Where the Magic Happens

So we redid our master bedroom this weekend. Well, redid is probably too intense of a word for what actually happened. Really we just painted. But it took two days and it looks completely different so I believe that counts as being redone.

Here is the before!


Before I moved into the condo, Evan lived here with Brotherman and their friend Ian, and Brotherman had the master bedroom, shown above (there are 3 bedrooms). Once they moved out and I moved in, Evan and I took it over. We have been meaning to paint the room since September and have been holding off on doing anything else to it until that happened. What was the point of getting new bedding and stuff when we were going to change the colour anyway? There have always been other priorities on the weekends though, so we just kept putting it off.

But along came Easter weekend, and well, voila.

photo (6)

The after! Such an improvement!

I knew we wanted to paint it gray, and luckily Evan had the paint already so we didn’t even have to purchase it. Really lucked out there. We painted the walls gray, and we painted the trim (it hasn’t been put back on in the pictures yet, so ignore that), all the doors including the bathroom and the closet, and the ceiling white.

Before from another angle…



photo (5)

The white door thing behind our bed Evan found on Kijiji. They are just closet doors that he put together and then secured to the wall to act as a headboard. He is a creative minx and I love it. He’s had it for a while, but I think it looks especially good now on the gray wall. The red design that is poking out of the before pictures is something Brotherman painted on the wall, and it worked really well with his room but not so great in ours.

We also replaced the red curtains with cordless white blinds from RONA.


Which are awesome. They were over $100 at Home Depot but we found them at RONA for like $30, so that was a pretty sweet deal. We will probably add curtains as well. Thinking maybe white and yellow.

I also painted the black side tables white to match everything else.


They’re not quite done yet, so ignore the black on the legs. I got these for like $14 a couple years ago from Ikea and I’m happy to report they are still going strong. I was planning on spray painting them, but then I had the white paint out anyway so I just got it done. It worked out surprisingly well.

And then the new yellow bedding, also from Ikea (recent, bought on Monday).

I really love it! It’s a totally different room! Super quick and inexpensive reno and it was definitely a team effort between Evan and I. I actually really enjoyed the weekend painting with him.

I was worried Winnie wouldn’t be a fan because the giant fuzzy moose blanket that is usually on our bed, which is her favourite, doesn’t really go with the new decor so we took it out for now. But she is all over the yellow duvet cover.


So her fur probably will be too with all the spring shedding. You just make sure your bum is clean before you get all up here, Winnie.


11 responses to “Where the Magic Happens

  1. I love it!!!! And yes, the headboard looks 100% better with the dark grey walls!

  2. I love the wolf blanket!! I used to have a matching sweatshirt from northern getaway bahahha

  3. what a difference. I love the colour!

  4. You could have gone with some plum colored flowery wallpaper…. This works too

  5. I love it! I noticed the tables before you even said anything. Very nice! I just redid my guest bathroom. It used to be gray and now it’s a pale yellow. I was feeling very light and fluffy one day and was like…I need this house to be more cheerful!
    I’ve been looking for new bedding for 3 years but Mr. Picky Pants doesn’t like comforters because they are too heavy and hot so I have to find a coverlet and I haven’t been able to find one I love that matches. Life is hard.

    • And what about the mirror in there? What ended up happening with that? I do really love yellow.
      Tell FF to just sleep in the nuddy-pants. Also, I guess FLORIDA, but I love the feeling of heavy blankets on me. Even in the summer.

  6. Ooh! I love it! I am very impressed with your crafty ways–I always think I want to do things like this, but as soon as I start, I hate my life.

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