Hip Hip Hooray for Summer Vacation!

I hope you guys like mountains ’cause that’s all I’m going to be taking pictures of for the next 10 days!


Pic from the side of the Trans Canada Highway outside of Banff two years ago

I can’t get enough of them and I will be bombarding you with them, I already know it. So be warned.


Evan and I are on our way to Salmon Arm, BC for a little vacation. We have a two hour stopover at the Edmonton airport before we get to Kelowna, so we’re currently sitting in the Belgian Beer Cafe. My Stella just arrived and so far I am impressed.

Anyway, you may know that my mom and younger brother Eric live in Salmon Arm, so we will be visiting with them for about a week, before driving through to Banff, spending a night there, and then finishing up our vacation in Calgary for three days.

I am mostly excited to see my family and friends (my best friends Lisa and Crystal live in Calgary), but I am also really looking forward to active mountain activities. Evan has never been in the mountains before and I can’t wait for him to experience them. I don’t think he’s going to want to come home.

We will definitely be doing some mountain climbing, but this time I hope it’s not in the pouring rain (two years ago I dragged my brother, his girlfriend and his best friend out to climb a mountain with me and it torrential downpoured the entire time).


I also really want to go back to Kalamalka Lake while we’re in the area.


That place was beautiful. And I can’t wait to go swimming in a clear mountain lake!


Hi legs

When we get to Calgary we will be staying with my very bestest.


The Calgary leg of our trip conveniently coincides with the Calgary Stampede, so we will definitely be having some cowboy adventures…


That photo was from our huge Calgary Stampede girls’ night two years ago, which still lives on as one of the best bar nights of my life. We will be missing Dawn on the left this year though, which is sad. It’s also Crystal’s (on the right) birthday weekend while we’re in Calgary, so that should be a fun time.

Evan’s Nana is staying at our place to look after this little minx:


It is going to be such a nice vacation for Winnie, because this beast:

is staying with Dawn and Mark while we’re away. It works out perfectly, because they love him and still want to be able to see him, and we need someone to take him occasionally while we’re away. 

I am not sure how much I’ll be blogging during this trip, but I hope to be doing a bunch of adventuring so I’ll have a lot to write about I’m sure. Travel blogging is my favourite. Just throwing that out there in case anyone would like to sponsor my vacations. I’ve seen it work before on other blogs so why not. I’ll tell you all about how to find healthy airport food (don’t, you’re traveling, you eat your chips and your bagels and free airplane cookies without complaint).

In other news I downloaded the first few episodes of the second season of Orange Is The New Black to watch on the plane so I was really excited about that. It made the time on the plane fly right on by. I’m also reading The Silver Star by Jeannette Walls (author of my favourite book The Glass Castle) and so far I am really liking it.

And also, Evan and I are lucky to be alive. Our airport taxi driver was the absolute worst driver I’ve ever experienced. I am not exaggerating. Really, really bad driving. Very fast but also very slow when it came to certain things like changing lanes or stopping. Kind of the opposite of defensive driving. I thought we were for sure in an accident several times and I was gritting my teeth and holding onto my seat the entire time.

OH, and thank you for your comments on my post yesterday. They are amazing. One in particular made me cry. Many of them were so thoughtful and I loved hearing about your experiences. It made my day.

Have a great weekend!!!


4 responses to “Hip Hip Hooray for Summer Vacation!

  1. Oh Lindsey I am soooo excited!! I am going to have to come out for a night on the town with you girls! I will be in Revelstoke this weekend and then we will meet up next weekend 🙂 Cant wait ! Yee Haw!

  2. I love that yellow dress – you look adorable.

  3. I hope you packed that yellow dress- because it looks fabulous on you! I kind of want to steal it.

    Have an awesome trip!!!!

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