Niagara Falls Adventures

I have been very excited to share my and Evan’s Niagara Falls trip with you. We were only there from Sunday to Monday so only slightly more than 24 hours, but we packed in a lot of stuff.

It was kind of a one year anniversary celebratory trip for Evan and I, but also just a nice winter getaway. I am a big fan of experiences and creating memories. I am also a fan of saving money, so we booked our hotel through Travelzoo and scored a huuuuge deal. If you are looking into a Niagara Falls adventure I would HIGHLY recommend doing this. Our hotel was half the price of what it would be usually, and it included a bunch of coupons for restaurants, etc. as well. The deals are usually Sunday through Thursday, but since it is the Christmas hollies that was no biggie. It actually worked out really well since it was less busy than a weekend, and we weren’t there to party.

Anyway, we were staying at the Ramada hotel in the Fallsview district and arrived on Sunday in the early afternoon. Our room completely exceeded my expectations. I knew we had a king bed, but I’m pretty sure the jacuzzi was an upgrade from the front desk guy.


So that was a nice surprise. Definitely made up for the view.


So scenic and beautiful. But we weren’t planning on spending a lot of time in our room anyway, so no worries there.

We immediately bundled up and headed over to the falls, about a 10 minute walk from our hotel.


The bundling was pretty unnecessary though, as Sunday was a balmy 9C degrees (48F) and it was in fact so warm that the ice rink was flooded and closed.


That got a big thumbs down and a sad face from me because I was VERRRRRY excited for some romantic nighttime skating overlooking the beautifully lit falls. And we would hold hands and drink hot chocolate and take rosy-cheeked selfies. So that dream was crushed. Maybe for the best though, as Evan has informed me he does not know how to skate, and his dad used to call him The Zamboni when he was trying to teach him because he would just fall and clean the ice with his butt. We probably could have gotten him a pylon or something to push around though, to keep him upright. I guess his graceful water ability (aw, the porpoise!) doesn’t apply to frozen water. He is naturally good at a lot of things, so maybe he has magically learned after not skating in 20 years? We’ll never know (except we will know, because we’re going downtown for skating at some point this winter, and it will be just as romantic as I am picturing).

Digressing, digressing…

The falls were just beautiful, if a little foggy. I’ve never seen them in the winter.


It was still chilly, so we were still rosy-cheeked (or red-faced).


A romantic selfie

After wandering around for a while and taking in the sights, we decided to go on an adventure. The JOURNEY BEHIND THE FALLS! I have always wanted to do this.


An elevator takes you down 150 feet (googled it), through the rock, to tunnels that lead to two portals behind the falls, and a viewing area to the side (where I took the photo above). It was a really cool experience, and pictures do not do it justice.

It was tricky tricky to get a picture down there but we still tried.


The guy who is taking this took about 4 and his thumb is in all of them. Not ideal conditions, but you make do.

The coolest were the two portals behind the falls looking out.


Evan has a cool video of this, the water just constantly rushing by the little tunnel. It was very loud, like THUNDA!

Afterwards we stopped by the giftshop, and since this is obviously a very popular American tourist spot being on the border, it was pure moose, mounties, and maple paraphernalia in there. And beavers, a lot of beavers. I promise you there is more to Canada. Come hang with me, I’ll show ya the sights.

Eventually we headed back to our hotel and got all gussied up for dinner at the Fallsview Keg, and our table had GORGEOUS views overlooking the falls. On a clear night it would have been ridiculous.

We had a coupon for the Keg included in our hotel package, which was helpful because the Keg is $$, so we went all out and even ordered an appetizer.


Warm goat cheese and toast and brushetta-type tomatoes. And hooooooly that goat cheese. Holy moly. I loved it.

Plus bread for the table and a Keg-sized Caesar for meee (like a Bloody Mary, but spicy and with clamato juice – it’s a Canadian thing, they should serve these in the gift shop)…


And then dinner.


Apologies for the bad photo quality, but steak, scallops and shrimp with a little cream sauce and garlic mashed potatoes made up my entree. It was all delicious. ESPECIALLY the scallops. Both the steak and the scallops were melt-in-your-mouth.

It was a really, really nice dinner. Evan and I haven’t been out for a dinner of this calibre together in a while and it was so great to just enjoy each other’s company and stuff our faces. Good times.

Afterwards we did some walking around in the nighttime falls…


It was really foggy, but the falls were still beautiful. I had always thought when they lit the falls it was from behind them, but they have these huge spotlights that light them up. They changed to red and green periodically also, all festive for Christmas.

And then we hit up the casino.



I am not a big gambler and the thought of losing money just makes me feel sick to my stomach, but once in a while I think it’s a fun time. Usually when I go to the casino I put my designated $20 gambling money into the slot machine and I lose it almost immediately. I LOVE blackjack tables, but the minimum is $25 a hand and that’s a little steep. At the casino in Port Perry where I used to frequent occasionally when I was freshly 19, the minimum was $5 a hand so you could play for hours and win/lose a minimal amount. In the end we stuck to slots and Evan lost $10 and I broke even, so not too shabby for an hour or so of entertainment. Also, the Michael Jackson slot machine is awesome. If you find one, play it. It has so many fun things going on (random MJ songs playing, and MJ himself moonwalking all over your screen periodically) and mini games. I like slot machines that keep me entertained like that.

At the end of the day we headed back to our room with the upgraded jacuzzi, and The End.



Not sure how I feel about posting a picture of myself in a bathtub HOWEVER, I might just be wearing a bathing suit under all those bubbles. You just never can tell 🙂

Part 2 Niagara things to come!


8 responses to “Niagara Falls Adventures

  1. Aww so fun! I’m so glad I have that bubble picture of you now because FF and I both lost the picture of you passed out in my car that was entertainment for me everytime we text. We’re gonna try to retrieve it from his broken phone….somehow. Because it’s that important.
    I’m not into gambling either but one day my mom gave me $10 and I spent 1.5 hours on the penny slots. That was way more entertaining than I ever imagined.

  2. It’s very funny that you said what you said about gift shops! I went to Toronto with French Club (which I wasn’t a member of but I was amazing at French in high school…which I remember NONE of now…) and every gift shop we went in had those things. I kept putting off buying something because I was sure that I’d find something “really Canadian”. What did I end up bringing home? Syrup. Syrup that you can, by the way, totally buy at my local “quality foods” store. Gahhh.

    Also, that drink. Just thinking about it makes me drool. I’m a big fan of the beer with clamato juice, though, so I may just be projecting my need for one of those on to this.

  3. Bathtub photo = APPROVED. That bubble photo is hilarious and awesome and I’m glad you posted it (creepy to say…? nah….). It looks like you guys had an awesome trip! I haven’t been to Niagra Falls for years but when I did go (one or two times maybe?) I really enjoyed it. Happy new year!

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  5. THAT is an impressive amount of bubbles!

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