NYE and Leisure Time

Welllll, it is back to the grind for me this week. Sadly, my leisuring days are over. But just for now, not forever. I will leisure again one day. Just probably not this month as work is about to get reeeeeal busy as I am planning an event that is basically a wedding times six in early February. So the Christmas holidays were a very nice break from all the busyness.

Not that I really leisured all that much over the break anyway… New Year’s Day was the first day where I just stayed in my pajamas and did nothing. And it felt gloooorious. Well, I undecorated our dead tree and put all the Christmas stuff away, so I’m sure that counts as being mildly productive.


I loved our tree. It hurts my heart to see it brown and dead.

Anyway, New Year’s Day was made for doing nothing, I say. Everything is closed anyway. Staying in your pajamas should be mandatory.

I haven’t even talked about New Year’s Eve! It was a good one. We spent the night at my good pal Sherrie’s, who threw a house party. She had a pretty great turnout.


Me and Sherrieeee

I spent New Year’s Eve at her party last year too, you may remember. House parties on new year’s are the best. I much prefer them to going out and spending a million dollars and waiting a million years for a cab.

Most of my lovely lady friends were in attendance.



A bunch of us actually went for dinner first with our friend Crystal who was still here from Calgary, though she was flying back that night and had to miss the party. It was so great to spend at least part of the night with her, and it was a good start to the evening. I wish my BFF Lisa was still here also, but you can’t have everything.

This was my first year ringing in the New Year in Evan’s presence.



Though last year I do remember texting him quite a lot.

I spent most of the days between New Year’s and the hunting camp catching up on this season of the Walking Dead (and getting Evan into it!) and fiiinally watching American Horror Story, which I have been itching to get into since I have been hearing this girl rave on about it for the past couple years.


My friend Emily lent me the first season on DVD and I was all over it. It’s weird for sure, but it was soo good. I loved it. And I really love ghost things, and being scared (but safe scared) in general, so I am surprised it took me this long to watch it. Evan watched the first episode and said he didn’t “care for it” in a snooty voice, which made me laugh (because he was lying, it was too scary for him), but then he ended up watching the entire season with me anyway. He eventually decided that he liked it. I thought it got way less scary after the first episode, since the ghosts are explained as the season goes on. Once things are explained to me, they aren’t so scary any more. Except Candy Man. Scary forever.

I’m really glad I got some time late last week TV vegging because it’s been a LONG time since I marathoned any TV seasons. Without that I don’t think it would have felt like a real vacation. And if I felt like I was being unproductive for too long, I just threw some laundry in the washing machine so it seemed like I was doing something. Problem solved.

I think you’re all caught up on everything otherwise. It’s really cold here, but it’s all anyone is going on about these days so I’ll save you from another cold rant.

Hope you’re having a good week!


8 responses to “NYE and Leisure Time

  1. I love AHS! This season (Coven) may be my favorite because I was all “There’s no way they can top how messed up the previous two seasons were” and booyyy did they prove me wrong!

  2. Yay! I’m glad you loved it! Season 2 is decent but not great. Still worth watching. I really like Season 3 so far. Oh man, and this season of Walking Dead. So, so good. I’m catching up on the comics now.

    We just watched season 1 of Justified and really liked it. I think the rest of the seasons are on Amazon Prime (my new lover) so the next 5 seasons will be watched.

    • This surprises me. Asylums are weird and scary places, so I assume it would be awesome. I may start watching this weekend 🙂 Oh MAN Walking Dead is GOOD. I kind of wish I waited longer to watch it because waiting til Feb. for it to start again is going to drive me crazy.

      I don’t even know what Justified is, so, off to google!

      You are the queen of TV. I will be running all future shows I watch by you first.

  3. Okay as you probably know Im a giant wuss with anything scary/weird etc and I always see the commercials for American Horror Story and it looks sooo strange to me and too scary for me to even try (haha). But it does seem kind of intriguing for a TV show.
    Also its funny because Walking Dead is the ONLY non-reality type show that Torrance is into and I just cant get into it! I can make a good zombie sound though.

    • It is SO intriguing for a TV show! I think that’s what lured Evan in also…it felt like every episode was a movie. He is not big on scary/weird either and he liked it. Once you get past the first episode you’ll be allllllright!

      Haha, I have a good zombie sound as well. I like to do it when we’re out in public.

  4. I’ve only just started watching AHS too! It took me a long time to watch it again after that first episode though… However I am happy to say that I am halfway through season 1 and finding myself enjoying it!

    You’re right – house parties for New Years Eve are the best. I always find that going out (other than for dinner) on NYE is always a let down and overrated.

  5. I was just partaking in a conversation the other day about how when I was younger (probably too young for some of the scary movies watched) I would generally rent two movies with friends – a scary one to watch first, and then a funny one to help forget the scary one. (A Chucky/Encino Man combo comes to mind!)

    I have yet to watch AHS, but I want to… kind of. Ghost shows/stories of pretty much any kind still scare the living bejesus out of me, even the cheesy ones. (Back in the day I went to the theatre with my mom and saw Thirteen Ghosts… I swear, if I wasn’t with her, I may have gotten up and left the movie!). I’ve watched quite a bit of the Walking Dead, but still… the zombie noises and their look in general gives me the heebie jeebies… Perhaps I am a huge wimp…

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