Birthday Tubing & the Boot Scootin’ Boogie

On Saturday my good friend Sherrie turned the big 2-9, and quite the birthday celebration ensued. I am not sure how she’s going to top it next year when she turns dirty thirty, but knowing Sherrie I’m sure she’ll figure out a way.

Evan and I met up with Sherrie and some of her closest friends on Saturday afternoon at Lakeridge Ski Resort, aka my old stomping grounds, for some snow tubing!


Sherrie and her luscious mermaid locks are right up front.

I haven’t been skiing for years (though the last time I went I also hadn’t been for years and as soon as I was on my skis I felt like I had never stopped), but I have never been tubing before. I have always wanted to do it, so I am very glad Sherrie chose it as her birthday activity and forced me out there. Evan had never been either.


You are pulled up to the top of the hill, and then you ride your tube down, with up to six fellow tubers at a time.


We had seven people in our group, so we had to split up.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as intense as a rollercoaster, and that’s what I got. I can not believe how fast we went and how much fun it was. I could do nothing but scream my face off the entire way down.

The way up was a little more leisurely…



I was afraid I was going to fall out of my tube, or my tube was going to come unhooked and I would slide down the hill knocking into everyone and bringing them down with me… much like my very first ski experience on the bunny hill tow rope which we will not talk about because it was one of my most embarrassing moments. But I was all good. I stayed in my tube and my tube stayed hooked up.

Surprisingly, the most embarrassing thing didn’t happen to me, it happened to the guy who worked there. There were four of us going down together and he was standing in front of all our tubes to stop us from sliding down while we waited for the people in front of us. But somehow our group started sliding, and we slid into him and totally took him out. He fell directly on top of us and almost came down the hill with us. He bailed at the last second, but we saw the fear in his eyes. I don’t think I have ever seen someone look so afraid. When we got to the top and saw him again he said that was the first time he has ever fallen on a group of tubes like that. I’m glad it was ours because it was hilarious.

Eventually we stopped for dinner, and I had my second poutine in two days from the chalet.


They are not both mine. But the bigger one is. I did not realize when I ordered it that it was going to be a full dinner-sized plate piled with fries and that amount of cheese and gravy. In hindsight maybe not the best idea. Good thing I worked it off with all that physical activity! (not) Ordering poutine is a tradition for me at Lakeridge. I was in the ski club in high school and that’s where we skied, and I always, always got a poutine. Every single time. So, you can’t mess with tradition.

After the tube party we headed back to Sherrie’s to get ready for our big night out with the birthday girl. We were unleashing our inner country at The Corral!


I have talked about the Corral before and how much we like it there. It is our favourite country bar. And actually that last time I just linked to I was with Sherrie and her friends also.

When we all went out to Lonestar a couple weekends ago I distinctly remember everyone being like “we’re going to all be wearing our western gear at the Corral, right? Let’s dress like cowboys!” and then it would seem I was the only one who followed through with that and dressed like a cowgirl. I had a bit of a Legally Blonde moment, like everyone told me it was a costume party but then I was the only one who dressed up.


Alright, not really. I just wanted to post that. Evan was clad in plaid also, and when you put a cowboy hat on him he looked like he was ready to go for a ride on his tractor.


That is probably my favourite picture ever taken of him. He had a realllllly good time.

Sherrie and I have a long history with the Corral.


Circa 2005


Circa Saturday night

I love my Sher Bear. And I love that she brought a bucket with her to drink out of. Bucket party of one. Normally that would be cause for getting kicked out of the Corral (they are strict), but on Saturday they seemed to like our shenanigans and Sherrie’s bucket. I guess because we are older, and therefore wiser.

You know my friends and I love our props, and Sherrie brought a pretty awesome one. Sometimes when we are on the dance floor we like to do the fish move. She will cast an invisible fishing rod and I will be the fish and it will hook me and I will dance over to her as she reels me in like I am her catch of the day. It’s not even as cool as it sounds, but it is kind of funny. Well no worries, this time we didn’t have to pretend. Sherrie brought a fishing rod along, so she could actually catch me and reel me in for real.


We even hooked a few plaid strangers.


Not sure if that beats the saxophone, but it is definitely up there. Sherrie also had an inflatable monkey, which is the hit of every party.



And we brought a blow-up birthday ring toss game.


And that gentleman in plaid is Sherrie’s birthday twin.

There were dance floor parties, as there always are.


And my favourite moment of the night is a toss up between when Sherrie and her friend Alicia got the ENTIRE dance floor to line dance to Boot Scootin’ Boogie, or when we had a dance floor dance-off and I won when I pulled out the dance floor air guitar.


Photo from a different dance floor air guitar long ago, but also at the Corral. Basically same thing.

Or when Evan gave the singer of the band the cowboy hat, and he wore it and then put it on the end of his guitar for a bit.


And the reason that moment was so awesome is because Evan was just ecstatic about the whole thing.


It was a hilarious and amazing night. I had so much fun.

And then we came home and Sherrie made Kraft dinner, because she makes it THE BEST!


So a really healthy day of eating coupled with my ginormous poutine. But I have managed to drag myself to the gym three times this week so…it counteracts, right? RIGHT?!

Anyway, good times. So glad Sherrie had a great birthday!


16 responses to “Birthday Tubing & the Boot Scootin’ Boogie

  1. Omg I used to go to ski club at Lakeridge! I havent skiied in like 13 years tho…I wonder if Im still as bad as I used to be?? I had no idea about the TUBING!!!! I want to do that.

    As for KD- the secret is not to use milk. just buttah. Also, I havent put ketchup on my KD since I was a kid. This post is full of nostalgia for me….

    • That’s so funny. Maybe we were skiing at Lakeridge at the same time!
      I think another factor in Kraft Dinner is the time you eat it… Sherrie always makes it for us when we get home from the bar, so…pretty much anything I eat at that time tastes like the best meal I’ve ever had 🙂

  2. Poutine @ Lakeridge was the BEST!!!!!

  3. HAHAHA…bucket, party of one? Oh I miss the Corral so much! Good, good times. Looks like Porp had a GREAT time! Just warmin him up for some stampede this summa!!

  4. Here in northern NJ diners, we have a similar dish called Disco Fries, and everytime you show a picture of poutine, I get super hungry and want to head to the nearest diner. However, I also think of the line from Modern Family when Manny tries to get Jay to eat poutine, and Jay says, “Well I am not ‘poutin’ that in my mouth.”

  5. This party looks amazing! I had never been snowtubing either until a couple of years ago. It scared me to death. I mean, I had no idea the speed that I’d go down the hill. Also, where I go, they have one of those moving ramps like at the airports. I kept dropping my tube (not that I’d been drinking or anything) and having to walk back down the ramp the wrong way to get it. Good times.

  6. haha what!! get out of here with your dancefloor air guitar!!!! Lindsey you just have outdone yourself! Love it!
    And snow tubing is the beeessst, it feels like forever since I have been

  7. This post brought back some awesome memories, we use to love going to the corral, though I have been kicked out at least 5 times, they did not share my idea of fun 🙂

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  9. I think I need to come visit you for my next bday – you guys know how to do them right!! And that is the best picture of Evan ever.

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