The Cheesiest Mac and Cheese in the History of Mac and Cheeses

On Monday evening I had a catch up dinner date with my good pal CathRon.


Picture from last year but just to give you some context so you know what we both look like. Also, sometimes my iPhone likes to make my hair look fluorescent. It’s not exactly a look I’m going for but I guess shiny isn’t terrible so it’s alright. Anyway. To refresh your memory on CathRON perhaps you remember when I was catsitting this beast for her over the Christmas holidays in 2012:


Me + Kitten = Love

Oh we sure did have a time. And yes that is a cat, just a very interesting looking one.

When we were discussing where we should go CathRON said she had one requirement. Only one. It had to be somewhere delicious. This was not a problem with me. CathRON is one of my most ballsy friends in the food department and I have had great culinary adventures with her, all by her recommendation. Like the time she suggested we go out for Ethiopian food, so we went to Lalibela on Bloor.


And that really and truly was a delicious food adventure. She has never led me astray. So I trusted her judgment in deliciousness, and when she suggested The Gabardine at Bay and Richmond, which I had never heard of and knew absolutely nothing about, I was intrigued. I also really liked the look of their website.

In doing my due diligence in checking out the reviews, I stumbled across several that said The Gabardine had the BEST mac and cheese they had ever had. As I was reading a review talking about the mac and cheese, CathRON sent me a text that said the mac and cheese there was the best she had ever had and that was definitely what she was getting. So after hearing all of the rave mac and cheese reviews I obviously had to order it.


Oh my sweet mac and cheeses. Let me just start by saying that I don’t even like ordering mac and cheese at restaurants. I always feel like I’m going to be disappointed. I love fake mac and cheese a la Kraft Dinner too much and I don’t find that the real gourmet stuff ever compares. But it was awesome. It was very, very awesome. It was absolutely the best mac and cheese I have EVER had ever and I ate every last bite and I wished there was more. It was insanely creamy and cheesy, like the cheesiest and creamiest mac and cheese I have ever had. And sometimes I need to be a bit careful with things that are overly creamy because they don’t make my stomach feel the most hot, but no problems here at all. It was amazing.

I also ordered dillon’s juniper gin and tonic on CathRON’s recommendation, and that was pretty awesome as well.


My only wish was that it was bigger.

So it was a really great dinner and CathRON and I had a good catch up fest! It is always nice to see old friends.

I usually drive to work these days since I work in south Mississauga and it’s just more convenient, but since I was going downtown afterwards on Monday I decided to take transit. This means I have to take a bus, the subway, and then the GO train. Like planes, trains and automobiles (but more like automobiles, trains and trains). It’s not as horrible as it sounds and I don’t do it every day so I don’t mind too much… I just use this as extra reading time.

What I do mind is being outside. It would appear this winter has been mostly bearable for me because I haven’t had to be outside in the horrendously cold weather all that much. I park in the garage at home so I get into my warm car every morning, drive to work and go straight inside. No outside adventuring. But just that five minute walk to the bus stop killed me. I was almost going to miss the bus, and I saw it coming so I was running and the sidewalk was crazy icy (like THICK ice) and I almost fell on my face about four times, and the wind made my eyes water and it was so cold that my tears were freezing to my cheeks, and my nose was running like crazy…and then when I got on the bus I was all sweaty from running in my layers and my nose wasn’t letting up and my glasses were all foggy and ugh…I wanted this winter to die a slow and horrible death. But it’s almost over, right? It is finally the first day of spring so there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s cold today, but it’s not snowing so I guess that’s a step in the right direction.

Anyway, that’s the end of my complaining today. I think. The day is young so you never know. Have a good one!


3 responses to “The Cheesiest Mac and Cheese in the History of Mac and Cheeses

  1. First day of spring. Ugh. That means summer is around the corner and I hate summer. Summertime sadness for sure!
    I totally agree about the mac and cheese! For some reason, nothing compares to Kraft for me. I got the mac and cheese and me and FF’s anniversary dinner and he was all ZOMG and I was all, eh. If we are ever poor and live together, I think we have dinner figured out. 🙂

  2. I need to have that mac & cheese. NEED. Also, being in Winnipeg, this winter has been horrendous for me. -40, -50, colder than Mars, whatever. When it snowed this last time (Sunday), I lost it. Lost it. I have now hatched a plan so that in one year I have the option to move. To BC. If I know I’m leaving, I’ve got one more winter in me. 🙂

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