I’m Not Dead.

Nope, still alive. Brain dead maybe, but otherwise all good. Cue the OMGBUSY post. Happening right now.

So I took a little blog hiatus this week as I’ve been OMGBUSY with work, and frankly it’s all I’ve done. It is honestly the hardest I have ever worked before. My brain has never had to remember so many details. I shut my laptop for the day and I am just spent, I do not have any energy to be funny or interesting. I can’t look at personal emails, and I certainly can’t write a blog.

My manager was giving me advice on how to power through this crazy time, and one of her points was “You have to make sure you are remembering to eat.” I could not contain my laughter. Forget to eat, oh that’s good. One does not simply forget to eat. It is a priority. I make sure to pack myself an excellent lunch (I have brought my lunch every single day since the Christmas holidays, New Year’s resolution win!) and every day at noon I am at my desk, eating my lunch. Or at least eating my pre-lunch. Sometimes I eat a second lunch around 1:30.

Anyway, don’t go thinking my work is evil. The work itself is very rewarding (or it will be after Monday anyway, when my big event finally happens), and when it’s all over I’ll be able to say that I entirely planned and executed a summit and awards gala for 600 people. From the content, the speakers, the emcee (Cabbie from TSN!), to the table centrepieces. That’ll be nice to pad the ol’ resume.

And my work has unlimited vacation. Within reason. I mean, obviously we can’t jet off to Africa for six months and continue getting paid. And I can’t take a vacation right now because I just have too much going on, but employees are trusted to know the amount of time they can take off and when they can take it. You better believe I will be cashing in on that when this is done. I have always been very spoiled when it comes to vacation time at work. I started my very first job out of school with 5 weeks vacay, basically unheard of, so no complaints about that. But UNLIMITED? Now that is a perk. It almost backfires because I would feel guilty taking too much vacation time… It may be a guilt I can live with though.

Also, my CEO announced to us at our Christmas party that if we reach our revenue goals this year (and we will) he is taking us all on a four-day all-expenses-paid vacation to the Bahamas in the fall. For employees and a GUEST! So that is pretty exciting. Evan is pumped.

So, here’s what’s been going on this week (ie: not much).

I spent most of the weekend working from my spot on the couch.


We do have a home office, but I have been sitting at a desk for about 12 hours a day lately so I needed a break from that scene. Nothing like working in your comfy clothes on your couch under a blanket with your cat staring at you for hours.

I did get out for a bit on Saturday to visit my preggo pal Dawn, so that was nice. Highlight of my weekend!

On Monday we had our menu tasting at the hotel for the upcoming big event. And that was riiiiiight up my alley, let me tell you.

We got to taste the appetizers:


All were amazing, but that spanakopita on the left was the highlight for me I think. So flaky and so good. No cheese in the appetizers, except for that bit of feta on the chickpea spoons, and I KNOW this will surprise my BFF Lisa. She came to one of my events in the fall and told me she could tell I planned the menu because it was so cheese-heavy. I thought I’d switch it up this time.

I can’t say no to goat cheese though. It is included in the salad that will be served with dinner.


With a nice, light pear and ginger dressing. When salads are done right, they are just amazing. This salad was done right.

And chicken as the main.


Delicious chicken though. Chicken is like salads when it is done right. I LOVED it and I ate every bite. And then I ate the vegetarian dish that went unpictured, a spinach and feta tart. And that was so good if I was attending the event as a guest I’d probably ask for the vegetarian meal.

And dessert.


Which was a little present of hazelnut cake with whipped cream wrapped in some of the best chocolate I’ve ever had.

So yes, the menu tasting was a good time, and I’m pretty sure I should just become a professional menu taster. I would not mind that. I would not mind that at all.

In other news, my newest glasses from ZenniOptical came in, and they’re my new favourites.


I love them! They came to like $12, so that is a win. I can’t get over how great that site is.

And finally, I was the victim of a lunch thief this week. Or, well, a snack thief in this case. Someone stole my baby cheese out of the fridge, ate it, and left the evidence (wrapper) on top of the garbage can.

I inquired around the office as to the whereabouts of my cheese. Knowledge of my missing cheese was immediately denied all around, so someone is lying. The best part about that was there were only 5 people in the office that day, and two of them don’t even eat cheese.

At first I thought maybe I ate the cheese and forgot that I ate it, but I immediately abandoned that idea. First of all, I specifically remember taking the cheese out of my lunch bag at lunchtime and leaving it in the fridge to enjoy later as a snack. And second, I’ve never eaten a cheese I didn’t remember. Come on now. Eating cheese is the highlight of my day, always.

One time Evan had his lunch stolen out of his cooler when he was doing a renovation in this condo building, and he said “Oh well, I guess someone needed my lunch more than me,” so I guess he’s just a nicer person than me because I thought about putting a sign in the fridge that said “Take my cheese again and I will cut you.” Because I will tell you this: no one needed that cheese more than I did. Oh it’s fine, I’ll recover. But I will never forget.

Lesson learned, don’t leave innocent cheese unguarded in the work fridge.

And thank the sweet baby cheeses it is the weekend. I was all excited because I thought it was going to be nice this weekend, but I’m currently watching the Weather Network and what do I see? STORM WATCH! Of course. Hibernation may be in order.

Have a great one! I wish you lots of cheese and wine and leisuring. I hope to get back into blogging more often next week. After I recover from Monday.


16 responses to “I’m Not Dead.

  1. I have never heard of unlimited vacation! No one tracks my vacay at work, so even though I have 3 weeks I can kind of fudge it. But I feel guilty sitting at home when I could be working so I basically book off any planned vacations where Im leaving the city (mexico, DC, camping etc) and I am sure at the end of the year Ive probably taken roughly 3 weeks anyway!

    And also, my brother used to work shift work at a warehouse and he had the 2nd lunch break and EVERY DAY someone from the first lunch break would eat his lunch. I would DIE. I would be hunting down the cheese-thief like you

    • I had never heard of it until this job either! I have not actually taken any vacation since they announced this… Well, a couple of Friday’s in the summer, and my office shut down for nearly two weeks over the holidays, so that was forced vacation.
      I hear you though, if I don’t have anything going on or I’m not going away or something, I would feel really weird taking a day off and just sitting at home. I definitely need a couple of days after this big event to just kind of decompress though. Your DC trip looked awesome!

      Ohh man if someone stole my lunch every day I’d start doing some lunch sabotage for sure. That would not be cool at all.

  2. Oh dang, that cake dessert. Gimme gimme! Although, your job sounds super busy it sounds super fun. No sitting in a cube all day.

    You wanna come to the Carribbean with me and FF in April? 😀

    You know what I would have done to the cheese theif? Taken the wrapper out of the garbage, taped it to a piece of paper, wrote “I’m coming for you.” on the paper, and taped it to the fridge.

    • It is definitely an interesting job with a lot of perks.
      I WISH we could come with you!!! Oh MAN that would be so much fun. We are going to Cuba in March though, so I feel like Cuba and then the Caribbean would really be taking advantage of the unlimited vacation…

      And hahaha, I wonder if it’s too late to still do that.

  3. Okay that dessert looks HEAVENLY
    and Evan is obviously a better person than myself as well, because I would have most definitely gotten all worked up about the stolen lunch.

  4. Well, while the menu does not look as cheese heavy as your Calgary event, I think it looks delightful anyways. Good job with all the hard workin..it will pay off for sure. Can you please send me the product number for your new specs? They look like a good shape for moi.

  5. Unlimited vacation? That’s awesome! And an all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas? Yes please!
    Oh menu tasting. It’s great, yes? When i was a waitress, we had to try every dish on the menu so we could describe it to customers with the knowledge of experience. And i worked at a French/Australian Fine Dine restaurant. Winning.
    Aww, isn’t Evan so lovely? I probably would have been peeved. I used to never take enough food with me to my old job. I worked at a coffee roasting company (i was the accounts and administration department, that’s right not in it, i was it). Anyway of course there was unlimited coffee to drink (and we had world barista judges working for us too so they used to make them for me – score!) so i used to just drink coffee all day to try and make the hunger go away. I never was any good at making my own lunches. You sound really good at it 🙂

    • Whaaaaat. All that menu tasting sounds amazing. When I worked at Dairy Queen I decided that I had to try everything…every day. I gained a lot of weight when I worked there, and definitely learned the lesson that I just can’t work around food (or at least delicious ice cream and burgers and fries) because I have no willpower and I will eat all day long. I worked in a bookstore after that and then my new problem was “WHAT AM I GONNA EAT?”! That was the best job of all time though.

      Aww, drinking coffee all day to make the hunger go away makes me 😦

      • I hear you. I would definitely eat ice-cream, burgers and fries all day long if i had the chance.
        I’ve always wanted to work in a bookstore! I love books. Food and books. Such a great combination. That’s awesome that you worked in a bookstore. However having the problem of not knowing what to eat is quite a dilemma.
        Yeah. Drinking coffee all day to make the hunger go away doesn’t really work either. I’d usually go to the gym after work too and i was starving by then so on my way home I’d buy a cheeseburger from Hungry Jack’s. Haha. I may as well have skipped the gym!

  6. WOW, that is quite the chore planning an entire event for 600 people! That will definitely look awesome on your resume! Boo for the cheese thief..the nerve!

    I am so jealous of your job, unlimited vacay AND menu tasting? Sounds perfect to me! You will definitely need to take some of that free vacation after the event to recoup and relax! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  7. I feel like I may have the wrong career choice after reading about your “benefits”. That is just awesome, makes the busy weeks so worth it!

  8. I am so coming to work with you.

  9. holy crap you are hilarious! I found you because I had to find the perfect image to send my friend (eat all the things!!) and stumbled onto your site. good stuff

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