The Cuba Crew does the Cottage

We spent this past weekend at Evan’s cottage with Brotherman, his fiancée Kelly, and her family. aka our Cuba Crew.


I was excited to make it up there because this summer is so incredibly busy that I know cottaging is going to be a rare occurrence. I literally have something happening every weekend until mid-September. Not complaining at all because I love the summer, but I do like a good winter hibernation weekend…

Anyway, nothern/eastern Ontario in the summer is my favourite place in the world.


That is where I spent the majority of Saturday. Just living the dream. It was raining in Toronto, but where we were it was a beautiful day!

Evan and I also spent an hour or so floating around in these state-of-the-art inner tubes.


Evan and I got up there before everyone else, so when Carson arrived with his family he came over and yelled “I LOVE IT HERE!!!! I want to stay here until I die!” I hear ya Carson. I hear ya. That is the right idea. He also said he was going to build his own house next door and the house was going to be purple (his favourite colour), and EVERYTHING inside the house was also going to be purple “and there’s going to be SO MANY THINGS!” – Carson’s words. He was really making me laugh. He also has upgraded his friend Pillow. In Cuba, Pillow was a little Canadian flag pillow with a happy face drawn on it. Now Pillow is this:


Still with a happy face. And Pillow is still the most interesting pillow in the world. Pillow is now four hundred three hundred and forty two years old.

That Carson is my little buddy.


Other things that happened:

Evan grilled lunch, Saturday and Sunday.


Burgers and hot dogs, with steamed sweet potatoes.


Last summer when we were all at the cottage together, Kelly’s sister Mina made the best pork I have ever eaten. I genuinely have not stopped thinking about that pork. I was hoping that I would be experiencing that pork again, but she switched it up. I was disappointed for about .2 seconds until I saw what she was making instead of the pork.


Korean-style beef ribs. Oh my God. I don’t even usually like ribs that much because I find they don’t have a ton of meat on them, but these were cut a different way and were just so tender and amazing. That Mina really outdid herself. She is a great cook.

Evan has also been making this fabulous lentil salad lately. Two cans of lentils, one chopped onion, chopped baby carrots, chopped red pepper, parsley, olive oil and white vinegar to taste. Salt and pepper.


Mix it all up and it’s good to go.


I have been requesting that he make this every day. I love it.

We had a great dinner Saturday evening with the family.


With veggies and hummus on the side. On my plate top right, that is laver, a Korean seaweed snack.


I didn’t think that I liked it but I DO, I really do! It is crunchy and salty and does not have an intense seaweed aftertaste. It kind of tastes like chips, only isn’t terrible for you.

And speaking of delicious snacks, but of the unhealthy variety…

My good pal Cely (who is one of my most favourite bloggers) recently shipped me from Texas a box filled with the most beautiful item I could have ever imagined…


Peanut frickin’ Butter Cup Oreo’s!!! Ridiculous! She sent me two boxes, that thoughtful girl, so we brought one up to the cottage with us and it was just devoured. Everyone was a fan. The other box I will be savouring for as long as I can… Why are all the good trashy snacks only available in the US? Thank you Cely!!! You made our weekend!

What else… The board games at the cottage are my favourite. So modern.


Evan and I played a lot of Rummy…


This hammock is still the best hammock of all time:


And on Sunday, we celebrated Carson’s 5th birthday.


All in all, a great weekend.


Check check check check check (well except for the catch a fish part…and I guess the boating unless you count that yellow raft). Lake rules are my favourite rules.


2 responses to “The Cuba Crew does the Cottage

  1. Aren’t 5 year olds the best? My niece just turned 5 today. We just got back from vacation with her. She never fails to entertain me!

    Looks like a fantastic weekend! I always enjoy time at the lake.

  2. Carson is going to need this site to help with that place he builds next door. 🙂

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