So I’ve been taking a bit of a break from A Clash of Kings (Game Of Thrones book two). It’s not that I don’t like it, I actually really do. I just think that it’s…easy to put down. It takes a while for things to happen. I was listening to it as an audio book on my commute to work, and that was working out well…until I realized that for three days I had accidentally left iTunes on shuffle so it was shuffling through the book chapters at random and they weren’t in order (each chapter is one track). It took me about five chapters to notice, and it wasn’t until Theon Greyjoy was in an entirely different place than where I last left him that I finally clued in and wondered WTF was going on. In my defense I find that all these random things will be happening throughout the chapter and then it all ties together at the end of that chapter, and that’s why I didn’t notice sooner. I guess that says a lot about the book right there, if you can listen to it out of order and not even notice.

Anyway, I figured out where I was and got myself back on track, but then my auxilliary cord stopped working (which connected my phone to my car stereo) and I haven’t replaced it yet, so I haven’t listened in about a month. The new season is coming out and the previews are luring me in, so I need to catch up! But in the meantime I have been reading other books, and that is what I am taking a million years to get at here. I wanna talk about books I’ve read lately.

So first is…

The Fault In Our Stars



Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel’s story is about to be completely rewritten.

I actually read The Fault In Our Stars last April, but when I did my last book review I completely forgot about it. I’m not sure how that happened as it’s the best book I have read in a long, long time. I can’t even tell you how much I loved this book! I could not put it down, and I read the entire thing in like two sittings. This was me at the end of the book.


And pretty much every time I think about it. It got me good. But I didn’t find it depressing, it was a good sad. It was also funny and heartwarming. I loved the characters (even if they talked a little Dawson’s Creek-like, like they were older than their teens), I loved the storyline, and I loved the writing. It’s great. Read it before the movie comes out! I can’t wait to see it.

I liked the book so much I got it for my friend Dawn to read while she was recovering from the whole giving birth thing (as well as The Glass Castle, another one of my favourite books). And it also inspired me to reread the diary of Anne Frank, which I definitely haven’t read since elementary school. So saddle up with your tissues and read the crap out of it.

The Sea of Tranquility



I live in a world without magic or miracles. A place where there are no clairvoyants or shapeshifters, no angels or superhuman boys to save you. A place where people die and music disintegrates and things suck. I am pressed so hard against the earth by the weight of reality that some days I wonder how I am still able to lift my feet to walk.

I heard about this book from my good pal Paula when she did a review about it on her blog. Though I did really like the book and I would recommend it, there was something about it that just annoyed me slightly. I’ve been trying to figure out what it is, and this is what I think. There was a lot of language in the book, which, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good F bomb very much and language doesn’t bother me at all…but you know sometimes when people throw the F bomb around and you get the sense that it’s just because they’re trying to be cool? I kind of got that impression. I know it was Nastya’s character but I just found it a bit unnecessary. I got the feeling that the author forgot what it was like to actually be a teenager and her idea of high school times was just a bit off. A lot of things that happened were very cliche. I also spent the entire book REALLY wanting to know what the eff happened to Nastya but she was all cryptic about it until nearly the end. It was like one big cryptic Facebook status, and cryptic Facebook statuses drive me bonkers.

I think I am the only one who felt like this though, as everyone else seems to just love it (I also absolutely despised 50 Shades Of Gray and couldn’t get even halfway through the first book, so take what I say with a grain of salt). It was a good read and well-written and I’m sure it will be a movie at some point, so I say read it and maybe you will looove it.

The Rosie Project



Don Tillman, professor of genetics, has never been on a second date. He is a man who can count all his friends on the fingers of one hand, whose lifelong difficulty with social rituals has convinced him that he is simply not wired for romance. So when an acquaintance informs him that he would make a “wonderful” husband, his first reaction is shock. Yet he must concede to the statistical probability that there is someone for everyone, and he embarks upon The Wife Project. In the orderly, evidence-based manner with which he approaches all things, Don sets out to find the perfect partner. She will be punctual and logical—most definitely not a barmaid, a smoker, a drinker, or a late-arriver.

Yet Rosie Jarman is all these things. She is also beguiling, fiery, intelligent—and on a quest of her own. She is looking for her biological father, a search that a certain DNA expert might be able to help her with. Don’s Wife Project takes a back burner to the Father Project and an unlikely relationship blooms, forcing the scientifically minded geneticist to confront the spontaneous whirlwind that is Rosie—and the realization that love is not always what looks good on paper.

I cannot lie, I was 100% lured into this book by the cover. It’s teal and it has a little red bike on it! I passed it in Chapters and I was all “whaaaat is this?” I had never heard of this book before. And I was 100% not disappointed. I don’t know what it was about this book but I absolutely loved it. Loved. Don’s character reminded me of people I know in real life (for my high school friends, he was a heartwarming version of No Rules). He was my favourite and he made me laugh out loud, which I do not do often in books. It was completely addictive to read and it left me feeling all nice inside. I also thought it was interesting to get a glimpse inside the mind of someone on the autism spectrum (like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime). I found myself relating to Don more than I expected. Highly recommend.

Silver Linings Playbook



Meet Pat. Pat has a theory: his life is a movie produced by God. And his God-given mission is to become physically fit and emotionally literate, whereupon God will ensure a happy ending for him — the return of his estranged wife Nikki. (It might not come as a surprise to learn that Pat has spent time in a mental health facility.) The problem is, Pat’s now home, and everything feels off. No one will talk to him about Nikki; his beloved Philadelphia Eagles keep losing; he’s being pursued by the deeply odd Tiffany; his new therapist seems to recommend adultery as a form of therapy. Plus, he’s being hunted by Kenny G!

Evan and I were at the library a few weekends ago and I stumbled across this gem, and I hadn’t read it or seen the movie (though I had heard good things!) so I decided to pick it up. I knew I was going to like it as soon as I started the first chapter. Pat’s character just slayed me. There were so many parts in this book that I genuinely loved and made me feel insanely happy (the dance competition was one, the first game with the Asian Invasian another), I could not stop smiling as I was reading. I watched the movie last weekend and was soo disappointed that so much had been changed. The movie was good, and had I not read the book first and had no expectations I would probably have nothing but good to say about it. But the book had so much more to it. I don’t know why they strayed so far from the story line, I guess to make it flow better? It was not the same at all. If you have seen the movie, read the book. It’s completely different, there’s more “meat” to it, and I just thought it was amazing.

I also picked up at the library… Juliet, Naked


Because I love me some Nick Hornby and haven’t read this one. I’m about halfway through and I give it a big thumbs up so far.

Have you read any good books lately? I would love some new recommendations! I’m going to Cuba in a couple weeks and I need a few beach/plane reads. Please tell me!


21 responses to “Books!

  1. I’ve read most of these! Loved Fault in our Stars (duh) and liked Silver Linings a lot. (There was just too much sports talk for me, that’s my only complaint.) Think I’ll put the Rosie Project on my list!

  2. Wild by Cheryl Strayed. It’s going to be a movie and I CAN’T WAIT!

  3. “The Fault in our Stars” made me ugly cry, but I’ll forgive it because it was just so lovely. I’m now adding Rosie to my list. I picked up “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” at Costco, but haven’t started it yet. Will have to let you know if it’s worth it.

  4. I’m leaving for a beach vacation next week and need some good book recommendations. I loved The Fault in our Stars when I read it. I added The Rose Project to my list to try. Thanks!

  5. The Fault in Our Stars! Yay! Read that one this year myself and recommending it all over the place although I know I’m late to the game.

    If you want some easy beach/plane read YA, I recommend anything by Colleen Hoover (Slammed, Hopeless). Reading junk food, but sometimes you need that.

    Also just finished reading “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg (again, know I’m late to the game on that one too). You basically know all the points she tries to make in the book if you’ve read anything about her or it in the last 2 years or whatever, but it’s a quick read.

    I read “Stiff” by Mary Roach at the end of last year. Fascinating to see what has and continues to be done with cadavers (if you’re into that sorta thing).

    These posts always remind me that I don’t read as much as I think I do. I really, really need to fix that.

    • I will check our your recommendations. I am moderately into cadavers, I guess? I do like true crime. I don’t know anything about Lean In, so it would appear I am even later to the game.
      I go through reading phases for sure. The winter seems to be a big reading time for me.

  6. I recently read Gone Girl for a book club, loved it. I just finished Orange is the New Black, I didn’t love it, I think the tv show ruined it for me. If you’re looking for something lighthearted (that’s my idea of a beach read) I’d suggest “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?”, Mindy Kaling’s book. I’ll suggest your books at my next book club meeting!

  7. I read The Fault in Our Stars in one sitting and ugly cried an entire flight. It was amazing, I reaaaaaaaally. Hope the movie does it justice, I love love loved it!!

    The Glass Castle is another fave, so sad, so great!

    • I hope so too. I am going to try to go into it with low expectations, but that is going to be near impossible.
      I love the Glass Castle so much. It is the only book I can reread. That and Still Alice by Lisa Genova. Highly recommend that book if you haven’t read it!

  8. cathy sinclair

    Thanks Lindsey, I need a good read, sorry got nothing for you! Enjoy your vacation!!

  9. I just finished reading Burial Rites by Hannah Kent and loved it. It is based on the last woman to be executed by beheading in Iceland. I heard it is going to be made in to a movie with Jennifer Lawrence.

  10. If you like The Glass Castle, you should read Half-broke Horses, also by Jeanette Walls, it is her Grandmother’s story and tells about her mother’s childhood. Not as good as the glass castle but puts puts it in perspective. Whatever you do don’t read Jeanette Wall’s first fictional novel, ( can’t remember the name) was very excited when it was released and very disappointed when I was done

    • Ah, I read that. I liked it, but not as much as the Glass Castle. It was interesting to hear her mom’s story though. She was an interesting minx, that is for sure.
      And good to know about her fictional novel! I didn’t even know she had one.

  11. My youngest daughter just asked for The Fault in Our Stars for her birthday tomorrow! She has read it and loved it and now wants to possess it. I guess I’ll get to read it if someone gives it to her!
    I did see Silver Linings Playbook, but haven’t read the book. It sounds like I should!

  12. Well, i missed that boat in giving you my list of reading recommendations! Darn. Hope you’re having a great time in Cuba!

    Oh, and in case you think I’ve become your stalker, i have been behind in my blog post reading (about 1000 posts behind) and i am only just catching up now. Hence all the comments.

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