Deer Camp Fun

This weekend took us back to that famous (not actually) Deer Run Inn. My friend Emily’s dad’s deer hunting camp. We did this last year (and also when I was a child) and I was just raving on in my 2013 recap post about how much I loved it, so I was looking forward to this weekend for quite a while.

It was originally going to be a reunion of our sensual sixsome from last February…

group (1)

We like to tell Evan that he looks very smug in this picture.

But we were down two members this year (well, four including Bolt and Miyou)…


Don’t mind the axe.

Dawn and Mark unfortunately could not make it. Dawn, as you may know, is about 8 months pregnant, so that threw a bit of a wrench into their plans. She is a trooper and was still planning on coming up until the last minute, but after seeing the condition of the road leading to the hunting camp, we didn’t think it was a good idea. We had to walk in about two miles through a foot of snow that was on top a thin layer of ice. No car was getting through that, even a 4×4 truck. If anything happened (like if she went into labour!) we’d be in a bit of a pickle. Although I think Evan could probably deliver her baby, ’cause he’s good at things. But it would be risky.

There’s also no running water or electricity, though there is a gas generator and quite a sexy outhouse.


Which I prefer using in the winter to the summer, but I told you all about that the last time we were at the deer camp.

Anyway, we were sad to be missing our two favourite party animals, but we were excited for our outdoor adventure.


I don’t usually tote around my Jamaica bag as a purse (although I should because it’s awesome), but I noticed that last time we were at the hunting camp when I got home everything I had with me smelled like sweet, sweet wood stove and bacon and I didn’t want that to happen to my purse. Ol’ Jamaica is a trusty stand-in. Also, the Tim Hortons coffee I’m holding was a horrible idea. As we were walking in I happened to step through the thin layer of ice while I was in mid-sip, and I dumped half my coffee down the front of my coat and all over my FACE. And of course it was freezing so it basically froze immediately. It was a smooth move for sure.



So we walked into the camp, dragging our supplies on sleds (toboggans!) behind us.


We really need to get a better system. I wished several times I was running a dog sled. Or we had a snowmobile or a four wheeler or something. But on the bright side it was the best workout I’ve had in months, especially when there was a hill (and there were several).

We got in there and made ourselves at home.


It is just as cold inside as it is outside, so the first mission is to build a fire in that modern cooking stove. There is another wood stove in the bunk room, and those are the main source of heat. You’d be surprised at how hot it gets in there though. It does the trick, even though it did smoke us out at first and that is why you smell smoky when you leave.

The hunting camp is very modernly decorated.


It is not, but I love it! I feel like it is everything a cabin should be. It kind of makes me want to move to the middle of nowhere Alaska and stop worrying about how nicely decorated my house is. Or middle of nowhere Caribbean. That seems like a better idea. Evan was looking around and was all “Why do we need to have nice things? I could sleep on a plywood bunk and eat at a wood plank table,” and I agree. About the wood plank table. I do not know about the plywood bunk, but I guess if I had a good mattress it would be alright.

While we waited for everything to heat up inside we headed out for some outdoor adventuring.


The layer of ice was so thick under the snow that we honestly could have built some serious igloos out of it. It was not the best for snowman-making, however. But we improvised.


Evan and I stumbled across a snowman-making kit last week when we were grocery shopping, so we weren’t going to let that go to waste and we carved a horizontal snowman out of the ice on the patio table. Not ideal, but it worked out.

And Evan and I recreated our very first picture together!


And so did Emily and I.



And as you can see from the reflection in the window, there was a beautiful sunset.


The rest of the evening was filled with the usual camping/hunting camp/roughing it activities. Like cards…


We are playing with “Iraq’s Most Wanted” card deck, so that was interesting.

And again Cards Against Humanity (only the three expansion packs since we have now played it so much), which was as funny as it always is.



Spaghetti and giant meatballs made by Emilio and Cork.


Yeahhhh carbs.

So good.

And, also like last year, our hat party with the interesting paraphernalia hat-wise that we found around camp. Always a good time…


Does it look familiar, Evan?


I am an official Ontario moose and deer hunter. This hat says so.

Evan says that is my drunk face, but I don’t know how he would know that 😉

We also played a lot of charades and were entertained for hours by the slow motion video setting on the iPhone. It was hilarious.

And of course, another tradition that I hope to keep up, nighttime tobagganning.




Just kidding. It’s a flare.

It was just a grand ol’ time. It is so nice to get away from the city and (cheesy cheesy alert) be one with nature.

And we did even see a few deer on the way in! But we didn’t shoot them. We’re just fake deer hunters.


It was a time. Thanks for having us Em and Cork 🙂


One response to “Deer Camp Fun

  1. Looks like a blast! So cute that you got to recreate your first picture together too! Oh and Evan did look smug in that picture from last year. LOL!

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