Butterflies in a Jar, Brothers on the Fridge (and other things)

Bulleted blog post today, because FRIDAY! And I’m typing this as I watch Big Brother so I am very sorry but you don’t have my full attention. But you do have most of my attention. It’s not like watching Big Brother requires any sort of brain power (but I love it and it’s my guilty pleasure).

1. This winter was horrible in the weather department, and though it is technically spring, it does not seem to be as nice as it usually is this time of year. As such I would like three months (June through August, inclusive) of hot, sunny weather. I don’t want no half-assed summer like last year, with one week of extreme heat alerts and the rest of the time feeling like late spring with quite a lot of rain and also a flood. No. That will not do. I want full out, LEGIT, summer.

Well I want three months of sun and ~25C. I am not asking for humidity here. But for all the crap we have put up with this winter I feel that is a fair request.

2. Evan bought me this weird butterfly in a jar from Home Depot the other day.


He left it on my night table for me to find when I got home from work, and I noticed it but I didn’t see the butterfly so I thought it was a plain mason jar. I texted him “Much mason, such jar. Wow. Thanks,” wondering if he had just found a nice jar somewhere and thought I would like it? But then he texted me back and told me to tap the top of the jar, so I did that and I nearly had a heart attack. This is what happens when you tap the lid.


The butterfly is on a thin electronic wire and starts flying around like mad. It looks totally real, and you can hear the fluttering of its little wings against the glass. I have never seen anything like it. It will just go crazy for about a minute and a half, or it will stop and let it’s wings lightly open and close. It’s really cool, but it’s also kind of creepy because sometimes I feel like it’s real. Winnie agrees.


WTF is this?

She just does not know what to make of it.

3. Speaking of that cheeky little kitty named Winnie, while we were in Cuba Evan’s nana stayed at our condo and watched her for us. They had a REALLY good time together. Well, Nana just had a good time here in general. She now knows more people in our building than I do after living here for 8 months. But Nana and Winnie really bonded. Nana was so sad to leave and even shed a tear while saying goodbye to the Winners, and then for a couple days afterwards Winnie was just aimlessly wandering around meowing like she was looking for Nana. I don’t blame Winnie, as she clearly gained some weight in that week (it’s good, she is all elder kitty skinny) so I suspect she was getting a lot of treats. I am guessing lots of cheese and butter.


I LOVE cheese and butter.

Anyway, we were printing a bunch of photos of our trip for Evan’s nana, so we decided to print some pictures of just Winnie for her as well. I didn’t think she would really care about them, because who wants pictures of someone else’s cat? Well, Nana does. When we went to visit her for Easter the pictures of Winnie were ALL on the fridge. There were a lot of pictures on the fridge, of family, etc. but the majority of pictures that were on the fridge were of Winnie.

4. And speaking of pictures on the fridge, this beautiful graduation photo of my brother is on our fridge.


And Evan says that every time he goes into the fridge he can feel Eric staring at him, pondering. Like “Hmmm…what’s for breakfast? Hmm…eggs? Hmmm….” That Eric. Such a ponderer.

5. On Tuesday evening I ate the best Chinese food of my life.


Evan and I went out for dinner with our friends Emily and Corey at this little Chinese/Italian restaurant in middle of nowhere Aurora called Hanson’s. Seriously the middle of nowhere. It is a beacon of Chinese deliciousness at Kennedy and Aurora Roads. Emily had heard really good things about it and it was perfectly in the middle of both our houses so we went with it. It looks so nondescript from the outside but the inside was gorgeous and the menu was ridiculously extensive. Every kind of Chinese food and all sorts of Italian dishes. A weird combination, but I guess 25 years ago it was an Italian restaurant when a Chinese family bought it and started adding Chinese dishes. It’s been going strong since. We all split the dinner for four, and then also added lemon chicken. Amazing. Sometimes I am “eh” about Chinese food as I find it a bit too greasy, but this was perfect. Pretty sure this is going to be a regular date night. If you are near Aurora, GO THERE.

6. Spring has sprung (mostly) and we be runnin’ outside!


There’s a power line corridor not too far from us and it is a pretty decent running route. It’s no cemetery running (but at least I don’t have to worry about getting trapped in there), but it does the trick. I ran 5k by myself on Wednesday eve, and last night Evan and I did 5k together.


We’re sweaty, don’t judge. When I run by myself I just run, but with Evan we do the Couch to 5k app. We have been on week four for about…four weeks. Ha. When we’re outside we usually add some extra walking also. It’s a pretty urban/industrial area, but we actually saw some wildlife. Like this charming Canada Goose:

He didn’t chase us, but I’m pretty sure he was thinking about it. And we saw a skunk. And a lot of garbage, including a boat. Seriously someone ditched a boat there. I think we may have to organize a neighbourhood clean up day.

Anyway, that is it for today. Have a great weekend!!!


4 responses to “Butterflies in a Jar, Brothers on the Fridge (and other things)

  1. As always, love reading your blog — I quite literally LOL while reading it. I really wish my boyfriend saw / got / liked that Doge meme. I would also be doing the same thing re: that pensive picture of your bro.

    Also, is it wrong that I immediately sang this post’s title to the theme of Reading Rainbow? “Butterfly in the sky i can go twice as high!”

  2. OMG you went to Hanson’s, that is awesome. Who knew someone that didn’t live up the street would stop there LOL Agreed I love the food 🙂

  3. Totally cracking up about your brother pondering on the fridge and Evans comments about it when he goes to the fridge because that is totally something I would do/envision also haha

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