Mr. Bolter Needs a Forever Home

Ah, there is no easy way to write this. If you have followed my blog for a while you may know that my very good friend Dawn has a very awesome American Eskimo dog named Bolt.


I have raved about how amazing he is many, many times. He is honestly my favourite dog in the world and he has pretty well singlehandedly (singlepawedly?) turned me into a dog lover.

Unfortunately Dawn and her husband Mark have recently had to make the decision (and what I know was an extremely difficult decision it was) to rehome Bolt. Trust me when I tell you that no one takes pet ownership more seriously than Dawn.


This is not a decision she would make lightly. She has put everything into that dog. Her and Mark rescued Bolt a few years ago, have put countless hours and a lot of money into training him into a dream dog, and genuinely hoped that he would be their forever dog. He was a part of their family. But Bolt had some aggression issues when they got him, and while most have been able to be corrected through training, they still do not 100% trust him. I will let Dawn tell you in her own words because she knows better than I do and I think she says it best.


Evan and I would take Bolt ourselves IN A HEARTBEAT if Evan didn’t have allergies and we didn’t have an old bitchy cat who hates dogs. We have still heavily considered it, but know that in the situation we are currently in we cannot. I have had Winnie for nearly 21 years and I feel that the stress of adopting that cheeky monkey would put her on her deathbed.

And so I turn to you, my favourite blog readers. If you or anyone is looking for a dog, please consider this little muffin.

bolt (1)

He is a good little running buddy. He ran 5k with me several times and he loved it the entire time.

He has been not only a part of Dawn and Mark’s family, but a part of our group of friends as well.




He likes cats!


He loves to be outside in the summer.

He enjoys being read to.


And he gets down with the occasional drink.



And he will look at you condescendingly while wearing glasses.

He is extremely social and friendly with everyone (aside from babies, I guess, but this is the first time we have really experienced this).


Everyone who meets him falls in love with him.

It is impossible not to. I am really surprised that people who know Bolt aren’t jumping through hoops to have him be a part of their family (though probably for the same reasons Evan and I can’t take him), which is why I’m writing this. I (and I know Dawn and Mark) really want Bolt to be able to find the best forever home for him. Please email me if you are interested in adopting Bolt, or just have questions, and I will put you in touch with Dawn. And feel free to share!


7 responses to “Mr. Bolter Needs a Forever Home

  1. Awww Bolt! I’d take him if I wasn’t so far away and didn’t have a bunny that would die of a heart attack at the sight of him. He’s such a sweet muffin. I hope you find someone close so Dawn can visit him.

  2. Ohhh 😦 Broken heart for Dawn and Bolt and all! I would love to take him, but Roo would be so super jealous (I think she is an only child even though she gets along well with other dogs). Please update and let us know about the nice, childfree family that takes him!

  3. I’m sure this is a very difficult decision. I know you’ll probably get a lot of “takers” but if you don’t feel “right” about them in any way or if you’re down to the wire, I could take him. I have 2 other dogs (toy fox terrier who’s a diva and a very friendly schnoodle who is 2 and would love a playmate).My husband and I are child free and he may throw me in the proverbial doghouse for another dog but hey I live on the edge. We do work full time and employ a dog walker for an hour long midday jaunt.

  4. Awww, this is so sad 😦 That would be such a hard decision to make. I hope that they find a home for him.

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