Island Picnics and Beaching (with fake one-legged ducks)

Sunday was by far the nicest day of the year. About 25C and perfectly sunny. All I wanted was to GET OUTSIDE! Evan and I decided to recreate our picnic that got rained out last weekend, so we roped our friends Ian and Dorothy into joining us on Toronto Island (and if you’ve read my blog for any length of time you know I love the island, example here, here and here). So we took a quick jaunt on the ferry over there.


Well, kind of quick. We took the bus and then the subway to get to the ferry so it kind of felt like a long time, but the ferry itself was quick.

I love that the island feels like cottage country in the city. On the water, and tons of green space.


That was our picnic, and this photo really does not do it justice. We had three different kinds of cheese, salami, prosciutto, crackers, bread, grapes, and hot fruit beef jerky. I know that sounds like a very weird combination but I love a good beef jerky and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Evan also made the amazing bean dip he made for us last weekend and we had all the vegetables for dipping. And some drinks, as you can see. I have really been digging cider lately.


Such a good picnic. And of course no trip to the island is complete without a photo in front of Toronto’s beautiful skyline.


Sometimes I really enjoy Toronto. Sometimes I’m frustrated with the sheer amount of people who are everywhere all the time and I wonder why I don’t still live in the middle of nowhere…but it has its moments and sometimes I do really love it. Especially on summer evenings, ’cause there’s tons to do.

It was so nice to see all the people out enjoying the weather.


Grass! I have missed you!

After stuffing our faces we wandered over to the other side of the island to the beach. Not the clothing optional beach, just the family beach.


The clothing optional beach is actually a bit nicer (has great views! ha), but it’s further to walk there and we just wanted to get started on some leisuring.

We laid out our blankets and ate the rest of our picnic foods. It was a dream.


I ate some sweaty prosciutto after it had been sitting in the sun for a while and that was not a good call at all. It did not taste good. Don’t eat sweaty prosciutto.

While we were hanging out on the beach we saw a little one-legged female duck hanging around near us.


Poor little duck. She just stood there balancing on one leg for the longest time and seemed to be looking at us sadly. And we were all “How do you think that duck lost its leg?! Think of the stories that duck has to tell!” We would have thrown bread to her for sure if she wasn’t surrounded by those gluttinous seagulls. It’s one thing to feed a one-legged duck, but seagulls are ruthless bastards and would definitely harass us for hours if we threw even a tiny morsel of bread over there.

Even though we resisted, we figured that people probably feel sorry for the one-legged duck and give her food all the time, and this was probably why the seagulls chose to surround her and follow her around. One-legged duck = meal ticket.

And as we were discussing all of this we kept watching the duck, and that tricky minx put her other leg down.


She has two legs! WTF is this, duck? So sneaky. That one-legged gimmick was totally just to lure us in for food. I wonder how many suckers have fallen for this act.

Eventually we packed up shop at the beach and headed over to Centreville, the amusement park in the centre of the island. It’s a small scale park that is pretty much exactly the same as it was 25 years ago, so I like it. Basically all kiddie rides, like a carousel, bumper cars, log plume, and SWANS!!!!


But there is one ride that I was very adamant we all had to go on. The Scrambler.


Don’t worry, Dorothy was tall enough. But she had her big friend with her just in case. The three of them were seriously questioning me the entire way to the ride. They kept asking what I was getting them into and I’m pretty sure they thought I was leading them to some lame kiddie dragon coaster. But I promised I was not leading them astray. They needed to trust me. The Scrambler is a life-changing experience, because it is not any old Scrambler ride, it is this:

(this movie, Take This Waltz, was filmed on this same Scrambler Ride)

It is disco scrambler. My best friend Lisa said it was the highlight of her life when I took her on it. We were both just giddy afterwards. When we were there in the summer they played Video Killed the Radio Star as well, so I was sure they played that song every time. But this time they played Gives You Hell by the All American Rejects, and I just don’t feel like that song is of the same calibre as Video Killed The Radio Star. So that was disappointing. But Evan, Dorothy and Ian did all assure me that it was still awesome, totally worth the $4.25 we paid to go on it, and actually really was kind of a life-changing experience.

So, a super fun island double date. I’m hoping to get back there a few times this summer, and you better believe The Scrambler will be part of every trip! Love that ride!

In other news…I’m seeing JACK JOHNSON TONIGHT!!!!! Bahhhhhh I’m so excited!!! C’maaaaaaan 7:30!


7 responses to “Island Picnics and Beaching (with fake one-legged ducks)

  1. I haven’t been to the islands since I was kid but I know a few people went this weekend and the pictures make me want to make a trip out there this summer.

  2. That was the most dissappointing thing to hear! We need to write them a letter to bring back that song!!! SEE YOU SOON!!! BAAH!!

  3. hahahahahhaha!!! i have been fooled by a so-called one-legged duck!!! Clear Lake, MB, camping with the family when I was a teenager and my sister and I talked about this one-legged duck for a good 15 minutes and then she put her other leg down. We laughed so hard, I think my sister almost peed her pants.

  4. You look like Kate Upton in the picture where you and Evan are sitting at the picnic table. I’m glad that you don’t have similar personalities tho. I can’t watch interviews of her because her lack of brain cells makes me cringe.

  5. I am not surprised that you love Toronto Island that much, it is my favourite place as well! It is the ultimately best place for picnic in whole city and nothing gets you that excited about a nicely spent day outdoors like a ride on a boat followed by a panoramic view of the city. I live quite close to the St. Lawrence Market, so what I usually do is have a quick walk around the stalls, buy some fresh food, pack it in my picnic basket and head either to the Island or The Beaches. High Park is my third favourite option when we do not feel like going on a ferry. I have heard the Distillery District offers quite a unique feel in the middle of a historic centre too, maybe I will give it a try next time for a change. By the way, here is a nice list of recommended picnic places I trust when deciding where to go! Summer Picnics in Toronto
    Nice blog!

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