Ladies Night

My mommers is already gone! She left early yesterday morning so was only here for a total of 10 days that went by way too fast. I miss her already and Evan and I were talking this morning about how weird it feels not having her in the house.

On Friday my friends from high school were all going out in the evening to celebrate a variety of things…an impromptu bachelorette for Emily, our friend Crystal was visiting from Calgary (it was the only night I even got to see her! I am disappointed about that), etc. Just a general night of shenanigans. We had been planning it for a while and I know my mom would love to see all the girls so I brought her along. She even let me do her makeup and straighten her hair for our big night on the town.


My hair is always straight but my mom was blessed with luscious curly locks. I thought she looked so beautiful. We were saucy zebra twins.

We went to Pravda, a Russian vodka bar (but I drank beer!) downtown, where we went last year for a night out as well. I did think last year that Pravda wasn’t really my scene, and it certainly is not my mom’s scene, and actually I don’t even think it is the rest of the girls’ scene… It’s a little bit too, what is the word….pretentious, maybe? But you know my friends will have fun in a bus depot so we made it a fun time.


And it was fun to get all dolled up for the occasion. My mom LOVED seeing those crazy girls!!!


And they loved seeing her. She knows my friends quite well, and has always been very open and easygoing with them. She is a cool mom.


Okay well, maybe not cool to the same extent as Mrs. George, but she is cool.


Pravda is quite crowded and that is annoying and made it hard to find people, but I have to say that it does have its redeeming qualities. Like girls hanging from ribbons from the ceiling…


And these drummers who stand on the bar and play along with the Russian national anthem.


That’s gotta be tough, hot work. But if they got too sweaty after their drum playing one of us girls was ready to lend a helping hand.


I am trying to figure out…is that glitter on his shirt?

We also quite enjoyed this man who played the violin.


We found a private table in the back where no one was and he protected it for us if we wanted to leave for a bit and go on an adventure. The only way to get to the table was to pass him, so he did not let anyone besides us through to steal our table. He was our gatekeeper. He was very nice.

So nothing too crazy, and it was a fairly early night, but definitely a good time with the girls.


Can you tell that I try not to allow my face to get sun? Geez. Maybe it’s just a makeup thing combined with a camera flash, like Angelina Jolie’s makeup mishap.


Anyway. It was a big night for my mom and I’m so glad she enjoyed herself and our antics.

Without going into all the detail I have to say that my mom is doing the best I have seen in about 15 years, and that is cause for celebration. It is so great to see her like this. I have been thinking lately that the world would be a much better place if everyone had a bit of my mom in them. She’s a precious gem.


3 responses to “Ladies Night

  1. YAY Mom! She looks fab ❤ Glad you ladies had such a good time on her visit!

  2. Too cute – love the prints!

  3. I really enjoy reading this article especially my part of it lol “drummer” no i dot have glitter on my shirt just a white dots lol and i am glad you guys had a good time with us.

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