Bacheloretting, Great Aunts, and AYCE Sushi

Other things that have been happening this past week or so…

Brotherman’s wedding is coming up so last Friday we had a petite bachelorette party for his fiancé Kelly.


Cutest bachelorette ever

It was more of a low key, welcome to the family celebration with Kelly’s sister, Evan and Brotherman’s cousins, and myself (I know I am not actually in the family yet myself, but humour me!) and we all had a really good night.


We started at Rawlicious, a raw, vegan restaurant in Yorkville. I have been to a similar restaurant near my work, Raw Aura, but I don’t know if Rawlicious is of quite the same calibre… Our servers were great, and the food was definitely fresh, but the flavours did not really do anything to make me overly excited. But maybe it’s just not my thing. I do enjoy warm meat.

Anyway, we all started with spring rolls.


The rice paper ones, just like Evan and I have made!

For my main I ordered the BLT, which is eggplant bacon, lettuce and tomato on some kind of condensed onion “bread”, with kale chips.


I swapped the mayo with avocado and just got it on the side. My sandwich was alright, but I found it very difficult to eat.


It kept falling apart on me.

Afterwards we went to a pub next door and ordered poutine and nachos. I really like Evan’s family, have I said this? Well I do. I really, really like them. It was a fun night.

On Sunday on the way up to see Melissa and Susan, we stopped at my mom’s aunt, Auntie Mary Lou’s home in Barrie (she is my great aunt) for a visit, along with my mom’s two cousins. Mary Lou has always been very close to my mom and I, but unfortunately she has Alzheimer’s and has not recognized anyone for the last several years. My mom’s cousins were saying that she does not speak in sentences anymore and mainly just speaks in gibberish. My mom and I were really preparing ourselves for the worst but…she seemed to know us! When my mom said her name Mary Lou repeated it and asked her what she had been doing with herself, which is a legit question!


And she kept wanting to touch me while saying to me “You are so beautiful! Look at you, you are just perfect!”, which made me blush, but those are the kinds of things she would always say to me, so somewhere inside of her, I think we sparked something.


My mom’s cousins said it was the most animated they had seen her in a couple of years. Maybe she didn’t know who we were, but I think we at least gave her some kind of feeling. It was so good to see her and know that even though Alzheimer’s has taken over her brain, deep down she is still the same sweet and lovely Mary Lou that she has always been. Even if she can’t always express herself. I expected to leave there feeling very sad, and I did have tears in my eyes, but I felt quite uplifted (by the way, have you read Still Alice? Read it!).

And this week my good friend Beth and I took my mom out for her first ever all-you-can-eat sushi experience.



That is honestly just a fraction of the food we ordered. Ridiculous. My mom was pretty impressed. Though she did not know what to think of these…


Whatever those are. Honestly I can’t even remember. But I do remember that they were good.

I haven’t seen Beth in QUITE a while, so it was nice to catch up with her. She too is one of those friends who you can go a long time without seeing and then when you do everything is still the same.


And I need to give her a big shout out here as she has recently lost 60 pounds! Seriously incredible.

Anyway, those are the big things that have been happening this week. Have a great weekend!


3 responses to “Bacheloretting, Great Aunts, and AYCE Sushi

  1. I just want to add in here that you should not tell ppl to read Still Alice. it is cruel to inflict people with the torrential tears that flow when you read that book!! Amazing…but omg I never cried so much

  2. Yum sushi!

    Congrats to your friend, Beth! Good job!!

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