Margaret Falls and Herald Provincial Park

Last Wednesday was our last full day in Salmon Arm with my mom and brother before we were off on a road trip to Banff, Alberta (and then Calgary). The one thing my mom really wanted to do with us was take us to Margaret Falls, a conservation area just off the Trans Canada Highway. We slept over at Kenya’s mom’s on Tuesday after the Canada Day festivities, so in the late morning on Wednesday we picked up my mom and a cooler full of food, and we hit up the trails.


Hello trails.

And what beautiful trails they were.


I’ll say it’s adventure time!

We were almost in sort of a canyon, with all the big trees surrounding us.



It was a very pretty walk.

Speaking of big trees…


What is really funny about that photo is that I came here in the winter with just Eric six years ago, in 2008, and I have the exact same photo.


Just different attire and just a liiittle bit more grown up.

Of course Eric had to climb the tree, because he likes to live dangerously.


He has grown up quite a lot since the last time we were there…


He would have been 14 then. Just a little muffin.

It was a nice family hike.


Don’t be judging our flippity-floppitys. It’s an easy hike and only takes about 15-20 minutes to get to the falls.


Margaret Falls!

They are pretty impressive. That darker spot in the bottom half of the falls, in the middle, is actually a secret cave. I really wanted to go back there and check it out, but the water was rushing crazy fast and I am neither graceful nor coordinated, so I thought it might be a bit of a disaster if I tried to climb up in there (in my flip flops). Apparently the image of Christ is hidden somewhere in there as well, but I dunno. I couldn’t see it. But you can read all about it here.

We took a ton of pictures by the falls, as we do. We are tourists!




And one from the last time I was there with Eric, because he is so cute with his bowl cut.


Another reason I didn’t climb into the falls – the water was FREEZING. Like glacial water. Evan tested it and concurred.


If you are ever in the Shuswap area in British Columbia, I highly recommend checking out Margaret Falls. It is a very cool thing to do there.

It was a good hike with my mother and my lover and my brother and his lover.


Evan maybe knew I was sneakily taking photos in the back…

I am gonna miss this lady!


But she is coming out here to visit us in less than a month, so we will be reunited soon enough.

After our falls excursion we headed over to the beach at Herald Point Provincial Park for some swimming action.


I liked swimming here even better than at Canoe Beach. It is still the Shuswap Lake but the water is clearer and deeper.

And after the swimming times we had a picnic, with sandwiches my mom made and the juiciest strawberries I’ve ever had.


I was starting to think I didn’t like strawberries anymore because ones I get here at the grocery store are all ho-hum, but my mom scored these freshly picked ones and they were amazing.

And once we arrived home for dinner, my mom made my FAVOURITE…chicken soup!!!


It tasted like my childhood. I love it so much. I am hoping to make it with her when she is here so I can see exactly how she does it. Mine never tastes as good.

The enchanted forest, Banff road trip and adventures, and the Calgary stampede are still to come 🙂 We really packed it all in.


3 responses to “Margaret Falls and Herald Provincial Park

  1. I made chicken soup last night! The secret ingredient is love (and lots of dumplings)

    Your trip looked like a blast! I love that forest

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  3. Haha! I was totally judging your flip flops until you said that.

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