Girls’ Night and Paper Towel Fun

Hey ho. I hope all you Americans had a great Memorial Day weekend! And my fellow Canadians, I hope you had a good regular weekend. I really wish our long weekend was this past weekend as well (instead of last weekend) because it was GORGEOUS here. Legit summer weekend. It was so perfectly beautiful outside and it has definitely put an extra pep in my step. The weather was so blah for so long that I was starting to think that summer was never coming. I don’t want to say that summer is here just yet because I don’t want to jinx it but…no I’m not going to say it. I just don’t understand how it can so quickly go from being so frigid and grey to so warm and sunny.

Anyway, I kicked off the beautiful weekend with an intimate girls night on Friday with some of my good pals. It was actually my friend Dawn’s first night out since giving birth. Her comeback tour, if you will.


She was ready to go and we had a giant banana to celebrate the occasion.

I headed to my friend Sherrie’s right after work for some pre-drinks and pizza and to get all gussied up for the bar. It was only Emily, Sherrie and I for the first couple hours and we had three pizzas between us, so one pizza each. Completely unnecessary, but you can never have too much pizza, amirite? When we first arrived Sherrie yelled “OKAY. We only have two hours so we need to MOW THIS DOWN!” meaning we needed to eat quickly so we could start getting ready, but Emily and I took it as “We only have TWO hours to eat these THREE pizzas so we better get started!” which was obviously much more funny.

Anyway, I ate a lot of pizza is what I am getting at here. And then I slapped on my lipstick and was good to go.


We went to the Tartan in Oshawa since we love it there and it is in Sherrie’s hood. It is literally the bar where everybody knows your name. Or if not your name they at least know Sherrie’s monkey.


I just noticed the lovers in the background behind me as I was writing this caption. Ah, young love. Romantique.

Remember the monkey? Sherrie brought him to my birthday at the Tartan and he was seriously like a celebrity. The band just dies for the monkey, and the staff of the Tartan liked him so much that they actually presented Sherrie with a giant inflatable banana to go with it.


That is how much the staff there like Sherrie’s monkey. We actually forgot to bring the monkey with us so we only had the solo banana, but, still a good time. I can’t picture a bad time with an oversized banana though… I also need to show you the original of the above photo, because we were photobombed and photobombed GOOD.


Definitely do not know that girl on the far right, and she definitely looks like she’s a part of our group. Kudos to her. Excellent photobombing skills here.

At some point during the evening a paper towel roll seemed to find its way onto the dance floor and into our hands. So we did what I think anyone would do with a rogue roll of paper towel and we turned the dance floor into a limbo contest by stretching the paper towel across it.


I am telling you the crowd LOVED it and the band was all over it. The entire dance floor was basically in hysterics.

One time I pretended I was going to limbo under the paper towel (except I don’t limbo), but instead I ran through it with my arms up, breaking it, like I was crossing the finish line of a marathon. It was a really proud moment for me. Sherrie said it was the highlight of her night. But that was before we started wrapping people up in the paper towel like mummies, so…


And making lovely bow ties.

Horrible photo quality but you get the idea. We even made a halter top for a girl on the dance floor, and a bunch of waist cinching belts. Paper towel is incredibly versatile.

You have to make the best of the hand you are dealt. Or in this case, the props you are given. So, we sure did and it was an excellent night.


4 responses to “Girls’ Night and Paper Towel Fun

  1. This made me laugh out loud several times Lindzo lol the photobomb killed me!! That chick was like a ninja all night. lol Plus the part about me yelling “OKAY. We only have two hours so we need to MOW THIS DOWN!” i was NOT that dramatic lmao

  2. Bah! The paper towel adventure continues!! I honestly had so much fun a stampede because of one jumbo sized roll that Emilio found in the bathroom. Good good times.

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