Canoe Beach, Larch Hills Wine, and Uncle Donny’s House

We started out the day on Monday at this beautiful beach in Canoe, a suburb of Salmon Arm.


It is still on Shuswap Lake and maybe about 20 minutes from my mom’s place. It was such a gorgeous day (this entire week has actually been perfect on the weather front), and the beach is surrounded by mountains and the water was cool and deep. My favourite.


I love hanging out with Eric and friends. It makes me sad that we are so far away from them. I’m trying to enjoy every minute.


That picture was taken just as Evan was grabbing my foot from behind and pulling me towards him. That porpoise is a troublemaker.


The beach was awesome and we had a really good morning there (we also spent the day on Canada Day there, but more to come on that).

We packed up shop in the early afternoon, went back to my mom’s to pick her up and shower and stuff, and then we all headed out to Larch Hills Winery, just south of Salmon Arm.


We only stayed for about an hour or so, as we had a barbecue to attend afterwards at my uncle’s house, but we did sample some quality wine while we were educated on grapes in cooler climates.


Please note that Dixon is wearing a bowtie. He has a fancy.


We tasted most of the wines they had and Evan and I ended up buying a couple bottles of our favourites – the Lemberger, a red that had a bit of a spiciness to it, and the Siegerrebe Dry, a light and fruity white. I’m excited to bust those out in the future.

I have only been to a vineyard one time before, for a wedding, so I am not the most vineyard savvy, but the scenery was beautiful and I could have spent hours exploring it.




My Uncle Donny and Auntie Barbara live just down the road from the winery (you may remember I posted all about Uncle Donny’s house and how awesome it is a couple years ago), so that is where we ended up after all the wine drinking. He also has spectacular views from his back porch.


We told him that he just needs an infinity pool and he’ll be set.

My aunt is a ridiculous cook (and an even better baker, Eric and I still rave on about the banana cream pie she made for us almost 10 years ago – it was the best pie I have EVER had), and this time she made vegetarian chili and the patties for beef/pork burgers.


I love homemade burgers so much. It was a delicious dinner.

And we finished that off with Barb’s strawberry rhubarb crisp with ice cream. AMAZING.


We ate on the porch and got all caught up while enjoying those beauty views. I may have retold the story about the time Uncle Donny took me camping and I had the incident with the apple juice. Peeing your sleeping bag is always appropriate dinner conversation.

And of course we took all the family photos. Eric and I just love our Uncle Donny (aka Uncle Donkey).

He is genuinely the sweetest and nicest man that I know, he is always smizing (aka smiling with his eyes), and he makes me laugh hard. It was so nice to have everyone together, and for Evan to finally meet this side of my family.


Such a good day.


7 responses to “Canoe Beach, Larch Hills Wine, and Uncle Donny’s House

  1. sounds like you are having an amazing trip. such beautiful country out there!

  2. Looks like a blast! And that view is pretty amazing too.

  3. Um, is this the aunt that made us the nachos!?!?! omigod i love her! And Uncle Donkey and Merle look so happy and healthy!

  4. Your trip just looks so amazing!! And I know I already said this but you almost make me miss home a little 🙂

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