Dawnald and Marcia’s Baby Shower

Sunday was my ol’ pal Dawnald’s baby shower.


I have blogged about Mark and Dawn’s Jack and Jill, Dawn’s wedding shower, her Ottawa bachelorettetheir Jamaican wedding, their housewarming, and now there’s gonna be a baby!

Usually baby showers are for the ladies, as we all know, but this was a co-ed shower. Not quite as risqué as it sounds…but Evan and the rest of the boys did come and show their support for Mark. And then all the lads hung out in the basement mancave and drank beer. Evan said he had a really good day and I heard a lot of hearty laughter coming from down there, so while we may never know exactly what went on, it sounded like a good time.

We did have male representation upstairs with us though… Chester was there.


Who is sporting a onesie with everyone’s favourite Dirty Dancing quote.


(I really miss Patrick Swayze)

And the newest addition to the inflatable family, Kyle.


Who looooves to smile.

Kyle spent most of the afternoon riding Dawn’s baby’s new rocking horse.


The rest of us spent most of the afternoon eating and watching Dawn open her presents. The food table was pretty awesome.


I spent a lot of time hanging around there eating. I brought a taco dip from Eat, Shrink and Be Merry (recipe if you follow that link, it’s awesome! I made it without shrimp though).


And I need to highlight Joanna’s cucumber topped with avocado, smoked salmon, red pepper, and dill sauce. Because holy moly.



And that wasn’t even lunch! That spread was followed by Dawn’s mom Brennie’s FAMOUS macaroni pie.


Also delicious.

And then there was the best baby shower cake I’ve ever seen.


That even reminded me of Dawn. It is from Kake Kreations in Whitby if anyone is interested. The breast area was chocolate cake and the belly was vanilla. Both were really, really good.

And Emily’s sister made her amazing sugar cookies that have been making their rounds to all the events lately.


I can’t get enough of them.

Dawn scored some pretty great gifts, and I think she is all set! I like baby showers more than wedding showers because I like to ooh and ahh at all the cute baby things.


Like baby tutus.

As part of our bigger present, Evan and I got their baby a very attractive soother.


Not creepy at all.

And as is customary at baby showers, we played some games.


Put a frozen soother in your drink and be the first to yell “MY WATER BROKE!!!!” when the soother breaks free of the ice. Right up our alley sense of humour -wise. Sherrie won this in like 2 minutes and we called her a dirty cheater. But I also won a game!


Guess the celebrity baby. I was the only one to guess all the babies correctly and I am very proud of myself for this because there was a trick answer. Babies 1-4 were pretty obvious, but #6 was giving me some trouble. I originally thought it was Samuel L. Jackson, but then I noticed the “It’s a Girl!” sticker so at the last moment I changed my answer to Dawn (who was not even on the list). And Dawn was correct, not Samuel L. Jackson. Though I’m sure you could understand my mistake… Dawn and Samuel L. Jackson are practically twins.

Anyway, here was my prize.


Probably the coolest baby shower prize I’ve ever received. I would say I think the prize buyer knows me, but anyone who knows me knows that rye makes me uncharacteristically angry… Only in excess though, so I should be alright ;).

It was a really great day with all my friends and the beautiful mama-to-be.


Who is just glowing and looking fantastic. She doesn’t have much longer to go, so wish that girl luck! 


7 responses to “Dawnald and Marcia’s Baby Shower

  1. I’m in love with the cake! I want that cake for my baby shower and my sister’s too (we’re both pregnant, 6 weeks interval). Toronto is a little far though… Will think of something. 😉

  2. That cake is adorable! And also, the water broke game, totally stealing that!

  3. bahaha Crown for a baby shower prize?? Genius!
    And that cake is amazing

  4. My baby shower was coed, too. We didn’t play any games though. It was just people eating and hanging out.

    Awesome cake! And the dip sounds good, too!

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