My Most Rewarding Experience in a Long, Long Time

Okay, so! Monday was the big day of my event. I don’t want to share too much, because although I spent months planning it, it was not my event, it was an event for my company. So I don’t want people Googling about the program and ending up here and reading all my ramblings about all the pointless things. Not that I’m not professional or anything, because I totally am.


Look at all the levels of professional I am.

But anyway, I can tell you a bit. I arrived at the hotel bright and early in my professional gear all ready to start the day. And let me tell you, it was a day. It was probably the busiest day I have ever had and it was absolutely the most fast-paced and insane event I have ever been a part of. I literally did not have time to even run to the bathroom until about 6pm. It really was like a wedding times about six.

But it was also extremely fun. Hands down the most fun I have ever had at a business event.


Our host was Cabbie from TSN, and we started off the gala with a video of him with Ron Burgandy.

We chose this video because it really got our message across (I work for an executive search firm, so it was pretty perfect). And then we showed a video of Cabbie and our CEO, kind of like a sequel, that he came into our office last week to film. That was a really nice touch.

And then we did the whole fake live thing, and there was Cabbie in the flesh. And everyone was excited.


He was probably the hit of the night. People LOVE him. I originally worked with him on the Grey Cup Fan March parade in 2012, and he was great then too.

This event has an Olympic theme to it, and includes several parades throughout the evening to emulate the Parade of Nations during an Olympics Opening Ceremonies, complete with sign bearers. We have 40 Canadian organizations to recognize, so it works out well. Participants parade around the ballroom and onto the stage to receive their award, and attendees from each organization were dressed up in a way to reflect their company’s own culture, so as they paraded by Cabbie they bestowed him with their gear. This absolutely killed me. At one point I looked over and Cabbie was wearing four hats (including a cowboy hat and a hard hat), sunglasses, a scarf, winter mittens, a lab coat, and a construction vest. The below photo was at the end of the night and he had lost some of his gear by this point, but you get the idea.


Oh that crazy Cabbie.

Though it was all-hands-on-deck for our staff and they were a LOT of help, I brought in an additional volunteer.


My good pal Emily! She has a passion for event planning (as you may already know, I have mentioned how great her parties are several times), so having her help was just amazing. She naturally knew what to do, and she jumped in with things without me even having to explain anything. If it weren’t for her being there, I may never have even gotten a chance to go to the bathroom, and I might not have gotten to eat (the hotel staff were amazing and brought dinner for us right over to the registration table, which made me so happy!)

Emily and I instantly made friends with one of the attendees from the Calgary Stampede.


And not just anyone from the Stampede, the official Rodeo Queen! Pretty exciting. I googled her and she is all sorts of a big deal. Definitely a good friend to have. She is the cutest, nicest person and Emily and I loved her immediately. Coincidentally Em and I are both attending the Calgary Stampede this year, so I am looking forward to seeing Nicole’s bright shining face again.

She was really awesome and gave me the hat I am wearing in the above photo as a thank you for hosting her. It is real deal!!!


Better believe I am wearing that to Stampede this year. AND she gave me the most beautiful authentic western bracelet.


I love it. I was so honoured and surprised I nearly cried.

And so, the event was a huge success. Really. I had moments near the beginning of the evening where I thought everything was just one tiny strand from falling apart, but it all turned out A-okay. Everyone I have talked to said they had the best time ever, and I am getting emails with the most positive feedback. It has made me feel very good, and I may be strutting a bit this week (in my cowboy hat). I am so glad that my company has allowed me to plan something of this calibre. It was an experience and a half.

PS – if you work for a Canadian organization that has a great corporate culture, send me an email. You may be able to apply for the 2014 program 🙂


15 responses to “My Most Rewarding Experience in a Long, Long Time

  1. You looked soo good all professional! Congrats on the big event! Can’t wait until Stampede! YEEEEHAAAA!

  2. You look great! I am still working on creating my own professional style. I know you are probably busy as well, but I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you on my blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. One part of it is to let the bloggers know who you nominated and then have them make their own list of their chosen nominees. Thanks for having your wonderful blog and allowing people like me to read a little bit about you and your two moods!
    You can see my list of nominations at

  3. Congratulations on a job well done!
    BTW – You look fantastic! Success looks good on you.

  4. Well-done! Looks like a stellar event. I know those can be stressful but yay for pulling it off successfully! And that bracelet is unique and beautiful. I love mixed metals.

  5. Lindsey, reading this post made my day! Not only is it refreshing to see someone enjoying their job, but I’m so happy to read that all of your hard work paid off. Congrats on an event well planned! (And I agree with all the other comments… you look amazing! I may have to look into this couch to 5k deal and start making more of an effort to pack a healthy lunch and snacks everyday. It is certainly working for you!).

    • Aw, this was such a nice comment Amy, thank you.
      I cannot lie, I haven’t been running very much lately… Hoping to get back into that this week! But the healthy lunch + snacks have been keeping the pants in check (mostly).

  6. Looks like you pulled off an epic event, congratulations! You look amazing, too!

  7. You look smokin’! Sounds like it was a great time. Good job!

  8. Awesome job!!! You look seriously amazing in that outfit.

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