Lake Louise and Banff Reunions

After the Enchanted Forest, we continued road tripping our way to Banff, Alberta. It was about a four hour drive, but again, it went by very quickly, because mountains (and we stopped to eat but nothing adventurous). It is the most beautiful drive you will ever take.


I took this picture just after the mileage on Eric’s car reached 300,000 kilometres. Three hundo thousand! What a roadtrip to be on for that milestone. We had quite the celebration.

You also travel through time on this journey, as Alberta is an hour ahead of BC. So that’s kind of exciting, except not really because you lose an hour and that’s no fun.

It is now that I need to tell you about the Russian Guy singing and the big inside joke of the trip. When Eric and my mom picked us up from the airport in Kelowna, we were driving through these beautiful mountains and looking at all the scenery, when suddenly this song came on Eric’s car stereo…

Please listen to this. It’s been in my head for two weeks. I need someone (all of you) to share my pain.

Evan and I were of course immediately dying laughing and wondering what this was and what was going on, and Eric explained to us that his best friend Dixon liked to make him mixed CD’s. When Evan met Dixon the next day he asked him for his own mixed CD, and requested that it have the same “flavour” as Eric’s. Dixon agreed, and Dixon came through.


Dixon also included a really nice and thoughtful note to us on the inside. Eric has good friends, I tell you.

Number 5, the Techno Chicken, is also a favourite (I also quite like Centipede). It is probably the most random CD in the world. Anyway, so that is the story of the Russian Guy singing, and that is what we were listening to as we were driving through the beautiful mountains, and I will never be able to listen to this CD without thinking of Eric and Dixon. Now we can move forward.

Our first Banff stop on the agenda was the beautiful Lake Louise.


And if you watched Sean’s season of The Bachelor, you will know Lake Louise as the mountain lake the girls went polar bear swimming in.



And Tierra (sp?) had a melty mascara meltdown.

I have been to Banff a couple of times before, and this area several times, but this is the first time I have ever actually been to Lake Louise. It’s kind of been on my bucket list for a while. I really wanted to kayak the lake, but it started raining as soon as we got there, and we didn’t have very much time as we had plans in Banff afterwards anyway. So, we just took pictures. I keep saying that everything is beautiful, but I don’t know how else to describe it. It is beautiful.IMG_1245



I got Sean’s black and white stripes memo.

It’s really not anything crazy special though, it’s just the colour that makes the lake such a tourist attraction.

I would love love love to really explore that area someday and do some serious hiking, but we just took the trail that went around the lake. The lake isn’t very big, so it’s a quick and easy hike.



I saw three separate people doing yoga poses in front of the water and getting people to take pictures of them. All the rage, I guess.

Just a tip if you’re going there, most of the tourists just stay by the main part of the lake and do not take this trail, so if you want to get away from everyone, walk the trail.

There is one part of the trail where the water falls from the mountain, flows under the trail and into the lake. Both Evan and Eric decided they wanted to test the water, so they dunked their heads in here.



And it is glacial water so you know it is freezing! But they both agreed very refreshing.


One last pic.

And then finally we made it to the town of Banff! We checked into our hotel, the Rundlestone Lodge (very nice and really good value for money) and then went exploring.


We did the ol’ touristy things…


The Mountie look really suits Evan

And then we met up with Lisa and Crystal, two of my oldest and most favourite friends, at the Spaghetti Factory.


Such a reunion. I was so excited to see them!

After dinner (I got French onion soup and the spaghetti and meatballs which were…alright), the six of us headed to the Rose & Crown, a pub in Banff that has live music. And beer. Really we just wanted the beer.



Eric is drinking legally in a bar with me. I believe that might be a first.



Of course we introduced them to the guy singing so they could sing along with us. Good times all around.


8 responses to “Lake Louise and Banff Reunions

  1. Hey thats the Tro Lo Lo song! It’s like a Russian Rick Roll, used for trolling people. Or maybe I am trolling you and just made that up? 😉

  2. That looks like such a great trip!!! I’ve never been to Banff in the summertime and I definitely need to go!! Put it on my bucket list!

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  4. Again with your country! Stunning scenery.

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