Boston Tea Parties, “Hahbah” Cruises and Cheers!

(Edit: I accidentally disabled comments on this post and yesterday’s, so…sorry about that if you were trying to comment. I just thought no one had anything to say! Should be all good now.)

We woke up on our first and only day in Boston and it was torrential downpouring. It looked black outside even though it was daylight. So that was a bit of a downer and we were bummed. We were checking the weather and it was forecasting thunderstorms all day. Awesome. If the Blue Jays game was postponed we would not be happy. But it was raining so hard that we knew it couldn’t keep it up all day. I was all “IT’S FINE, RAIN!!! You just get it out of your system now!” and you know what, it worked. Half an hour later it cleared up and it was (mostly) sunny, and SUPER hot and humid, for the rest of the day. As they say at the Boston Tea Party museum (and I will get to this), HUZZAH!

First things first, we needed to eat. We made a lady friend at the bar the night before who told us about a restaurant called Eastern Standard near our hotel that had great breakfast. So that’s where we went.


Emily brought along this amazing megaphone that she found in her fiance’s old toy box, which also plays various siren noises (it was attached to his bike when he was a kid). We thought it was amazing, and that megaphone was the best prop we could have brought along on our trip. Our server was quite a fan of the megaphone as well.


We let him carry it around with him on the one condition that whenever he talked to us he had to speak through the megaphone. So when he would come over and ask how our food was, if he didn’t use the megaphone we would say “We can’t hear you,” and he would be all “Oh, sorry,” and repeat his question using the megaphone speaker.


That’s better.

It was quite entertaining. The megaphone was also really good for giving impromptu tours along the streets. Not that we knew what we were talking about, but a megaphone makes you seem official.

Anyway, I ordered the Eggs Benedict, ’cause that always lures me in.


With the sauce on the side, which has been my new benny thing. It was excellent, and that sauce was tres bien.  Everyone enjoyed their meals aside from a couple of small issues like too-ripe tomatoes and chocolate milk that was from a squirt bottle (ie Nestle Quick and not actual chocolate milk). I would recommend eating there. And unfortunately that is all I can recommend because it is the only restaurant I ate in. If there is one thing I regret about my trip it’s that I didn’t eat all the Boston things. I really wanted seafood! Specifically clam chowder. But we were so busy we just couldn’t fit it in.

The Jays and Red Sox game didn’t start until 7pm, so we had several hours to adventure around. For our day activity we purchased a tour on the Boston Old Town Trolley, a hop-on, hop-off sightseeing tour around the city.


The lads at the front desk of our hotel recommended it to us and we thought it would be the best way to see the city. There was a stop right outside Fenway Park at the Ted Williams statue, so we hopped on.



The drivers of each trolley are also tour guides, so they tell you about all the things you are passing. I really enjoyed.


Toronto is nice, but from a historical standpoint it is not nearly as interesting as Boston is. Boston also felt more clean to us than Toronto is, but maybe that is an illusion.

I loved the trolley tour.




If you do a complete loop back to your original stop on the trolley it apparently takes about 90 minutes. But we had a few stops we wanted to make. The first one was at the Boston Tea Party Museum.


I told the ladies on the way up in the car that the one thing I really wanted to do was defy my Queen and throw tea into the harbour. But I didn’t think it would actually happen…

Included in our trolley tickets were passes to the Boston Tea Party Experience. We did not know what to expect. I thought the experience was just a tour of the museum, so I was kind of blown away. The experience started with us receiving feathers.


And if you are going to give us props you need to be prepared for us to use them on you.


I believe he is saying “I don’t understand what is happening…”

Dawn is also using the megaphone here, as you can see.

The actors then took us into a town hall meeting.


The actors, by the way, were awesome. They stayed in character the entire time, which is no easy feat when someone is rubbing a feather on your face. They were seriously entertaining and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

We each received a card detailing who we were the night of the Boston Tea Party. I was Gilbert.


In the town hall meeting we were really encouraged to participate in the discussion. We were told to yell out certain words after certain prompts, like “HUZZAH!!!”, “Boo!”, “Hisssssssssssss”, “Hear Hear!” and “Well said!” We are very loud so we loved this. We may have used some words at inappropriate times and made up our own, but good times all around.



We know the story and the history behind the Boston Tea Party – I’ll never forget our high school teacher Mr. B teaching us about it in our American History class (which was WAY more interesting than the Canadian history class, by the way) – but if we didn’t I thought they got across well why we were throwing the tea into the harbour. No taxation without representation! I ain’t payin no tax on no tea!

After the town hall meeting, we headed onto the ship.



And a new actor entered!



He swiftly became my new best friend.


Again, all the actors stayed in character as we went through the events leading up to the climax of the tea party. They were so much fun.



And then my dream came true, we got to throw tea into the harbour.





Possibly the highlight of my trip.

After the tea-throwing, we had a tour of the boat, including the lower deck. And including creepy fake people sleeping in bunks…


And a captain.

We had to leave early because we wanted to get in a boat tour of Boston harbour (also included in our trolley ticket purchase) before the game and it only left at certain times, so unfortunately we had to skip the end film documentary and museum tour. Actually I hear the documentary is with holograms so I am kinda disappointed about that, but next time. I am already planning on going back with Evan sometime. He would love it.

Anyway, we just walked over to the harbour and got on this ship.


It was a nice and relaxing cruise around the harbour, complete with another tour guide. Such a great way to see the city!







It is Evan’s dream to tour this boat.


Boston might be giving Toronto some skyline competition…

After a 45 minute cruise around the harbour, we were back on the trolley and heading back to Fenway area. We passed the Holocaust memorial, which I also would really like to check out sometime in more detail.


The numbers of 6 million victims (!!) are etched onto the glass and flicker with light. You can walk into the towers at the bottom, and according to the memorial website you are momentarily tattooed with the reflected numbers. Crazy.

And our last stop of the day before the trolley took us back to our hotel, the Cheers bar. This was also a must-do for all of us.





And of course, the set bar.


Weird, right? It looks different in the light.

After that it was back to our hotel to get changed into our Jays gear for the game. Our day in Boston was such a whirlwind. We really did squeeze in a lot for only being in the city for 24 hours, but there are so many things I still want to do there (and many things I still want to EAT THERE!) if I go back again. It was a really fun city to visit.


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  1. Usually I don’t read article on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up
    very forced me to check out and do it! Your writing style has been amazed me.
    Thank you, quite nice article.

  2. Reading this made me miss Boston so much! I lived there for two and a half years and loved it, I was so sad when I was transferred to our Florida office. But then again, I missed the winter so I wasn’t really THAT sad 😉

  3. I definitely have to do Boston again properly. So funny about the creepy fake people in beds. They have the same thing in the cells on Alcatraz where the prisoners escaped from. Or actually, just the fake decoy heads they used.

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