Canada Day!

I am back! Evan and I took a red-eye flight back from Calgary yesterday morning (definitely aptly called red-eye, I felt like I was in a dream all day yesterday even though I slept on the plane). It was a whirlwind trip and every single day was jam packed with stuff, so I am way behind on blogging about our adventures. I have a lot of catching up to do. Starting with Canada Day!

It was a dream day. We went to Canoe Beach around noon and hung around there with Eric’s friends all afternoon.


By the way, the mountain behind us the local people call Chief Mountain because it looks like a Native chief’s head in profile.


Not sure if that helps the visual. The rock face is his headdress. There’s also what looks like a beaver in there on the right side of the rock face.

It was much busier on Canada Day than it was on the Monday, the day we went before…


But still very nice. And if this beach was anywhere in the Toronto area it would be three times as busy. We found a quieter section in a grassy area and leisured around all day on the shore, and in the water.


I love swimming so much, especially in lakes, and it was really nice to be able to spend the day doing that. The mountain views made it even better.



Uncle Donny even dropped by in the later afternoon to hang out with us.


So that was really nice. We had a good time swimming with him.

Kenya’s mom has a house near the beach that she rents out for the summer, but she left it open last week specifically to host us all for a Canada Day barbecue. The house is beautiful, and Evan and I were set up in a quiet little guest house, which was really thoughtful of Kenya’s mom. We all walked over there in the afternoon after all the beaching for the evening festivities. My mom even made it out, and it was so nice to spend Canada Day with her.

Evan and I were all decked out in our patriotic gear.


Kenya’s mom made a really awesome appetizer that was so simple and such a good idea. Tortellini pasta salad scewers.


Cooked, chilled, tortellini tossed in dressing and then just on a skewer. It was so easy to just grab one and eat it. No fork or plate needed. That will definitely be recreated over here. We also had burgers, hotdogs, and the best fruit salad.


And festive cupcakes Kenya’s sister made to celebrate our amazing country.


Unfortunately Eric’s bestie Dixon could not make it to the barbecue, but the rest of Eric’s friends were in attendance. I really, really enjoyed them. They, like Dixon, were all so nice and just embraced both Evan and I immediately.


Evan said all of Eric’s friends really reminded him of his own friends (and his brother) from high school, kind of nerdy, definitely quirky, and super nice and thoughtful. Just a buncha misfits, in the best way.


They were great. Eric is very lucky to have such a good group of friends.

Evan and I were also talking about how much we really enjoyed Eric (and Kenya’s) company. The E-Rock has grown into quite the respectable young man.


He and Kenya were sporting their holiday onesies for the occasion…


I think they beat Evan and I for festive attire.

We were sitting around the campfire for much of the evening and for a good 15 minutes Evan and I just watched Eric because everything he did was so hilarious, without him meaning for it to be. At one point he was trying to stealthily crawl under the badminton net to get to the other side, but he tends to be more like a bull in a china shop (and he reminds me of myself in this way, when he tries to be quiet and sneaky he ends up making more noise and knocking things over), so of course the button on the butt flap of his onesie got caught on the net when he tried to nimbly duck under it, and he brought the net down, got all tangled, and Kenya had to go over and help him out of it.

After some campfire action and s’mores roasting, we all made our way down to the dock with some fireworks. Don’t worry, Kenya’s mom was with us so we had parental supervision.

They weren’t the best fireworks, we only spent $40 on them so they were mostly elaborate roman candles and a burning schoolhouse, but it was still a great way to end an awesome day. 

You know, our trip was so great not only because of all the amazing things we did, but really because of the amazing people we were with and met along the way. I know that sounds cheesy but it is so true. Canada Day was a big part of this. I am so thankful for Kenya’s mom for hosting us all. She is a very cool mom. It’s very important to have a cool mom (mine is the coolest!).


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