Other things that happened this weekend

And by other things I mean pretty much nothing so don’t get too excited. Evan was away this weekend and my friends weren’t really up to anything, so I took it as an opportunity to catch up on my leisuring and it was all sorts of glorious. I did have plans on Saturday evening that ended up falling through but that was honestly alright with me. Summer weekends where nothing is going on is a VERY rare thing so I wanted to take advantage.

Evan was actually on an exciting road trip to the US celebrating Brotherman’s (his brother if you are new here) bachelor party. The original plan was to drive to Baltimore on Friday and catch the Jays vs. Orioles game at a real American ballpark! But that ended up being too far of a drive so they made it to Cleveland and instead decided to hang out there for two days. The whole trip was a complete surprise for Brotherman, who thought they were just going to Buffalo for the day on Friday to pick up suits for the wedding (I don’t know who the joke is on though because they didn’t actually get suits for the wedding, and they will probably need those…) When they got to Buffalo they were all “Surprise Brotherman! We’re on a road trip and not coming home until Sunday!” and then they took him to some inexpensive stores and bought him ridiculous clothes he had to wear for the weekend. They really had no concrete plans and were just flying by the seat of their pantalons, so missing the Jays in Baltimore wasn’t a huge deal.

Evan said Cleveland was not a particularly happening place, and the downtown actually felt so empty that it made him appreciate an active city and the bustling craziness that is Toronto. But, they had a good time. They did a bunch of touristy things, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…


Brotherman has the mic because he is the star

I like that Evan is doing the Jason Priestley/Brandon Walsh glasses expression. You may know the one…


They also toured a submarine from WWII and Evan said it was the highlight for him and basically the coolest thing he’s ever seen. And they went bowling and ate at a place featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Just a bunch of wild and crazy guys they are. It sure sounded like a time.

In contrast, the most exciting thing I did this weekend (aside from brunch with Liz of course) was watch nearly the entire first season of Orange Is The New Black and I FINALLY see what all the fuss is about. I loved it. And I will tell you what I told my best friend when I was texting her about it over the weekend…it made me feel better about my life. Like if I ever do anything that is so horrible I end up in prison, it’s not so bad. I think I could make friends in there. Red would obviously be my first friend since she is in charge of the food. She would absolutely be the friend to make because I would not last getting starved out for an hour. I nearly burst into tears when Piper was denied food. I really felt her pain. I would have had a breakdown had that been me. I feel anxious just thinking about it. Anyway, I’m so glad season two is now over so I can marathon it next!

In other exciting news, Bolt and Winnie had a bit of a breakthrough. I decided to bring Winnie out to hang with me on the couch on Friday evening, just to see what happened. It started with a standoff.


Bolt was really funny, and I have to say he was very respectful of Winnie. Instead of coming over and harassing her like I think a lot of dogs would, he very slowly inched his way closer…


They sniffed each other and Winnie was growling quietly and she may have hissed (she was not about to take any crap)…but Bolt did not react which I think won Winnie over. When Winnie didn’t react to Bolt not reacting, Bolt took it as his cue to basically roll on top of her.


Let’s be friends!

Again, Winnie did not really seem to mind this. And then this happened!


Almost snuggling!

I could NOT believe it. Winnie absolutely hates dogs! They both stayed on the couch for the rest of the evening.


Dark photo but you get the idea

That is Bolt’s standard sleeping position and it just kills me.

So I had high hopes for them becoming best friends. Unfortunately I tried the same thing the next day and they got into a bit of a fight (nothing major, butWinnie won), so a setback there. But now I believe it’s possible!

I also checked in on Kitten for the last time before his owner returned.


He is really sad about not being catsit by me anymore, I can tell. Just look at his face.


Kitty has the sads.

Catherine texted me last night and said he was acting extra angry when she returned, so he was either mad that she left, or mad that she was back. I am just going to go ahead and say it’s the latter because clearly he was sad that I was leaving.

We played with his tube for a while before it was time to say goodbye. Well, played is probably too strong a word, mainly he just stared at me from one end of the tube.


Bye Kitten, you beautiful creature. Until we meet again!


Side note: I love his tail. Such a little lion.


In food news, I made myself the exact same pizza for dinner two nights in a row…


Tons of veggies on top of a whole wheat tortilla, with cheese and sauce of course. Times two. Like, two tortilla pizzas each night. I was debating ordering pizza in, but then I figured I could make my own pizza and eat twice as much for probably less calories and I wanted to drink a lot of wine so I thought that was the best option. And I know that pizza looks pretty good but don’t be too impressed with my dinner-making skills. This is what Evan’s dinner looks like when he’s eating without me.


I know. I know. Ridiculous. I do not put that amount of effort into dinner for just me. But I love that he does!

Also went on some long walks with the Bolter. Obligatory dog shots since I guess that is what I do now.



It was nice having him around when I would have otherwise been home alone.

So, yep, good weekend! This coming weekend is a little bit nuts and work this week is a lot of insanity and I may go mental before the week is over so I reallllly needed some leisure time.


5 responses to “Other things that happened this weekend

  1. I cried when I saw the picture of Winnie and Bolt together! A little fighting is nothing when they’re able to hang together that closely! You’re making it work girl! Very very happy for Bolt you and Winnie!

    • This comment honestly made my night 🙂
      I was actually pretty emotional when the forced snuggling was happening. I was so surprised. There is definitely improvement over here, and I’m sure there will always be a little bit of fighting. Thank you!

  2. Admittedly I am very dramatic and way too emotional. Still

  3. I am dying with his Jason Priestley/Brandon Walsh! love it!
    And Bolt and Winnie bonding is adorable. I also love that you documented their it, haha.

  4. Solomon sleeps like that too. It cracks me up. I guess it’s just like us lying on our back? And i love that Bolt and Winnie had a snuggle.

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