My Love for Jack Johnson

I am not sure if I have ever talked about this on here before, but I really love Jack Johnson.


Like I am talking super fan. Possibly even number one fan territory. I go a little crazy for him.

My JJ love affair started about 10 years ago when I was working at Chapters and we played this CD every day.


And I mean every day. All day every day. There were only certain CD’s we could play at Chapters (customers don’t appreciate bad language, you know) so we cycled through the same three. Jack Johnson was the only one I didn’t get sick of. I was into his smooth beachy styles immediately. Once In Between Dreams came out we played that one over and over as well.


Probably the most popular of his six albums. And then we got our hands on his very first album Brushfire Fairytales and we added that to the mix.

By that point my love for JJ was solidified and I owned his discography myself. I think his music is so beautiful.

So then in 2010 I saw that he was touring for his new album To The Sea and he would be playing at Molson Amphitheatre. I was insanely pumped. Obviously I had to go. And if I didn’t already love JJ, well that was that. I was smitten.

First I heard that he donated 100% of the proceeds of that tour to an environmental charity (and did a bunch of other things to minimize the environmental impact of the tour, you can check it all out here). So I really liked that. Then I heard that before his concert, JJ spent the day at Ontario Place next door with his wife and three kids playing in the water park. So I really liked that. THEN as we were waiting in the concession area for the concert to start, JJ came out with just his guitar, no mic, and played a quick private show for the people who were lucky enough to be standing around. It was beautiful and I just about died.


(This photo isn’t from Molson Amp but I was Googling around and apparently he does this often.)

He was probably the best musician I have ever seen live (and I have been to a LOT of concerts over the years, just not that many lately), and then for his encore he came out and played three songs that he had written for his wife, who was there, and he dedicated them to her. Once again, I just about died. I could barely handle it.

So that did it. I went from hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed in his live performance to liking him even more. I just can’t get enough of his music and I don’t think there is one song of his that I don’t like. I also think he is a very decent human and a lot of musicians need to take note.

Anyway, I swear this has a point. I was Googling about JJ yesterday and I noticed that he is coming back to Molson Amphitheatre in May to tour his new album From Here To Now To You. I don’t know how this slipped by me, but I bought tickets for Evan and I immediately. I am already BEYOND excited to see my pal JJ again. I told Evan I will probably be moved to tears. Evan said he’s excited. He also said we should make shirts that say “JACK JOHNSON YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON”. We might do it.

And apparently he already tried to get tickets to JJ for my birthday present (because he knows about my intense love for Jack) but they weren’t on sale yet. He got me tickets to The Lion King instead, which is also an insanely amazing present and I have wanted to see it live for years and years, so I’m pretty excited for that as well.

And back to JJ, but I guess that’s it. I cannot wait to see this live!

And this too!

My love for JJ lives on!


3 responses to “My Love for Jack Johnson

  1. So funny, I discovered Jack Johnson through my work soundtrack… his songs would play over and over in the little gift shop I used to work at. His voice is so soothing, it would allow me to drift away while I was bored out of my skull when the shop was empty.

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