Emilio’s Birthday BBQ

On Saturday I celebrated my oldest friend Emily’s birthday.


Photo from Em’s birthday in 2012

Oldest as in my friend that I’ve known the longest, not the oldest age-wise. Age-wise she is still a spring chicken (side note: my Nana calls anyone under the age of 85 a spring chicken).

Emily’s birthday was actually on Sunday but Sunday’s are not for partying. Sunday’s are for napping. So on Saturday Em and Cork threw a barbecue party at their place to celebrate the big day.



I have to say that Corey and Emily’s parties are always my favourite. They have a great yard and there are always a ton of games going on back there, and the food spread is ridiculous. My photos of the food this year were pretty inadequate, but it was basically the same as Emily’s birthday last year, and the year before (the good thing about blogging, what you ate on certain days remains on the internet forever). All the delicious barbecue fare, all the salads, and all the finger foods. And those little chocolate cupcakes with the white swirl icing that my mom used to pack in my lunch in elementary school. Really takes me back.

Anyway, I ate a lot. Evan and I showed up in the early afternoon ready to party.


Babies seem to be the happening thing in my crowd these days, so they sure were in attendance. Leanne’s little nugget Colton was donning his old man hat and was also ready to party.


He is so cute. His reactions to things just kill me. That is what his smile looks like!

And then there was Mark and Dawn’s new(ish) little muffin Scarlett, sporting her party tutu.


And I am not sure if there is anything more cute than a baby in a tutu.

Ladder ball and frisbee cup were set up in the backyard, and Evan and I got Emily a new addition to the yard games for her birthday, the KanJam (<- that is the official website), shown in the picture below.


Basically two garbage cans that are open at the top and have slots in the front, and you have to throw your frisbee at the can. Your partner stands on the other side and tries to knock your frisbee into the can for a point, and if you happen to slide your frisbee into the front slot with no help from your partner it is an instant win. Good times with those cans!

Corey’s uncle happens to be a DJ which is pretty handy since we have DJ at all our parties now. He also really enjoys karaoke and he has a sweet set up for that. The highlight of the afternoon for me was probably our friend Dustin’s rendition of Push It by Salt n’ Peppa.


It was pretty amazing and his talent for entertaining shone through even though he didn’t know all the words. I really hope someone recorded this.

Here was the crowd watching him:


Just captivated. He had everyone’s full attention and that is no easy feat.

You know I like karaoke, so Sherrie and I got in on the action and sang the Boot Scootin’ Boogie, by Brooks and Dunn.


We eventually got the DJ up to sing with us. I don’t think we had as much audience attention as Dustin, but I like to think people enjoyed it.

You may remember Julie’s Dad Kenny from chugging beer out of the boot at Emily’s birthday last year, and it would appear that he is talented not only at beer chugging, but also singing. He made friends with the DJ and the two of them sang beautiful music together.


That Kenny is quite a character. I think he is Evan’s role model.


I asked my longtime friend Joel if we could get a nice picture together since it had been a while, and this is what I got…


He looks super happy to be taking this picture with me.

Second time is a charm though.


Facebook profile picture worthy right there.

I think Emily had a really good time. But I think it’s impossible to not have a good time while doing birthday cake shots with your family!


It was nice to see everyone, and to catch up with all the ladies.


Yes I am wearing Colton’s hat (speaking of Colton, he is being quite cheeky in the above photo) and also a feather hair clip. The feather clip looked better on Evan.


And I guess we truly are old now because nearly everyone was gone by 8pm. Just can’t party like we used to. Not Evan and I though, we were sleeping over so we were in for the long haul. Once everyone was gone we told stories by the campfire.


Fun times. Hope the lovely Emilio had a good birthday!!!


She is my favourite (Scarlett too).


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