Texas Grillin’

Sandwiched between the Olympic-watching marathon that went down over here all weekend (I can’t get enough! I never want them to end!), I had a dinner date on Saturday night with my pals. We all met up at Lonestar Texas Grill, one of my favourite restaurants, to celebrate…nothing. The impending birth of Dawn’s baby I guess. But it was mostly just an excuse to get together.


You can see my glasses peeking out… Evan was sick all weekend with a horrible man cold, the poor little bunny, so sadly he had to miss the dinner. I have been wanting to take him to Lonestar for a very long time, as he has never been before and therefore never experienced their homemade tortillas and soft taco shells, which are pretty much the best on earth. And their salsa also, though I think they have switched up the recipe recently and I am not impressed about that. Not impressed at all. I may write a letter. But he couldn’t taste anything anyway due to his cold, so there really would have been no point.

I would like to point out that Dawn’s sister Melon just had laser eye surgery and was sporting sunglasses in the restaurant (and in the above photo) because it was a bit bright for her. It was not because she’s one of those people who wear sunglasses inside. You know the ones. Just wanted to make sure you knew that. Dawn is a very supportive sister and wore glasses of her own to make Melon feel better about it.



It was so nice to see everyone. And Sherrie’s luscious mermaid locks.


I had made reservations for 6:30, but the people who had our table before us weren’t finished their dinner when we arrived and ended up hanging out until about 7. We just waited in the bar, so it wasn’t a problem at all, but the manager felt bad and brought us free appetizers when we finally got our table to make up for our wait. He asked what we wanted and we told him to surprise us. I think he did well with his choices.




Sweet potato fries. And also some queso dip that was pretty delicious. This, of course, was in addition to the standard chips and salsa that are at every table.


We had four of those at our table, refilled twice. And I think we could have eaten more. So good.

And Corona margarita’s, heyeahhhh!


And a Caesar for me.

We were all full from the abundance of appetizers, but we soldiered on. This was the first time I have gone to Lonestar and not ordered fajitas. I just love them so much that I can’t seem to stray from them. But I saw that Cabo Tacos were new on the menu, so I decided to switch it up.


They were good, and I don’t know if I would use the word regret here…but I kind of wish I stayed with old faithful fajitas. Oh well, next time. And every time. Forever.

Lonestar has a giant foam cowboy hat that people get to wear when it’s their birthday, and since it was going to be Evan’s first time at Lonestar my plan was to say it was his birthday so he would get the full Lonestar experience with the hat. Sadly, Evan’s cold threw a wrench into that and we couldn’t embarrass him as planned.

But not to worry, we had a stand-in.


Dustin, who is really no stranger to looking ridiculous if you remember Sherrie’s Hawaiian party. He was more than happy to wear the foam cowboy hat and be sung to by the servers. He had no idea this was coming, either, and I know he thought the hat was for Dawn, so when he saw the team of servers marching through the restaurant carrying the hat to our table, he was originally all excited and clapping enthusiastically. And then when the servers stopped in front of him his face changed from absolute glee to absolute horror. It was really hilarious. But he was a good sport about it.


Like a true cowboy. Who doesn’t want to wear a giant foam cowboy hat that thousands of people have worn before you? I am no stranger to the hat either…


This picture is from my 28th birthday nearly three years ago…

Our server was a pretty huge fan of ours, and seemed to really enjoy our sense of humour. He took our minor harassment in stride every time. Like when he came over and asked if any of us had a red Ford F150 out in the parking lot (we didn’t) and Emily said “Melon, did you leave your baby in the car again?” (she didn’t) He liked that. So he was happy to saddle up for a ladies picture with us. He even rubbed Dawn’s belly.


Then we asked him if he had imprinted on the baby, and I don’t think he knew what we were talking about. But if you know Twilight, you know what we’re talking about!

And that about sums it up. Good times all around.


9 responses to “Texas Grillin’

  1. MMM I am off to Lone Star tomorrow for dinner and my hankering for those fajitas is full force! My mom takes myself, my bro, my SIL, and my niece to LS every 6 weeks or so. We call it family fajita night!

  2. LOL about imprinting. Wrong. Yet right.
    Isn’t Texas Lonestar a chain? I seem to remember them all over Texas when I would visit. I think we need to get some Canadian restaurants down here. You get Texas Lonestar, we get Canadian Bacon House. Or something like that. But that sounds amazing. Also, this restaurant will be built with bacon.

    • Wrong, yet so, so right.
      It is a chain, but it is a small chain in Ontario, so I think the Texas ones are different. But yes I think you do. You can have Canadian Bacon House (which does sound amazing, whether it is built with bacon or not), and we will take Cracker Barrel, thanks. Evan would probably like the Golden Corral also.

  3. i always eat WAY too much when I go to Lonestar!

  4. Yum…that food looks amazing! Does remind me of the Tex-Mex places we have around here. That imprinting comment made me LOL!

  5. Hahaha imprinted the baby! I also liked Melon leaving her baby in the car…Very nice! No fajitas?!?! Next time, next time.

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