Hawaiian Party II

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you may remember back in November my friend Sherrie hosted a Hawaiian party.


Me, Renée, Sherrie in our Hawaiian gear

Theme parties seem to be pretty popular in my group of friends. I like that this is not waning as we are getting older.

The November party was during some inclement winter weather (surprise surprise, winter sucks) and didn’t have the greatest turnout, so that night Sherrie vowed to throw another Hawaiian-themed party in the summer. She is true to her word, and Saturday (the first day of summer!) was the big day of the Hawaiian fest. Any excuse to bust out the coconut bra, heyyyy.


Sherrie and I

Over my clothes, obviously. There is no way I would ever be able to wear that on its own.


Dawnald and I


Evers and I

Evan got lei’d as well but abandoned his as the night wore on.

We arrived in the early afternoon and Sherrie’s backyard was ready for us. She has been doing a lot of landscaping back there (all on her own because Sherrie is an independent woman), so the yard looked gorgeous. And this Hawaiian party was also a backyard games day, and Sherrie does not mess around when it comes to both decorating and games.


There were various game stations: Frisbee Cup, Ladder Ball, KanJam, Bean Bag Toss/Corn Hole, horseshoes, and beer pong. I will say it again, Sherrie does not mess around. The games day was very structured, to the point that we had to pick partners out of a hat and our scores at each station were recorded.


Sherrie ended up being my partner and we were team number 5, aka Wobbly Bits & Jiggly Parts. I don’t know. I had already had a few beers when we came up with that.

I personally thought people would just want to drink and talk and maybe throw a frisbee around or something, so I thought it was maybe a little too structured, but it actually worked out very well. People were really into it.


The quarters were a bit tight and I was hit in the leg with a frisbee about 6 times and have the bruises to prove it. But no worries, I don’t know how to throw a frisbee either.

As we were leaving the house in the morning Evan was all “but you’re wearing a dress, how are you going to be able to play games?!” Well, it’s not like we’re having relay races. All I had to do was stand in one spot and throw a ball/bean bag/frisbee. Not a lot of moving required. All good.

Other things that happened…

Baby Scarlett stole the show in her summer attire.


We took photos of 3 men and a baby…


We had a blonde party (with one beautiful black sheep:)


Sherrie grilled like a star!


And we ate all the barbecue things.


I was pretty much dying of fullness as I had been eating Sherrie’s famous salsa dip and a bunch of other appetizers before this.

Ideas that in hindsight probably aren’t good:


Though a good photo op.


It was a really great day. I love games. And friends. And eating. And beer. And Hawaii (I think, I’ve never been there). So it was pretty perfect.

The next day we had a barbecue at my Dad and Mona’s to celebrate Mona’s mom’s 90th (!!) birthday. It was also a really great day, PERFECT weather, and the barbecue fare was absolutely ridiculous.


Mona made authentic Greek potatoes, Greek salad (and she made her own dressing which was amazing), rice, chicken and pork souvlaki. With tzatziki. And two different kinds of cake. It was amazing and I sadly could not finish my plate because I didn’t know about all the goodness that was coming and I had been snacking nonstop on appetizers for a couple hours. I wish I was still eating that plate right now.

I took exactly two pictures at the barbecue, the one above, and this beautiful one of Evan and his own Nana.



Evan and I are going away later this week and Evan’s Nana is staying at our place to watch Winnie. So we picked her up on Sunday morning and brought her with us to the party. I think she had a really good time. And as Mona says, she is a hoot.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I love summer weekends.


2 responses to “Hawaiian Party II

  1. Have fun!!! Who is watching Bolt, btw?

    • Bolt is going back to Dawn and Mark’s while we’re gone. Really worked out because they miss him and want to be able to still see him sometimes, and we need someone to take him while we’re away.
      Thanks, I can’t wait!!!

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