The Skate Date

It’s a long weekend here (Monday is “Family Day”) so I have taken a couple days vacation to make it an extra long weekend. I got started yesterday with a skating date with my pal Hannah.



You may remember Hannah from the time the two of us went to a cat show (and had the best day ever)

We ventured downtown in the early afternoon to the Natrel Rink at Habourfront Centre, right on Lake Ontario. I have not been skating for years and years, but I was immediately taken back to my days of pretending I was Kristi Yamaguchi.


Just like riding a bike.

I fell a LOT, but not necessarily because I am a horrible skater (though I was a little rusty), more because I have no regard for my own safety and I get a bit daring and try to attempt the spins I was able to do as a child in the thick of my figure skating lessons. It did not work out every time (read: most times). But it was very fun.

It was absolutely gorgeous outside, or at least gorgeous for this winter. Especially considering it has been either -30 or a crazy snowstorm since November. Minus three and sunny felt like summer compared to that.


I have definitely been hanging inside a lot this winter due to the crap weather, so it was great to get out and be active. Even the ducks and the swans were enjoying the sunshine.


They are beautiful. I would like to have a pet swan. That is one pet that Winnie might actually go for…

Hannah’s roommate and her boyfriend met up with us, and the four of us had a skate party for about three hours. I have forgotten how much I missed skating. I want to get out more often. It felt like just yesterday I was skating on the lake where I grew up (and accidentally blowing across it).

Hannah and I practiced our ice dance routines…


I’m a very graceful skater, I know this.

We took a break midway through and headed in to the Habourfront restaurant for beer, wings, and my favourite Canadian delicacy, poutine.


Ohh yes. It has been far too long since I have eaten poutine.

It was such a fun wintry day.


Now, Happy Valentine’s Day to you all from my Nana!

card card1

She took a card that a child had made for her, whited out the original name, added “Nana” and gave it to me one year for Valentine’s Day. I will cherish it forever and ever (full story here). Have a great day filled with love and chooclate!


6 responses to “The Skate Date

  1. Sounds like such a fun time! I’ve never tried poutine, but now I want to. I love reading about your adventures!

  2. The card is fantastic. It reminds me of my uncle scribbling out “birthday” and writing in graduation on a card for me. I wish I had kept that one

  3. That’s hilarious that your Nana recycled a card. My in-laws would never sign cards they gave to each other so at some point in the future they could give it to someone else. I think the white out is awesome!

  4. Your Nana is hilarious!

  5. Haha. Your Nana is the best!

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