Easter Weekend

Hey ho! Happy belated Easter! Hope you guys had a good Easter weekend filled with all the good food, all the chocolate tinfoil eggs (and Mini Eggs and Cadbury creme eggs), family, and beautiful weather.

I am 3 out of 4. It was gorgeous outside all weekend and I am pretty sure that spring is finally here to stay, but I sadly did not get a chance to enjoy that. Evan and I spent Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday doing the family Easter things, and the rest of Sunday and Monday redoing our master bedroom (I am very lucky that every grown up job I have had has given us Monday off as well as Good Friday, even though it is technically only an official holiday for banks and government). I would have rather spent time outside instead of painting, since it was beautiful, but there will be many beautiful weekends and I was glad to take the time and get the painting done. We’ve been planning on doing it since I moved in in September, so that needed to happen. Anyway, more to come on that. First I want to talk about the Easter adventures.

Friday morning Evan and I packed up the truck, picked up Brotherman and Kelly, and headed to Belleville to spend Good Friday with Evan’s mom and nana. We stopped along the way at one of those awesome Asian bakeries that Evan introduced me to in the summer.


#justeatrealcarbs 😉

Those may just look like plain buns, but each one has a sneaky surprise inside. The one on the top is bacon and onion, which is obvious, but some of them had a hot dog inside, or chicken salad, and barbecued pork.


They are really, really good. Though they are VERY filling. I was full after my first one, but I soldiered on and we pretty much polished them off on the way up in the car. I was already half into my food coma when we arrived in Belleville and the Easter celebrating hadn’t even started yet. I only had a few hours to digest before this plate of deliciousness came my way.


Ohh boy. I just need to take a moment here and say I LOVE EATING HOLIDAYS! And also, Evan’s nana makes the BEST curry. Seriously the best. There was meatball curry and chicken and potato curry and coconut rice and I could not get enough of it. Everything was so good. I have mentioned this before, but I love that Evan’s family embraces the curry dishes on holidays, as my family is more about the typical turkey and ham (which I do love very much, but it’s nice to try new things). Maybe I just love traditional family recipes, because I really do miss the Easters of yesteryear when we would spend them at my own nana’s and she would make cabbage rolls and pedaha (perogies).

It was also Evan’s nana’s birthday on Friday, so we followed that up with birthday cake and I had a few Creme eggs as well. We all just sat around the table talking and eating for about two hours and it was a really nice time. I have a lot of fun with Evan’s fam, and his nana especially makes me laugh hard. She has the best sayings, like “Tell the truth and shame the devil!”

We left on Saturday afternoon and made a quick stop to meet Evan’s dad and stepmom Loulou for coffee/Timbits at Tim Hortons. I asked Loulou how she was as soon as I saw her and she said “Ohh, not good, not good…” all dramatically, so I was immediately like “What?! Why? What happened?” and she said because her favourite blogger was slacking on blogging.

Oh I see how it is, Loulou. I promised her that I would step it up, so here I am stepping it up (HI LOULOU!!!).

That was a really nice visit as well and I didn’t take any pictures BUT… I do have a good one to share with you.

Remember this little chickie?


Evan’s dad and Loulou hatched her from an incubator last year and she is not only all grown up now, she spent 21 days sitting on an egg, and last week hatched her own beautiful baby chick named Raisin.


She looks like a proud mama, eh? (and a bit like the muppet Sam the Eagle?) Loulou says she is being an amazing mom.


I never used to think chickens were cute, but that was before I spent time over at Evan’s dad’s residence, also known as the bird/donkey/pig farm. They are pret-ty adorable.

On the way home from Belleville we stopped at McDonald’s for Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry’s and that was just a big ol’ cup of disappointment. I mean, I ate the whole thing, but I didn’t love the experience. The chocolate in there was NOT Cadbudy Creme Egg chocolate. It was fake chocolate. I used to work at Dairy Queen when I was in school and I will tell you this. Dairy Queen would never pull that. DQ Blizzards that have chocolate bars in them have pieces of the ACTUAL chocolate bar in them (and I would know because I spent quite a lot of the time sneaking into the freezer to eat Reese’s PB Cups and Skor bars). Just wanted to let you know in case you’re hankering for a McFlurry. Stick to Oreo.

Sunday morning Evan and I prepped for the painting party and then headed over to see my beautiful nana!


And she was just as sassy as ever. You know I have to remind you that she is turning the big 100 in just over two months (100!!!! She is incredible).

My dad and his sister, my auntie Nancy, were in attendance as well, so we all had a good Easter visit together.


She is always so happy to see us.

Evan got in on the nana action too. We told her all about our recent Cuba trip and showed her all the pictures. She LOVED the dolphin pictures. She was just dying over them.


I know all of our pictures of the nana recently look the same, of us on her bed with her. But that is where she is the most comfortable, even though she is still mobile, and is still going downstairs to the dining room for all her meals. Breakfast is still her favourite, and she was telling me that she loves to eat porridge and eggs and yorgurt and bananas every day (this is probably where I get my hefty appetite).

The biggest issue with Nana is she is very close to being 100% deaf. Her hearing hasn’t been great for a long time, and it has been very difficult to talk to her on the phone for the last two years or so (she still calls me at work anyway, and if I yell really loud she can hear me kind of…but forget trying to tell her any sort of phone number or postal code. You’ll be trying to tell her all day long).

But otherwise she is all good, still spry, still the most positive person I know, and at least she can see (her sister passed away when she was 96 and she was completely blind, so I think my nana has the advantage there. Deaf > blind).

We eventually made it home and spent the rest of the day painting. We stopped late, so making dinner was out of the question… So, SUSHI.


Order-in sushi is the best. All kinds of delicious right there.

And those were the Easter activities.

And just one more photo to share with you, because it absolutely kills me…

10277477_10100865900750959_7603852401528592480_n(photo credit: Claire Dam Photography)

That is my good friend Dawn’s beautiful baby Scarlett. She likes the glasses already.


2 responses to “Easter Weekend

  1. Just wait a second here. A Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry?! We don’t even have that! Come on! Americans are the fat ones, right? Bring that down here so I at least have the option. I can handle some fake chocolate. I’m not too proud!
    Sounds like you had a fab Easter weekend. I love that you love Evan’s family. I also love your love! FF was sick all weekend so he slept on the couch while I watched TV. Pretty crazy times over here. 🙂

  2. Good lookin eats! I would be so down with all of those delicious curries! Looks like you had a fab easter! We had Diane and Philski over for the festivities…good times! Scarlett is already fitting into our group quite nicely….that makes me happy.

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