Resort Shenanigans


So I am stilllll dragging out the Cuba trip. Sorry. Just a few more resort adventures I want to talk about and then the food and I’m all done. Don’t worry, nothing else exciting has been happening here over the last week or so, so you’re not missing anything. Annnnd once I’m done with the recapping I’ll probably go back to having not much to talk about.

Anyway, the majority of vacation time was spent at the resort, with Evan and Brotherman and the family. Definitely a lot more low key than my Jamaican vacation… In Jamaica I remember drinking all day and then partying until 3am, with nary a nap in the mix. I am really not sure how I did that. This vacation was not exactly like that…but that is okay! We had some fun family times. I really loved having the kids around. They were super fun, especially on the beach and in the pool.

Typical resort day looked like this: Wake up, roll out of bed and into my bathing suit + cover up and hit up the buffet with Evan to meet Brotherman, Kelly and the family for breakfast. Be at the beach by 10am, pina colada in hand. Bury Carson in the sand.


Beach around until noon-ish. Break for snack (coconut ice cream). Beach around until 2ish. Break for lunch. Beach around until 6ish. Go back to room, shower, get ready for dinner. Go to Havana Club to meet up with the family for a drink before dinner.


Drink all the rum.


Eat dinner. Go back to beach bar for drinks and entertainment by the pool.


Usually be in bed by 11. Repeat.

Sometimes we would switch it up and hit up the villa pool in the afternoon, or go on market adventures, but we all tried to stay on the beach as much as possible because it was just so beautiful, and for most of the time we were there the weather was perfect.


Ridiculous, right?


Brotherman and Carson

I need to tell you that Carson makes me laugh really hard. He was carrying around this little Canadian flag pillow that had a happy face drawn on it, and it was basically the Most Interesting Pillow in the World. When we were talking about swimming with dolphins, Carson said “Pillow swims with dolphins 10 times a year.” Oh really. Pillow is apparently 40 hundred 5 hundred thousand 40 million and 82 and a half years old. When Kelly asked Carson if he knew where Pillow went to school, Carson paused and then said “Pillow doesn’t go to school… Pillow goes to WORK,” which, I guess you maybe had to be there, but the way he emphasized “WORK” made me laugh for about half an hour.


Carson with the sweet truck he scored in the market.

Carson and I really enjoyed laying around in the surf and and letting the waves push us up onto the beach.


They were pretty intense, and it was a lot more fun than it sounds…


As you can see. This made Carson just die laughing. He wanted to do this for hours.

If you stood at the shore long enough the water would recede and it would be like quicksand.


Trouble in paradise.

Little Victoria was also a really good time on the beach. She is insanely cute.


Victoria seems to have napping down pretty well.


Exhibit A


Exhibit B

That is the life right there.

We made a lot of sandcastles. And sand villages.


One day Evan and I were walking along the beach and we came across a little crab.


He was really hilarious, because he would try to sneakily hide himself in the sand by throwing sand all over himself with his claws.


And we were all “Nice try, but we can still see you…” A group of older men came over to see what we were looking at, so we showed them the crab and then they formed a circle around him and started kicking sand all over him and laughing like maniacs! They wouldn’t leave him alone. Such bullies. I wish we didn’t show them the crab in the first place.

Sometimes in the afternoon we would head over to the swim up bar at the villa pool. Usually by Carson’s request (the pool was Carson’s request, not the bar).


Carson calls Brotherman “Uncle” or sometimes “Buncle” (which makes me laugh), so he likes to call Evan “Uncle Brother.”


When we were at the cottage in the summer, he was trying to figure out my relation to the family and what to call me, so he called me “Uncle Brother Daughter.” Umm, not quite. Not quite. But he seems to have figured it out now and just calls me Lindsey.


Which is correct.

One evening we were at the beach bar after dinner and they seemed to be setting up for karaoke.


I really, really like karaoke. Not because I’m a good singer (I’m not), but I think I might enjoy making a fool of myself. Really I just enjoy singing very loudly and very ridiculously. I would never, ever pick a serious song and attempt to sing it well (because I can not sing seriously anywhere but my shower or my car), so my game plan is always to pick an entertaining song that I know all the words to, and sing it funny. Laugh and the world laughs with you. It’s always good to be the first to make fun of yourself.

Anyway, I debated making Evan sign up with me and singing a duet of Total Eclipse of the Heart, but in the end I sang solo to Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams. I got really into it.


And there was honestly a huge audience and I was kind of nervous, but then I just embraced being ridiculous. There is quite a long guitar solo in that song and I didn’t really know what to do for that, but my adrenaline was pumpin’ so I busted out the dance floor air guitar. Always a hit. I was pretty proud of my performance, even if it was followed by a fine older gent who sang Sweet Caroline which is ALWAYS a crowd pleaser

The next night I was getting a drink at the beach bar and this 60+ year old man from Montreal was all “Wait a minute, I remember you! You sang Summer of 69 last night! THAT WAS THE GREATEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN!!!! You are a true entertainer! You should be singing here every night!” And then to the bartender “You need this girl in your entertainment lineup!” so I was feeling pretty proud of myself, I cannot lie. I may have curtsied. That is kind of the reaction I was hoping to get. I just like to make people laugh.

I think that is basically it. Just a lot of relaxing time otherwise. It was a very good vacation with these three:


And these guys:


And can you guess what is happening here?

Because I don’t really know either.


20 responses to “Resort Shenanigans

  1. Aw Uncle Brother Sister! Love it! Kids are so fun with their grasp of relationships and ages. My five year old nephew calls my daughter’s boyfriend, “Boyfriend.” Makes me laugh every time. He also just asked over the weekend if I was his cousin. Because I’m fun like the cousins! All the nephews and nieces think I’m the youngest of their six aunts. Um, no. I’m actually the second to oldest!

    What a fun trip! Did anyone record this epic performance? I would love to see it! 🙂

    • Aw, that’s cute. You are fun like the cousins! Kids are the best. Sometimes I would prefer to hang out with them over adults…

      And sadly, no. Evan was taking pictures, but no one thought to get a video. Probably good thing for me because I’m sure watching it would have so much second hindsight embarrassment for myself. Though I’m sure it was hilarious.

  2. Oh my god lindz, that pic of you doing karaoke made me laugh so hard! You’re just giving it your all. Aw i wish i was there to sing total eclipse of the heart with you.

  3. Personally, I hope your vacay recaps go on and on – as I’m living the Caribbean dream vicariously through you!

  4. nikkithekiddo

    Okay, your recaps of Carson and his pillow and the crab had me DYING. Adorable!

  5. Keep the trip posts coming! I love it. I am determined to go on a tropical vacation next winter (I’ve never been, how is this possible?!) I went to NYC solo for my 40th birthday and had the time of my life so I’ve been recapping that obnoxiously. 🙂

    • Do it! You can go away for pretty cheap if you hunt for a good deal. We booked through Selloffvacations and got a really good price. They have a lot of great last minute deals also.
      I have never been to NYC so that sounds amazing! I am going to have to come and check out your recaps.

  6. Oh wow..that water! What an awesome vacation! The water reminds me of the Bahamas…so crystal clear like pool water! I never thought to go to Cuba but I am going to have to look into it now! The crab was so cute…all covered in dirt with his beady little eyes peeking out….kills me. Your karaoke picture is can tell you were letting loose! Like everyone else said, I hope your vacation recaps go on and on…living it vicariously through you!

  7. Love all of the Cuba posts! And where did you get that maxi dress from? I want one!

  8. I am loving all your cuban antics! and you look amazing in that blue maxi-dress! where is is from??

  9. oops nevermind, i just saw your post above. it looks fab on you!

  10. I don’t do karaoke because being in front of people makes me want to pee my pantaloons, but I would watch you do karaoke ALL NIGHT LONG. In fact, start with All Night Long from Lionel Ritchie and we’ll go from there.

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