Absolute Comedy, Babies and Burritos

Is it okay to recap your weekend three days after the weekend happened? I feel both like it has been a decade since Sunday and also like Sunday was yesterday. Anyway, I meant to write this on Monday, but you know how it goes…

I have been working later than usual lately (just temporary until my event on February 3rd, which cannot come soon enough but also needs to be further away so I can get everything done), so to make my life easier Evan has been handling dinner in the evenings. He really is awesome. I would recommend he become a cook, but then he probably wouldn’t be home to make me dinner, so…conundrum. Guaranteed if I was still living on my own I would be eating English muffin pizzas every night. Well, here is Friday’s dinner, I believe it speaks for itself.


I was pretty excited when I arrived home after a looooong week and that was plated and looking like heaven. Immediate mood changer right there. The way to my heart is absolutely through my stomach and Evan has it DOWN to a SCIENCE. The steak, by the way, is from Highland Farms. Any GTAers shop there? They have really great meat! And their bakery is pretty dynamite also.

After dinner we headed out to my old stomping grounds of Yonge and Eglinton to meet up with these two lovers:


Dorothy and Ian

(and some other friends as well) for a little Absolute Comedy action. I need to take a minute to mention that I really miss living in the Yonge and Eglinton area. I love living with Evan, but if I could just transport the condo over there that would be a dream. Or Yonge and Davisville, I’m not picky. Because maaaan it was nice to be within walking distance to basically everything imaginable and steps from the subway. I also really like that Yonge and Eg is close enough to downtown without being quite as crazy busy or expensive. If you’re moving to Toronto I highly recommend checking that area out.

Anyway, Absolute Comedy. I have seen a few stand-up comedians now, but I hadn’t been to that venue before. I have to say, it was the most hilarious comedy show I have seen. The headliner, Matt Davis, absolutely killed me. He was definitely a physical comedian and his facial expressions really made his act. I am a visual learner, so I like this. Good thing I had my trusty new glasses so I could see!


Yes, we are now glasses twins. It was very necessary for me, but more on those bad boys later.

It was really great to see Ian and Dorothy and friends. Ian lived with Evan until I moved in (well, we had about a month overlap) and it has been weird not seeing him all the time. We all went out for a drink afterwards, and though I was exhausted when I first arrived home and really debated going out in the first place…Hops & Bolts just perked me right up.


And then we walked home from the bus stop in the snow.


Because of course it was snowing…what else has it done all winter? If it’s not -20 or ice storming, it’s snowing. I can’t remember a colder, more snow-filled winter, and coming from a Canadian gal that is saying something!

Saturday I slept in and it was GLORIOUS, and then it was my good friend Lisa’s baby shower!


Fran, moi, Lisa, Amy

Lisa is my friend from way back in Journalism school, and you may also know her as my running date, and my High Park hiking pal. Above is my favourite Journalism foursome. The four of us haven’t been all together since Fran’s cottage in June, so it was good to see them, and of course celebrate Lisa’s impending baby boy. It’s that time, I guess…I turn 3o and BAM everyone’s knocked up. Exciting though. Babies are exciting.

Lisa’s sister (who is clearly an avid Pinterest user) had a pretty sweet cupcake pyramid going on…


And I loved the boards with the pictures. On the left is Lisa’s fiancé’s son, and the picture on the right will be of their new baby. Also, the Disney books were for shower guests to write messages in. My message was of course in the Lion King and told him to be strong for Mufasa and mayyyy have also included a note about JTT’s sultry voice and how excited I was for the new baby to experience it. I really miss JTT in his prime. I know I’m not alone.

It was a good time. Pretty great food spread also, but I was too busy shoving it all down my face to get a picture of it.

Sunday was spent running errands, doing some work from my post on the couch while these two leisured beside me…


Nap Buddies

And I decided to repay the favour to Evan and make him dinner. Chicken and black bean burritos (<- recipe there! Originally found in Cooking Light) and a quinoa salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, green onion and olive oil + vinegar dressing.


Those burritos may not look like anything special, but they are VERY delicious. I followed the recipe exactly. The grilling of the actual burrito really brings them up a notch and Evan actually said he was blown away by that. Highly recommend them.

And that was my weekend. Maybe with a bit of Sons of Anarchy season 2 thrown in there as well. I have finally jumped on the SOA bandwagon and I am liking it a lot!

Hope your week is going just swell.


12 responses to “Absolute Comedy, Babies and Burritos

  1. I’m making those burritos tonight! Yum!!!

  2. Season 2 of SOA is amazing! It gets a little slow in season 3, but power through! 🙂

  3. we used to live at yonge and eg before kids. it was a great neighbourhood. Everything you could possibly want was within a 5 minute walk. Thats one thing I miss now that we are in the ‘burbs.

    • Me too, exactly. I came from the ‘burbs to Yonge & Eg so I definitely appreciated it at the time and made a point not to take it for granted…but yeah, now that I’m back in the ‘burbs… I want it back. If I am going to be in the city I want to be in the CITY city. Otherwise I want to live in the middle of nowhere, on a lake and in a forest.

  4. OH wow…that burrito looks awesome…I am definitely making those soon, sounds good, healthy and easy! So glad Evan is taking such good care of you while work is crazy…you might have to drag that on a little..lol

  5. Highland Farms is amazing. Probably one of the few grocery stores I know that stock Ontario produce (which actually comes from their own farms!) But yeah, we go there if we have a few extra dollars or want to make a special dinner.
    I currently live at Yonge and Eg, I really do love living in the area. Just wish all the rentals weren’t so expensive.

  6. I want that burrito. And that steak. And I want to nap with Winnie. And I’m so proud you’re watching SOA finally! It’s sooooo good. Next season (#7) is the last. *sniff*

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