2013 in Review

Happy New Year!

I was just reading my year in review that I did last year for 2012 and yowza. Things have changed. When I compare 2012 to 2013, this year was so much better! And looking back on some of those points in my graph I feel I was a little dramatic with the highs and lows at the time. For example, my dream job turned out to not really be a dream job, so maybe I should have taken the excitement down a notch. However, this paragraph really stuck out to me:

And I learned a valuable lesson. Do not fret if things suck. They will get better. Sometimes the bad things must happen to make room for the great things. I know that when I look back on this year, these bad things that seemed like such a huge deal at the time will just be a minor blip on the radar.

That is still so, so true. When I look back on the crap happenings of 2012, they do not feel like a big deal at all. I can’t believe how much difference a year makes.

Anyway, time to stop reflecting on 2012 and think about 2013, because it was a great year and I could not be more excited about the direction my life is going. One of the best things about blogging is having a record of all the fun things that have happened, so that one day when I am old and senile I can look back and live vicariously through myself. I know that I take an insane amount of pictures of things, but I hope I never stop. I love having them.

I originally was going to do a month by month recap, but it just got way too long, so instead:

My Top 10 Memories from 2013

10. I was on Ellen.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 2.53.33 PM

Well, not me physically, and it was very, very briefly. But the Piggyback Fail video, and therefore my face (and underwear) was on Ellen. I was pretty excited about it.

9. We met Vanilla Ice.


Not that Vanilla Ice was thee memory there, but it was a pretty random occurrence, and that entire night was a fun time.

8. The entire summer.

Particularly the end of July, beginning of August. There were so many hilarious events that went down during that period of time that I can’t even choose just one. Lisa and Crystal were visiting at the same time, my brother was here, and there was just an insane amount of fun packed into several short weekends. The Toronto Island trip (x2), the Blue Jays game, partiescottaging around









It was the most amazing time. Alright, if I had to pick a highlight maybe it would be the Jays game…

7. Big Chief Island

I could just group Big Chief into the entire summer above, but it was soo ridiculous with all the girls and it will always stand out for me!




I hope it’s an annual tradition.

6. The Deer Run Inn


Our trip to Emily’s dad’s deer camp last February is a time I will never forget. It was hilariously fun. Plus it was really the first time Evan could get to know my friends, so it will always hold a special place in my heart.

group (1)

5. Warsaw Cave Spelunking

The time Evan and I went caving and had no idea what we were getting ourselves into…




Pretty intense for sure. It was a very unique experience and I hope to do it again this summer (only maybe be a bit more prepared and bring a good flashlight and not wear a white shirt).

4. Cottaging

This summer would not have been the same without Evan’s cottage




I cannot even explain how much I loved being able to escape the city and head up there on weekends. I am so thankful, and it made a huge impact on my summer.

3. Algonquin Park Camping



Totally got rained out, but that certainly was an experience.

2. Florida with Evan


I LOVED our trip to Florida and I sometimes just go back and read my blog posts about it because I want to reminisce. I had the best time. And spending so much time non-stop with Evan really made me appreciate how easy-going he is. Traveling with him was stressfree and FUN. Plus, we met one of my very favourite bloggers of all time.


So that definitely put a bit of party time into our otherwise leisurely trip.

1. A Jamaican vacation

I loved Florida, but Jamaica was an entire all-inclusive week with some of my very best friends and it really set the bar high for vacations. I don’t see how anything will be able to top it. I had the time of my life and I really wish I could relive the experience. I will never forget it and I love having my blog posts to look back on!




I guess that’s it. I am hoping 2014 is just as fun!

So HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Hope you have a safe, fun, and hassle-free night, and as my Nana would say, I hope your dreams come true in 2014.

What’s your favourite memory from 2013?


5 responses to “2013 in Review

  1. I’m above Ellen AND Vanilla Ice?! Awwww, shucks. ❤ ❤ 2014 is gonna be the year of me visiting youuuu!

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