I hope you like butterflies (Niagara Butterfly Conservatory)

I am continuing from where I left off after Part 1 of our Niagara Falls experience. Overnight on Sunday the temperature dropped about 20 degrees, so while it was enjoyable to be outside on Sunday, Monday was the opposite. It was absolutely frigid. We attempted to walk off our huge IHOP breakfast (we had a coupon included with our hotel) and make our way back down to the falls, but we abandoned that mission about 20 feet from our hotel. Being outside was out. Being outside for more than two minutes made me feel like I was gonna die.

But we weren’t ready to go home just yet. We tossed around a few activity ideas: glow-in-the-dark mini-putting? (we can do that anywhere); wax museum? (I hear it’s lame); tour of the power plant? (Evan’s dream, but closed for the season). Eventually we decided on this:


The tropical paradise that is the butterfly conservatory. And the best/cheesiest part about this activity is…it was just like our second date at Allan Gardens (almost on the same day also). Minus kahlua, of course, and plus butterflies. A TON of butterflies. Apparently over 2,000 of them. I have never seen so many butterflies!


They were everywhere. As soon as we walked into their steamy, tropical lair they were flying all over the place and basically surrounding you.

Evan was really excited for the butterflies.


I actually felt a little bit afraid at times when a butterfly as big as a bird would start flapping around my face…but for the most part I was a fan of all the butterflies.

If you stayed still long enough, they would flutter over and land on you…


You saucy brave butterfly.

I felt like Snow White surrounded by all the butterflies.

Or you could cheat and coax the butterfly onto your finger.


Without touching their wings, of course, because that is bad for the butterflies.


We both said that the butterfly conservatory was the highlight of our Niagara trip. I am so glad we decided to do this, it was extremely cool and it just made me feel warm and happy all over. Kind of how wine makes me feel.

We stayed and wandered through the lush greenery for an hour or so, just soaking up the atmosphere. Really not much else to say, but I have a ton of pictures, so enjoy the views. Most of these were taken by Evan.



Monarch, my favourite!



❤ What a beaut.






The miracle of life.


Like a tropical rainforest.







I could have stayed in there with the butterflies all day long. I also kept thinking that I would not have minded living in there at all and I could totally live my life as a butterfly.

They’re just living the dream in their little conservatory. It was a good, good time. If you’re visiting Niagara Falls, the butterfly conservatory is a MUST!

Have a great weekend!


3 responses to “I hope you like butterflies (Niagara Butterfly Conservatory)

  1. How awesome! Torrance has been to Niagra falls a couple times and wants to take me so bad because I have never been! Now that we are on this side of the world (haha) we really want to drive up there one time in the fall because I just think it would be so pretty!

  2. That is pretty cool, but i cant believe you passed up the cheesy awesomeness that is the wax museum

  3. When I was in kindergarten, we had a tank with caterpillars and we got to watch the full process of their life to a butterfly. It fascinated me so much! I would absolutely love this place.

    Also, butterflies like oranges?! Who knew? (Obviously not me)

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