved seeing her awesome parents (who I feel like are my second parents), and I especially loved that they ordered Chinese food for dinner.


It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a chicken ball.

So a very good weekend all around. I have a big love burst for all my friends 🙂


4 responses to “The Weekend of Girl Time (+ Joel time)

  1. Every time you post about outings with your friends, I feel like I need to become a Canadian citizen and try to be your new best friend.

    That sounded way more creepy stalker than I intended.

  2. Love it Lindsey, I also enjoyed a girls nite on Saturday. The girls skied over from Aunt Mary’s house about an hour ski away, we ate lots, warmed up Brie on the woodstove :0 The puppy’s were crazy, and the drinks were following. Good times, I love sleep overs. xo
    P.S. I don’t think Joel minds being picked up!! 🙂

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