Bonjour and also salut.

I will be MIA this week as I am in CUBA!!!!!! Bahhhhh! Evan and I left on Saturday afternoon and I was so excited that I was packed for an entire week leading up to the trip. Just wanted to let you know that I will not be blogging this week, as there is no internet at our resort (unless you use their computers and pay for it, so no thanks), and also I will be taking every opportunity to drink out of coconuts…


Swim in the ocean!


with sea urchins

Leisure around the swim-up bar…


And enjoy the beach with my lover.


And his brother, and his brother’s fiance and her sister and her husband and their kids. It’s quite the family vacation.

Get ready for an entire week of recapping when I return (because I like to do that, example: my Jamaica trip, and when Evan and I went to Florida)

And don’t even think about robbing us. We have family staying here to watch this seductive little minx.


Winnie is very excited also, as someone will be here to pet her and snuggle with her allllll day long every day for a week.

So have a great week! Can’t wait to tell you about all the adventures when I return!


3 responses to “CUBA!!!!

  1. Have a fantastic time!!! Drink lots of Pina Coladas for me 🙂

  2. Have SUCH a good time!!! That picture of Winnie is so adorable and hilarious, I want to put it on my fridge.

  3. enjoy the mojitos! I just returned … but not a ‘resort” type visit. It was all very busy and “culturally ” based.

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