Salmon Arms

I need to tell you that I recently upgraded my iPhone 4 (that I’ve had for about 4 years and it was actually still going strong, just a bit on the slow side) to an iPhone 5s, so that will account for the huge jump in quality in my photos. All of the photos I have been taking I’ve just used my phone and my camera has been amazing.

Moving on, we are in Salmon Arm, BC! I have been reunited with my baby brotha.


And my sweet motha!


And of course, I am here with my lovah.


We arrived on Friday afternoon and spent the rest of the day catching up with my family, getting settled, grocery shopping, all that good stuff.

Here was the view on our way home from the airport:


Disgusting. Ontario is beautiful, for sure. But it just can’t hold a candle to this.

So Friday was low-key, and on Saturday we started exploring. I have been to Salmon Arm quite a few times now, but it was Evan’s first time and I will never get tired of how beautiful it is.

Salmon Arm is in the interior of BC, on Shuswap Lake. Eric told me that it was recently designated a city, but I don’t know if I agree with that. You can walk from one end of the “city” to the other within 20 minutes, and when we went to the grocery store Eric and my mom ran into four people they knew. I even saw someone I knew (we randomly ran into my uncle). They also knew the pizza delivery guy. I have lived in Toronto for two years now and have accidentally run into someone I knew approximately one time.

(To my childhood chums, Salmon Arm is about the size of Port Perry).

Anyway, Saturday exploring. First we went down to the Salmon Arm wharf area. Tour Guide Eric tells me it is the largest wooden wharf in North America and I am too lazy to google that right now, so we’ll just say it’s correct. It is pretty big.


And the view from the end of the wharf looking back.


The peaks to the right are Mount Ida. I know, it’s so beautiful. And Eric is all “yeah I see this every day, but I guess it’s nice.”

Evan and I had quite the group of tour guides showing us around. We not only had Eric, but also his girlfriend Kenya and his best friend Dixon (who is really more like a brother to Eric) in attendance.


Evan, Dixon, Eric

I like that Dixon found out we were coming and booked the week off work so he could do stuff with us. Now that is a good friend. I feel like my bestie Lisa would do that for Eric also.

We walked around the nature trail for a bit…


And took like 80 million photos of the area.

And then out to the wharf where we took more photos…




I see things like stand up paddle boarding in the mountains and I feel like I am not doing life right.

Down by the wharf area there is also a trail called the Bird Path that is quite the bird sanctuary. We went for a hike down the Bird Path and saw like a million birds and I took pictures of absolutely none of them because I couldn’t stop looking at the mountains. I can see birds anytime but I’m not sure when I’ll see this again.


There might be some birds in there somewhere, but I can’t remember. Not my focus. Just look how beautiful! Also I need to point out that photo is unfiltered, raw from my phone. I don’t feel like any of the photos do the scenery justice, but that one is actually close.

Annnd more pictures from bird/mountain watching.


Panoramic ’cause I’m fancy with my new phone.




And that is about where the birdpath ends because more than half of it is flooded at the moment, so Kenya was saying we should kayak the flooded parts. It would be pretty amazing so I hope we have time to do that…but we’re already running short on time! We shall see. If not, it was a beautiful walk.

If you need me I’ll be here.

On this piece of land, living in a tent. Because that is all I would need if I lived there. Evan says he wants to open up a food truck downtown and sell fried “salmon arms” on a cedar stick. Don’t go stealing that idea ’cause we might do it.

After our Wharf/Bird Path adventure we walked over to the downtown area and strolled through there. 


It’s a cute small town downtown, very similar to Port Perry, Ontario.

I had a lunch with a blog reader from Kelowna, Christie, back in April and she was raving on to me about the Shuswap Pie Company in Salmon Arm and said that I needed to go there when I was visiting. So we did (thank you for the recommendation Christie, it was amazing!!!)


I figured that I probably won’t be back here for a long time, if ever, so I should really pie it up. Just go all out in the pie department.

I started with a meat pie. A chicken pot pie!


Okay I have to say that my one complaint was that they had a bunch of crazy pies but a lot of them were sold out. But my chicken pot pie may have been the best chicken pot pie I’ve ever had. Evan and Eric both ordered the sausage, apple and sage pie and raved about it.

And then we got an entire blueberry pie for all of us to share.


And OMG it was amazing.


Like a spiced blueberry or something. I’m still full from all of this but it was worth it. So delicious. If you are in Salmon Arm you have to go to the Shuswap Pie Company. And visit the wharf. And the bird path. Whatever you do you look at the mountains and you like it.


10 responses to “Salmon Arms

  1. The scenery is amazing, and something tells me it isn’t just the new phone!

  2. My husband’s been to BC for work a couple of times, and always comes home saying he’d like to live there for at least a couple years of his life. I didn’t really understand it all, but your pictures make it all make sense.

    Also, I’m now convinced it’s time to trade in my iPhone 4!

    • Now you know. You should definitely try to tag along next time 🙂

      And I didn’t even notice how slow my iPhone 4 was until I got the 5s and everything happened immediately. It is so fast, and the camera is definitely a bonus.

  3. Yeah Shuswap Pie Company!! I’m so glad you liked it!

  4. EVERY SINGLE TIME I visit my family in BC, I feel like i’m doing life all wrong. Oh, and I also upgraded my 4 to a 5S right before a trip because I knew the pictures would be so much more amazing. I was not disappointed! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  5. I’ve got a sister in Vancouver, a sister in White Rock, a brother in Whistler, and my Dad and Grandma are in Richmond. Sigh, and here I am in Manitoba. Booooooooo!!!! I will move one day. ONE DAAAAY!!!

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