The Lion King

Pretty sure I owe you guys a Lion King update.


It was awesome! I love love loved it. I was so impressed by everything that was happening on stage I was just agog as two gogs the entire time.

200 (1)

I did also cry… And not just when Mufasa died, but also in the Circle of Life at the beginning. And also in the Circle of Life at the end… I mean, it wasn’t sad Dawson ugly crying or anything.


More like single tear a la Johnny Depp in Cry Baby.


So very dainty and lady like. I think I get emotional because I used to watch that movie over and over when I was younger, and then my brother used to watch it over and over when he was a toddler, and it just reminds me of happy and carefree times. Back when I thought JTT and I were going to get married.

Oh and forget being friends with Simba. I would like to be friends with Scar, he was awesome.

Anyway, the show was so great and it made me feel so happy. I’m pretty sure I am one of the only people left in the world to see it, but if you haven’t I strongly recommend going. It was Evan’s first time seeing a live show and he loved it also and didn’t even feel embarrassed when the singing started (this sometimes happens to him in musicals).


By the time we finished work and got all ready to head downtown on Friday we only had about an hour before the show started, so we quickly went to a deli across the street from the theatre for dinner. I had THEE best turkey cobb salad.


Like seriously the best. We also got some snacks in the theatre…like popcorn and Timon and Pumba cookies. And beer.

Also, thanks to my friend Laura for sending me this amazing video which is probably one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen:

Just add that to list of Lion King-related things making me cry. If that ever happened on my plane I would die.

Hakuna Matata, friends! Hope you have a great day with no worries.



4 responses to “The Lion King

  1. One of my friend’s went with her husband this weekend and it was his first live show too. Maybe I just love them so much so I see as many as a can. Glad you liked it, that video was beautiful!

  2. I was walking by the theatre last Friday and thought of you! hahaha. I am going to see Flashdance in a couple weeks!! I loooooove musical theatre.

    Also, JTT was going to marry ME

  3. I finally got to see The Lion King when it came through SC last year (2 years ago? I don’t remember) – it was my boyfriend’s first time seeing any kind of show too! So so good. I still want to see it ON Broadway, but I’m beyond happy that I saw it at all at this point. That was some Disney magic right there 🙂

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