Lake Reunions

I have been just dying to talk about my weekend. My mom is visiting from BC! She got here on Saturday and we have been busy beavers since her arrival. On Sunday and Monday we had a little reunion with one of my very oldest friends Melissa (as in I’ve known her the longest, not that she is the eldest) and her mom Susan.

Old friends with cats.

Old friends with cats.

Melissa and I grew up together. She is my friend that I blew across the lake with, fought with over Jason Priestley Ken (we each had one and one of them had a bald spot, so one time we mixed them up and neither of us wanted that one back), she witnessed me crotching myself, we argued together over who had more newspaper clippings of Elvis Stojko after we met him. And if you’ve read my blog for a while you might remember her from when we went adventuring in our old neighbourhood (almost two years ago, which is crazy!). When we were younger if she wasn’t at my house, I was at hers, and my mom was her mom and her mom was my mom. I stayed at their house when my brother Eric was born.

So although we don’t get to see each other as often now (which I think we need to fix asap) she is one of those great friends where when you do see each other nothing has changed. You are both the same, you still know each other so well, and you just feel comfortable and familiar. Melissa still feels like family.



Our moms were pretty close for a long time too, so this reunion was a LONG time coming and I really wanted to make sure we squeezed in a visit with those two in while my mom was visiting.


The moms! My mom really enjoys plaid jackets, especially when she is fishing.

Top priority getting those gals together.

When I was talking to Melissa about what us four party animals should get up to, I brought up the fact that her and I  haven’t been swimming together in a long, long time. She was immediately all “well, we obviously need to fix that!” since that is what our summers consisted of. Lake swimming, all day every day.

So we spent most of Sunday and Monday at her grandma’s cottage near Huntsville, which has the BEST swimming (I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but really the swimming was awesome).



The last time I was here with those three (Meliss, my mom, and her mom) it was the summer after Grade 8 and I was incredibly sick. It is the only time in my life that I have ever been legitimately sick, sick. I had zero energy and I had this horrible chokey cough that would not let up and sometimes I would cough so hard it would make me throw up. But Meliss had been telling me how good the swimming was at the cottage for ages, and I was so, so excited for it, so do you think a little cough was going to stop me from swimming and having all the fun? Ha, no! So what if I coughed every time I went under water? I was 100% not missing out. I got ‘er done and swam my heart out all weekend. When we got home the doctor gave me some kind of medication that made me sleep for a week, and then I was better. And that is the last time I’ve been sick (touch all the wood).

Anyway, digressing, but I was really happy that this time I could fully enjoy that deep water swimming without choking.


I have decided that treading water is my very favourite workout (preferably while holding a can of beer, but either way). The pool just opened in the rec centre attached to my and Evan’s condo building, so I think I need to start hitting that up for some water treading action.

We swam for hours, before swimming over to the neighbour’s cottage (who my mom and I both also knew), and hanging out on their dock.

They really make the most of the lake. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many floating docks on one lake before.


I think we need some sort of floating something at Evan’s cottage…

We stayed the night at Susan’s, as she lives close by, and here is our dinner of champions.


Shh…it was a special occasion.

The next morning after a much healthier breakfast, the four of us were back at the lake.


I was all over that slide.


I am pretty proud of my slide dive form there!

It was such a good weekend and I am so glad this reunion happened. My mom and I had the best time with Meliss and Susan. I wish this could happen every day. I have missed my Miss!


It was just like a summer day 20 years ago.


9 responses to “Lake Reunions

  1. OMG, is that you and baby Winnie?!

  2. Oh i love this so much! It’s so nice to see everyone together again. I wish i was there for all the reminiscing!!!!

  3. Those exposed button fly jeans are EVERYTHING.

  4. Aw love this post! That picture of you younger holding the cat reminds me of someone. I feel like it looks like some celebrity when they post those articles of “before they were famous”. When I figure it out, I’ll let you know! Hehe.

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