The State of the Pets

First things first, things with Bolt are going really well! When I first posted about him I honestly could not think of any reasons why we needed to have a dog. It’s not that I don’t like dogs, I love all animals, but I am a cat lady to my core. Growing up my family had dogs and I usually found them to be more annoying than anything else, but Bolt…well he is a different story. Now I can’t think of any reasons to not have him.


What a happy boy

Evan and I love having him around, and he is so well-trained. It’s really impressive.

The main issues I was originally worried about were Evan’s allergies, Winnie’s reaction, and not having a yard. First, the yard is no problem. Thanks for all your comments about that, you are right. We both work during the day and Bolt is fine in the house by himself. He has not gotten into anything at all and I’m pretty sure he just sleeps all day. We take him for two walks a day, sometimes three, and while Evan and I used to go for walks in the evening anyway, it is WAY more fun to walk with a dog. He is such a character. The attention he gets from other people is hilarious. Nearly everyone stops and stares at him and says what a beautiful dog he is. Such a looker.


And I kind of like getting outside first thing in the morning also (not sure I will feel the same in the winter, but eh well).

Winnie is actually doing better. She still doesn’t like Bolt and she does not go near him, but over in her section of the house she is back to normal and leisuring around meowing like she used to. The guest bed is her new ottoman. Whenever we would get home from work she would lead us over to the ottoman so we could pet her (always had to happen on the ottoman), and now the petting must always take place on the guest bed. She sleeps with us at night still, and she doesn’t seem to realize that Bolt is at the foot of our bed in his crate. The first few nights she would stare skeptically at the door like she thought Bolt was going to come barging in at any time. She did not know he was already in the room.

And the crate is another amazing thing. Bolt is completely crate trained. He loves it in there. I used to think putting dogs in crates was like a punishment thing, but I am not very dog savvy and after reading up about it I guess the crate is a safe haven. We put Bolt in his crate when we go to bed at night (in our room because apparently dogs like to be where their “pack master” sleeps or they think they’re doing something wrong…look at how dog savvy I am now), we cover the crate with a blanket because he doesn’t like to see out, and he is completely silent in there all night. In the morning when we get up we take the blanket off and he greets us all excitedly. It’s really cute.

So that works out really well since Winnie has the entire house to herself at night, though again. I don’t think she realizes this yet.

And the allergies. Evan has a reaction to a lot of dogs. After touching them he will get red bumps on the back of his hand, his eyes water, his nose gets all itchy, etc. It is unpleasant. So if that was happening with Mr. Bolter he obviously could not live like that. But it’s not happening. He hasn’t reacted at all. We googled about it, and apparently American Eskimos are hypoallergenic. WHO KNEW?! So even though it’s shedding season and Bolt has a LOT of hair and is quite the shedder, all is well allergy-wise in here. He also doesn’t have that dog smell. I really dislike when I pet dogs and my hand comes away smelling like wet dog.

And the shedding isn’t so bad. Dawn and Mark gave us the FURminator with Bolt and it works really well. And Evan is a freak and basically lives to vacuum, so he just vacuums a lot. He even vacuums Bolt.

The shedding solution? #dogsofinstagram

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Bolt likes it.

And seriously he is really, really well trained. When walking, he will heel right next to you, on your left side. If you stop, he will stop. He doesn’t jump up, and he only barks when he should be barking, like if there is someone outside our door (but Dawn and Mark have said we could train this out of him if we wanted). He sits, stays, lays down, etc. all the basic stuff. He is also just so nice and LOVES to snuggle.

So basically he’s a dream. Though he is not perfect…he does have some minor aggression issues that Dawn and Mark have spent a long time working with him on through training. His breed is apparently like this if they are neglected. They need attention and they need to be trained, or they get bored, and they can turn that boredom into aggression. I don’t know what happened to him before he ended up at the rescue and Dawn and Mark found him, but at the very least he was not trained and it appears he was neglected. He really only shows aggression if other dogs are harassing him though. Typically bigger dogs than him. Bigger dogs that try to sniff his butt. He does not like this.

So he does have certain triggers.

Evan was walking him the other day and this big burly guy with tattoos everywhere was walking by him with a large bulldog. Evan said Bolt was just watching them calmly as they walked by, but the man was looking Bolt up and down and eventually said “Small dog.” all sneery-like and it sounded like an insult. As soon as he said that Bolt went NUTS. He immediately lunged and started barking at the man. So he does not like it when you insult him. That might be a trigger.

But anyway, things are good 🙂 We love Bolt. And he seems like he is so happy!

I originally had a bunch of other things to talk about, but then I got started writing about Bolt and I couldn’t stop myself…

In other animal news, my friend Catherine asked me if I would check in on her cat Kitten while she was at a music festival this week/weekend, and this gorgeous picture of Kitten accompanied her text requesting:


Yes. Yes I will look after this…whatever this animal is… Really, that’s a cat?

You may remember the last time I was catsitting Kitten (<- post there). We had a really good time together. Now he has a lion haircut so naturally he is about 100 times more hilarious.


He does look like he hates me…but he is nice and quite snuggly and will kind of let you do whatever you want to him.


What a beaut

Welp, that’s all. Have a great weekend!


11 responses to “The State of the Pets

  1. so glad to hear things with Bolt are working out…and Kitten is freaking hilarious looking! happy weekend!

  2. Yay – so happy with the pets update! Handsome Mr. Bolt is a very lucky pup to have found 2 sets of people who love him so much!! He sounds just about perfect. 🙂 And glad to hear that your kitty cat is accepting him into the household, too! 20 is a seriously ripe old age for a kitty, so I don’t blame you for not wanting to upset her apple-cart too much. Sounds like she’s taking it all in stride, though! Congrats on your new addition!! :-}

    • He is lucky, but I really was surprised that more people didn’t want to take him when I first wrote about him. Oh well, it may work out for the best.
      She has seen many dogs in her 20+ years, and she has not liked any of them 🙂
      Thank you!

  3. Best cat photo ever. Not like I go looking at cat photos though so you may want a second opinion

  4. So so glad everything with the puppy is going well! I’m nearly 2 weeks into life with my new furry friend and it’s amazing how much his smiling (okay, let’s be serious, just panting really) face makes my day.

    And that cat’s haircut… Just… What?

  5. I’m so glad you have Mr. MOLT! He looks so happy! Yay!

  6. omg that cat!! love it haha.
    awww and i love that you are loving Bolt ♥

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