Just Excitement. Pure Excitement.

Well guess WHAT.


I am going to see the Lion King tonight!




That is how I feel. I have been waiting for this moment for years! I cannot contain my excitement. Evan got me tickets for my birthday this year and I have just been counting down the days. I am so ridiculously pumped. I love the Lion King so much. I also love live shows and haven’t been to one since Potted Potter (all 7 Harry Potter books in 70 hilarious minutes). I somehow ended up becoming good friends with Harry Potter after seeing that one (well, the guy who played Harry Potter, but of course I just refer to him as Harry Potter), so maybe I will leave this show with Simba as my friend.

Anyway, I have been going around the house all week singing the opening lines of Circle of Life to get myself ready for this. I think the actual line is “nants ingonyama bagithi Baba” (I googled), but when I sing it it’s more like “HAAAAAA savenYAHHHHH mamahichi baba.” it sounds nice.

Evan and I were talking about the show the other night and he was all “Do you think you’re going to cry?” Um, yeah I’m going to cry. Of course I’m going to cry! When Mufasa dies! I’m not going to be able to stop those waterworks.




Just heartbreaking. My bestie Lisa and I saw the Lion King when it came out in theatres 20 years ago (!!) and she totally bawled her face off when Mufasa died. She was crying so loud actually, that an older woman behind us aggressively told her to shut up. Using the F word. We have laughed about it all these years later, but that probably will be me tonight… (being told to shut up, not the older woman telling some 10-year-old to shut up while dropping the F-bomb).

Anyway, that’s about it. I was originally going to turn this into All The Things Friday but I can’t think of anything else except LION KING. I’m going to see the Lion King and I’m incredibly excited.

Have you seen it? DID YOU LOVE IT? Tell me. TELL ME!

And let’s all enjoy this:

(I nearly burst into tears when watching it this morning)


16 responses to “Just Excitement. Pure Excitement.

  1. I saw it like 15 years ago! it is really goood!!!! amazing visual effects!! I also saw Potted Potter 🙂

  2. I’m not a big fan of plays – or I should say – I haven’t ever seen one that I loved and I’ve seen Wicked that everyone swoons over. I did however see the Lion King (movie) and I cried. But it was a contained cry. It was no Beaches. Beaches destroyed me as a child. While the movie was letting out, these women walked by my best friend and I and said, “oh, those poor girls.” We didn’t look good.

    • OMG Beaches. Beaches ruined me also. I am usually a contained crier in movies, a few teats, nothing crazy. But then, yeah…there are certain ones that I just can’t hold it back. Beaches is one. Also PS I Love You. I hysterical ugly cried through that entire movie. Every time it showed anything to do with their love I just lost it.

  3. I have seen it–in Toronto, too! It was amazing and wonderful and everything I hoped it would be. And also be prepared to jump about a mile when it starts. You’ll see.

  4. I saw the play a few years ago in London but I also watched the movie when they rereleased it in 3D – I forgot how awful that scene is – there may have been crying.

  5. Loved it don’t be jealous of Nala when she is treated like a princess. Boo Scar for me

  6. Laughing SO HARD!!! Oh man I remember that! It was one of the first movies we were allowed to go to sans parents. We felt very grown up, until i started loudly bawling and got verbally abused by a grown woman. Hahaha love it! Have a great time! It is such a visually amazing show, you wont know where to look cause there is so much going on! Have fun with your lova!

  7. Oh, AND if you hear a child crying, you tell them to shut the F up! it’s the circle of life.

  8. I heard that JTT is starring in the play now along with Tim Allen and Richard karn!!! Apparently the lion’s mane is made from the beard trimmings.

  9. I love it, “HAAAAAA savenYAHHHHH mamahichi baba”. That’s totally how everyone sings it. And i can’t believe that older woman dropped the f bomb and told a crying child to shut up!!! Meanie. That’s why i didn’t like to watch The Lion King as a kid because it always made me cry. Like Bambi. Far out. My little brother loved that movie so it was on ALL THE TIME so i was crying ALL THE TIME.
    I’ve seen the stage production of The Lion King. My Dad took me to see it when it first came out to Australia. I love the Theatre so much! I hope you have a great time – i am sure you will. I’m sure you will love it. All i remember is being in the aisle seat and when the hyenas came down i didn’t know and they gave me the fright of my life.

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