Low Key Weekend feat. Baby Scarlett and Devon Sawa’s Butt

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

I am not really celebrating this year, though I do have a dinner date with my good pal CathRON tonight and maaaybe we will order a green beer for the occasion, you just never know… but it is one of my favourite holidays. It is for sure the best pub night of the year. I just love seeing everyone out in their leprechaun beards and their festive green. Especially the 60+ crowd. So just a petite flashback to the St. Paddy’s celebrations of yesteryear.

Last year I had the pleasure of celebrating twice. A pub crawl with my work…


And then a night out with my pals.


And this guy.


And the year before was one of my favourite pub nights of all time. It was a reallllly fun night.




Really good friend turnout, pretty much everyone we knew was in attendance. Just a good time.

Anyway, moving on, this weekend was pretty low key, which I was pretty excited for. I like my leisure time. On Friday Evan and I went to the gym, had a nice dinna (cabbage rolls that I picked up from a deli near my work, plus salad), got all caught up on the Walking Dead (aaaahhhh!!!) and had a snugglefest with this little gremlin:


Ohh, what a little gremlin

All before 10pm. I was asleep by 11 and that was just glorious.

Saturday morning I headed to Oshawa for some errand-running and some friend visiting. My first stop was Sherrie’s and she made us quite an awesome lunch.


That kale salad was from Costco and it was delicious. Now And Then happened to be on TV so we watched that while we ate and maaaan that was just a blast from the past and a half. I haven’t seen that movie in years but I used to watch it over and over again when I was younger so I felt like I could have recited it. It was weird because it was just like how I remembered but also not, because my 12-year-old brain doesn’t see things quite the same as my brain now. The movie is still awesome though. Sher and I were talking about how jealous we both were of Christina Ricci back then because she got to kiss dreamboat Devon Sawa TWICE in Now And Then AND Casper. Lucky ducky. I mean, my heart was with JTT at that time, of course, but Devon Sawa was definitely a (not really close) second. We WOULD have paused it and rewound it repeatedly to see if we could see Devon Sawa’s butt (you know the part and don’t even pretend you don’t) but sadly we missed that.

After my nostalgic lunch date with Sherrie I headed over to Dawn and Mark’s for a visit with their newest family member. I have not mentioned this yet, but you may recall that my friend Dawn was pregnant for quite some time…


(Pic from her lovely baby shower)

Pregnant for about nine months to be exact… Welp, Scarlett enters!!!!


She is a beautiful little minx. Little Scarlett was born on February 24th at a hefty 8.5 pounds. This was my second visit with her and she is such a great baby. Welllll she did have a brief rage fest the first time I met her, but this time she just slept the entire time I was there. She is so cute, I can’t get enough of her. I’m excited to see her grow up, I can’t wait until she is just a bit more interactive and I can harass her (nicely).

Dawn and Mark are both so happy and are such natural parents.


Dawn was praising his father skills and said that he has just been a domestic goddess.

Some more pictures of the little muffin… She’s getting started with her props young.

photo (4)

And my current favourite.


Ohh, she just melts my heart.

On Sunday Evan and I gymmed it up again (did not want to go but very glad I did) and did some other boring Sunday activities, like grocery shopping and house cleaning. Evan made this amazing dish that I had never heard of before called peperonata. He called his dad for the recipe and it is super, super easy. You basically just cook down sliced peppers, eggplant and zucchini with crushed tomatoes and it makes a kind of sweet pepper stew. I LOVED it. It doesn’t even have any extra seasoning or anything and it is so good.We had it for lunch with crusty bread, and then again for dinner with chicken thighs (made kind of like wings, tossed in Frank’s Red Hot, butter and garlic powder) and salad with oil and vinegar dressing (which you know is my favourite).


Really good and really easy.

And that’s pretty much it. Soo yep, pretty low key weekend. And it was pretty great.

Hope you have a great St. Patrick’s Day!


3 responses to “Low Key Weekend feat. Baby Scarlett and Devon Sawa’s Butt

  1. Congrats dawn she’s so cute , being a mom is the best feeling in the world ! Just remember what everyone says time does go so fast my oldest is almost 6 and I can’t figure out where the time had gone so take lots of pics and enjoy every min of being her mom

  2. I knew EXACTLY which scene in which movie you were talking about when I read the title of this post. My friend and I used to rewind (because we were obviously watching on VHS) and pause over and over again to catch a glimpse. Oh, Devon Sawa.. we sure did love you.

  3. Aww, baby Scarlett is adorable. Send my congrats to the proud parents!

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