Kal Lake Adventuring

Happy Canada Day!!!! Our country is so beautiful.


I hope all you Canadians have the day off and are celebrating Canada’s big day with your family and friends, while eating poutine with bacon and drinking lots of beer. We have some pretty awesome plans on the agenda here and I’m really excited about it.

On Sunday, Eric, Kenya, Evan and I went on a little adventure over to Kalamalka Lake in Vernon, BC (about 45 minutes from Salmon Arm).


Eric and I stumbled across the provincial park when I was here two years ago and we were Googling around for things to do. The lake is clear and turquoise-coloured, and surrounded by mountains. The entire area is absolutely breathtaking.





There are trails all through the hills and the four of us had quite the hiking adventure.


Some of the parts we climbed were extremely steep and it was a serious workout (which was nice ’cause I’ve been eating like a champ).


(I may have slid down this trail…)


But totally worth all the climbing to get to the highest lookout point, which had panaramic mountain views and beautiful blue waters.



After our big hike through the cliffs, we set up shop on the beach for a while.


I had big plans to go swimming but it was really windy and the water was absolutely freezing so I ended up just wading around by the shore. Eric and Kenya braved it though.

I love that place and I think it needs to become a ritual that I go there every time I visit this area.

We also went out for lunch before our big hiking adventure at the Beach Pub right near the lake (Eric and I went here last year also and really liked it). The pub was absolutely jam-packed since we arrived at the same time as an impromptu rain storm, but luckily we were able to get a table. I love pub food and the food was gooood. The four of us started with an artichoke and asiago dip.



And for my main I got the beef dip. I don’t know what it is about the beef dip, but sometimes I see it on the menu and I just can’t stop thinking that I have to have it. Sometimes you just want to dip some beef in au jus.

Also really good.

And on Sunday I saw THREE double rainbows. ALL THE WAY ACROSS. Three of them!


Still kicking myself for not buying a lottery ticket. If I won the lottery here I’m not sure I would come home…




7 responses to “Kal Lake Adventuring

  1. We call beef dips “French dips” here. You guys have French people up there, what’s up with the beef?

  2. Your country is very beautiful.

  3. If anyone is looking for the Beach Pub it is listed in the phone book as Alexanders Beach Pub on Kal Lake Road

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