Well looky who’s here.


Mr. Bolter.

Now don’t get too excited, don’t get too excited!!! I don’t know if we are actually going be able to take him forever but…we are testing the waters. Dawn and Mark haven’t had much genuine interest in Bolt (aside from people who already have several animals, but Bolt doesn’t love other dogs) and thinking about him having to go back to the rescue place just breaks my heart.

It’s not an ideal situation over here for reasons I mentioned before. We have an elderly cat (who does not enjoy dogs), Evan has allergies, we live in a condo and Bolt will need to be walked twice a day. It’s a lifestyle change for sure. And neither of us has ever been responsible for a dog. My family had dogs growing up, but I wasn’t the one responsible for taking care of them. I would never have called myself a dog person…but Bolt really is awesome and we have been talking about it extensively to see if we could possibly make it work, so on Saturday we decided to just do a trial. Have him here for a week or so, and see if he will like it and if we can manage.

I’m mostly worried about this little minx.


She will stick up for herself and she will absolutely not take any crap from Bolt, but she really does not like dogs. Since she is nearly 21 I know that she can’t possibly have a ton of time left and I don’t want to put her through unnecessary trauma for the last few years of her life.

Winnie sensed Bolt’s presence as soon as we brought him home yesterday. I came in the condo alone first to make sure Winnie wasn’t standing by the door about to get the shock of her life, but she was leisurely snoozing on our bed. Once Evan and Bolt came in I went to check on her again and she was hiding in the dark under the bed. She had not even laid eyes on him but she sensed something was amiss and got out of there immediately.

We have separated them, and currently Bolt has the living/dining room and kitchen area, and Winnie has three whole bedrooms, two bathrooms and the laundry room, but she doesn’t seem to realize this is all a safe zone and continues to hide out under the bed. Thinking about her hiding alone in the dark when she used to feel comfortable everywhere in the house makes me really sad…but it’s only been a day and I know it takes time, so hopefully she will adjust (if anyone has any tips on introducing elderly dog-hating cats to dogs I will take them right here).

Bolt, on the other hand, seems to be adjusting just fine. He knows us already so I think he just thinks he’s on vacation. He’s enjoying himself.


He really loves Evan. So far he has been like velcro to him.

Dawn and Mark sent him with all of his things, including his crate (he is fully crate trained) and blanket, and his toys.


So he’s feeling right at home.


I do love having him around, but I don’t know if it is going to be realistic for us. It would be so different if we at least had a yard. In a perfect world Evan’s aunt will fall in love with him and want to take him upon meeting him. We’re setting that up this week so fingers crossed on that.


15 responses to “Houseguest

  1. I’m wondering if you took Bolt, would Dawn want him back once the baby is a little older maybe? Musical dogs? He is so sweet. Is Evan’s aunt the one with the farm and the goats?

    • Haha, musical dogs. If this happens I feel like there will be some community dog parenting going on.
      That’s Evan’s Dad and Loulou, we already tried them but they have another large dog and all the other animals and kind of have their hands full with that going on. Evan’s aunt that I mentioned is his Nana’s sister and her little dog just passed away…so we’re hoping she will see Bolt, fall in love with him and need to have him.
      He really is so sweet!

  2. I’m so glad you guys took him in! Such a sweet boy. I walk Roo twice a day and we don’t have a yard, and we make it work. Yep, it’s hard (especially since there’s no one to help me with her), but it’s worth it. I also take her to daycare 2 days a week, which helps a lot (no walks those days because she plays all day and is tired). Might be worth looking into if you keep him!

    • This comment made me feel better about the no yard. Evan and I are both 9-5ers so we can definitely fit in two walks, with the evening one being longer. Apparently Bolt thinks he’s human and doesn’t like to go outside by himself or just be let out into the yard alone anyway.
      You are such a good dog mom 🙂

  3. Just adopted a pup myself. Also no yard, but he’s learned to make quick work of our walks. I had a trial run from the foster and initially had some doubts of how I would work him into my schedule, etc etc, but at the end of the day I couldn’t fathom giving him up, even knowing he was only going back to another loving home (not a shelter).

    I have zero advice for the cat-to-dog interactions. The entire reason I couldn’t get a dog for about a decade was my ex had a senior kitty that basically hated everyone / everything except for him. She likely would’ve had the same reaction as Winny. If no one chimes in, I bet some places like the ASPCA or other rescue groups might have some guides/tips/tricks on their website for this kind of thing.

    Either way, hope he gets a permanent happy home soon!

    • ah, I know what you mean. It’s been one day and we’re already attached. Congrats on your new pup!
      Winnie LOVES everyone except for other animals. She has learned to tolerate other cats with time, but it’s been a long time since she has had to put up with a dog (she actually lived with Bolt before but only for about a month and I kept her totally separated since it was temporary). The last time my family had a dog Winnie started biting the bottom of her tail, giving herself a big bald spot there cause she was so stressed out. But that was about 15 years ago and that dog was kind of a jerk so…hopefully she will adjust. We will see how the week goes and take it from there.

  4. not getting too excited. not getting too excited. not getting too excited.
    i hope it works out. with you guys. or evan’s aunt. i think bolt is the bees knees! he is just so sweet. 🙂

  5. Aw, I’m glad you took him so that he is able to stay in the group. He’s such a beauty! I said to Mackenzie that we would have taken him in a second if we lived in Ontario still. SUCH a nice doggie.

  6. Nancy McCartney

    So sweet Lindsey and Evan. Hope it works out . Good for you for trying. Keep us all posted. He looks very relaxed in your abode.

  7. He’s adorable. I completely get the concern about Winnie. My dog is 12 and I’ve considered having another dog but he likes being an only child and his wish is my decree. Anyway, as a dog mom, of a dog who is loved and spoilt beyond measures, I’d say don’t stress about the yard. My dog has lived with me in studios, bigger apartments and he’s been happy and fine. I do a very quick 5 minute walk in the morning before work and a longer one at night. I have also done the “oops wanna have drinks can’t walk him right away” and he’s been fine. In 12 years, I’ve had at most 5 accidents, all my major fault, never got upset or punished him. I’ve also had to rush to work a few times and couldn’t walk him.
    I’d say get a dog walker if you have concerns or… Give a key to someone nearby you trust who can be there if you and Evan can’t make it on time (my neighbor has a key and knows everything about my dog and is more than cool with occasional walks).
    Hope this works out but I’m more worried about Winnie than the dog in the apartment thing. Though Winnie might fall in love with him and it might be a blessing for her.

    • Thanks for the comment 🙂
      The yard is turning out to not really be an issue. Dawn (Bolt’s owner) told me that Bolt thinks he’s human so he doesn’t like to go outside without his humans anyway. The walking has actually been really good. But aw Winnie! She has loved being an only cat and I’m afraid she’s not going to feel the love from us as much. She is doing a lot better though. She doesn’t come around Bolt but she’s not hiding anymore. We’re trying to give her lots of attention, but I feel bad that she can’t come out and leisure around on her favourite ottoman. We shall see what happens. I doubt she’ll fall in love with him, but maybe one day she will at least tolerate him!

  8. First comes a dog…

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